MFBILWMA Chapter 11

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    Three years ago, that incident changed Xue Xi’s destiny overnight. He was originally from a superior background and his future was brighter than anyone else.

    She sighed in her heart and said to Xue Xi: “Although Grandpa Zhou is your grandpa’s friend, it is after all the friendship of the older generation… Be a Good boy as you will go to the Zhou’s family and receive support from them. Remember to be grateful and do all the housework within your capacity. Except for the tuition, you can not spend the Zhou family’s money. Even if you spend it, you must write it down and pay it back when you become an adult.”

    Xue Xi thin lips closed slightly and nodded.

    “Grandma knows that you are a good child, and I didn’t have to say these things to you. You can already understand it on your own.” She held Xue Xi’s hand and said softly: “Grandma can’t help you, and you can only rely on yourself. Now… Now that you got the help of Zhou’s family, you must do your best to remember this kindness, and don’t think about anything else. This is different from the past, you can’t afford to think about those now.”

    Grandma had seen the photo from his mobile phone.

When she was awake, she could only sigh, and she would say again, so this is the girl from your grandpa Zhou’s house.

    Yeah, she looks so pretty.

    In the previous life, he was just a sixteen-year-old man. Even if he was calm, precocious, and able to bear things, his inner core would need to develop and learn to suppress many of his desires.

    And those inexpressible self-esteem has not disappeared in the past three years after his family’s destruction, but gradually he squeezed it into a ball, stepped it on his feet, and became restrained and silent.

    He heard his grandmother’s words at the time, he was silent for a long time, and said in a somewhat depressive manner: “I know.”

    Now, it seems that fate has run over him again. These words that his grandmother said to him were exactly the same as in his previous life.

    He looked at the old and tired face of his grandmother, looked at the sky outside the window, went silent for a while, smiled bitterly, and muttered again: “I know.”


    Everything can be repeated, everything can be re-selected.

    However, two hours later, the boy’s thin body still stood in front of the hospital.

    He packed his things, looked up at the rain curtain, and quietly waited for the housekeeper from Zhou’s house.

    Does anyone like a beautiful but hurting piranha? Knowing that there will be no good end, but still reluctant to turn back?

    Knowing that he and she will leave here today, he and she will have different destinies. But he still stood under this corner in the same way.

    Repeat the mistakes and repeat the mistakes.

    He must at least stop her from the car accident.


    The housekeeper of Zhou’s house hurried over to the hospital after he went out to purchase supplies today. He received a call from the Zhou’s villa halfway through the road and took Xue Xi back to the villa from the hospital. So he was in a hurry and couldn’t even prepare an umbrella.

    The boy Xue Xi from the previous life got into the car after getting wet under the rain, his thin lips tightened, and he tried his best not to show his muscle cramps, and not to let his wet body leave water droplets on the leather cushions. Hearing the butler’s explanation, he didn’t understand much.

    Xue Xi in this life has calmed down a lot. Before getting out of the car, he wiped the place where he wet with a rag beside his feet. He hoarse voice and didn’t talk much with the housekeeper, only exchanged phone messages.

    Before he stepped into the door of Zhou’s villa, he already knew what would happen next.

    She would stand on the stairs and look at him coldly, with disgust in her eyes, as if it was irritating that the rain on him soiled the carpet.

    Then she went upstairs, she had no habit of eating dinner.

    It just happened to be when Aunt He and the housekeeper went home once a week. In the evening, the servants went back. No one arranged his room. He was left in the corner with his luggage for a long time.

    In the evening, the housekeeper hurriedly called, saying that the room had not been arranged yet, and asked him to go to the room where the gardener usually lives for one night.

    He was ready in his heart. Before stepping into the gate, he wiped off the muddy water from the shoes, making it cleaner than in the previous life. Then the wet school uniforms were crumpled into a ball and stuffed into the schoolbag, and thrown at the door of the villa together, so that rain would not be brought in.

    Thinking that he was going to live in the gardener’s flat house later, he didn’t ask more about the housekeeper’s room.

    He stepped into the door of the villa, just wanting to meet Zhou Yi who was only fifteen years old.

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