MFBILWMA Chapter 12

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    Four eyes are facing each other, everything reappears.

    Surroundings seemed to fade, Xue Xi’s eyes could only fall on her.

    She stood there nervously. At the age of fifteen, she was already delicate and beautiful, like a thorny rose under the scorching sun, disdainful of everything around her. This is no different from his previous life.


    Xue Xi’s throat hummed, trying his best to suppress all the emotions from his eyes.

    The future is still long and far.

    Xue Xi thought to himself that he could still look at her back for a long time in this life.

    Seeing her again, the turmoil in his heart settled, after staring at her for a long time, he planned to turn around and put his luggage in the gardener’s room.

    But who knows what happened, he heard her say to him: “Brother, welcome home.”

    Xue Xi was a little bit stunned for a moment, suspecting that he had heard it wrong, but he looked at her face and saw that the previous expression from her face had disappeared. The previous life’s tit-for-tat confrontation was not present, now there was an unnoticeable joy in her eyes.


Maybe she realized what she had just done that she pulled her knitted skirt uncomfortably and returned to her usual expression.


    Xue Xi immediately smiled bitterly in his heart, he was afraid that he didn’t hear right.

    It was normal for him that this life is slightly different from the previous one. The time when he got in the car and what he did after getting in the car have changed.

    Because he didn’t talk to the driver or rather gave him some short responses, Zhou’s driver drove much faster, so he arrived at Zhou’s villa about ten minutes earlier.

    Perhaps what happened between this 10minutes affected Zhou Yizhi’s mood, maybe….


Although he was still a teenager in the previous life and he may have never said it, but his love was expressed too obviously, which might have become a burden to her, so she later escaped by going abroad. Before going abroad, she cried loudly and completely broke with her family.

    The Zhou family was originally her home, and there was no reason to let her go abroad because he was an outsider.

    In this life Xue Xi, despite the turmoil in his heart, he also knew that he could not repeat the same mistakes he did in the past.

    He was determined to take a step back and not embarrass her in this life.

    If she still rejects him very much, he will just live in school.

    Although the chance of seeing her will become very rare, as long as she is safe and sound, it doesn’t matter.

    Thinking about this, Xue Xi raised his eyes and nodded to Zhou Yizhi.

    Zhou Yizhi was overjoyed. Sure enough, his brother still treated herself like before. As long as he softened a little, the relationship between the two could be eased and a good impression when meeting for the first time.

    She looked at Xue Xi happily, waiting for her brother to say something- she remembered that although his vocal cords had not fully recovered at this time, he was already able to speak in a dumb voice.

    But in the next second, the young man saw her, as if he had accomplished some task, he turned and walked out the door.

    Zhou Yizhi: …?

    This time he only stood at the entrance of the villa for a while, did not even step into the hallway, and did not stain the expensive carpet.

    He picked up the schoolbag outside the door, as if planning to walk directly towards the gardener’s house.

    The long and thin figure turned her back, and the hem of her clothes was slightly curled up by the wind, and suddenly disappeared at the door.

    Standing on the stairs, Zhou Yizhi opened his mouth and was stunned.

    ……What happened? ? ? Doesn’t brother like her anymore?

    Didn’t she look good today? Or was she ugly? However, her dress and hairstyle today are exactly the same as it was in her last life.


    Zhou Yizhi was splashed with cold water, hurried downstairs, and shouted to the butler: “Uncle He!” The butler hurriedly put down the ingredients in his hand and ran over: “Miss, what’s the matter?”

    Zhou Yizhi said aggressively: “Call Xue Xi here. To eat—”

    She knew that he was hungry all day, and came here from the hospital again, and his stomach must be uncomfortable.

    She suddenly remembered that she could no longer stretch her teeth and claws, who would like to be fierce all day long.

    “Wait.” Zhou Yizhi changed her soft expression suddenly, folded her hands together and whispered to the housekeeper: “Just call him, and don’t tell him that Icalled him.”

    In any case, her face cannot be lost.

    Seeing her arrogant eyes, he suddenly saw her ears reddish, rounding the corners to call people to eat, the housekeeper was in a turmoil for a while.

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