IJWLHGRAR Chapter 15.2

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The hands hanging on both sides of the school uniform clenched slightly, Su Cheng looked at the biology teacher: “Teacher, I understand what you said, I will study hard. If I can get a score of 90 or more in the biology test next time, can the teacher let me participate in this competition?” Su Cheng asked the other party.

The biology teacher looked at Su Cheng’s eyes slightly changed: This student really dared to think that although biology is not the most difficult subject in high school, it is definitely not easy to improve from 60 to 90.

“Well, after the official registration, the school still has a recommended place. If you can really raise your score in the next monthly exam, I will give you this place.”

Not to mention 90 points or more, if this student can get 80 points or more, she will definitely let her go.

After all, the school’s policy encourages students to learn more in competitions.


“Xiao Chengcheng, how is it?” As soon as Su Cheng returned to the classroom, Huang Yuqi approached Su Cheng with concern.

“Still not working.” Su Cheng shook her head, folded the registration form neatly, and put it back in her bag.

“Ah, why is this, is it not allowed for the scumbag to be motivated? And they didn’t let her in with the registration fee already presented.” Huang Yuqi vomited.

Su Cheng: “I was not completely rejecte. If I get a score of 90 or more in the next monthly biological test, the teacher will allow me to participate in the competition.” 

Huang Yuqi: “…”

Huang Yuqi doesn’t want to judge Su Cheng, but, 90 points…this It’s no different from rejecting Su Cheng’s application directly, right?

There are less than three weeks left until the next monthly exam. It is indeed not easy to improve by 30 points in these three weeks.

Su Cheng is considering how to adjust her daily study time and squeeze more time to learn biology.

The appearance of Su Cheng bowing her head was naturally interpreted by Huang Yuqi as: “very disappointed because the application was rejected.”

Huang Yuqi tried to divert Su Cheng’s attention, after thinking about it, she said: “By the way, Xiao Chengcheng, do you know this game?”

Su Cheng looked at the familiar game icon on Huang Yuqi’s phone and nodded: “Are you playing? “

Huang Yuqi:”Of course!” The game is the current trend, almost everyone in the school played it, so how she could not play the game.

“Xiao Chengcheng, are you playing it too?”

Su Cheng nodded.

Huang Yuqi was overjoyed: “That’s great. We can just have fun together.”

“I tell you that learning is important, but the combination of work and rest is also very important.”

“By the way, Xiao Chengcheng, what level are you now?”

Su Cheng: “Gold 3.”

“Just gold?!” Huang Yuqi’s eyes widened.

“How long have you been playing?”

“Ten days.”

It took her more than ten days to play Golden 3. Isn’t this too cool?

Huang Yuqi patted Su Cheng on the shoulder: “Don’t panic, don’t panic, no one must have carried you, so, I will take you to play in the future, and I promise to let you be at the king tier.”

“But because I’m currently at a 5-star king, I can’t play with you. How about we play the classic game?” 

Huang Yuqi thought about it after a while, then continued: “But you have a little wait two days, wait for me to have the trumpet gold so I invite you.” (I don’t really know the mechanics of the game but I can compare it to moba.)

Su Cheng was really embarrassed to say “no need” to her seatmate who was helping her out of goodwill.

Huang Yuqi: “By the way, what are you playing?”

Su Cheng: “Mage.”

Huang Yuqi: “Hey, I like to play assassins, but I also play with mages.”

“If I don’t take you for these two days, you will first find out for yourself. Come on, you can ask me if you don’t understand.”

Su Cheng: “…”

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