IJWLHGRAR Chapter 15.3

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-In the evening, Mother Wu came up and asked her to eat.

Su Cheng deliberately waited the room next door closing before opening the door.

She didn’t want to meet Gu Cheng next door.

As a result, Su Cheng opened the door and still saw the person she didn’t want to see.

Gu Cheng stopped and backed away a bit to give Su Cheng the space of the stairs.

Su Cheng didn’t mean to get help from Gu Cheng at all. She glanced at the other person suspiciously. Su Cheng couldn’t understand if this guy didn’t want to go downstairs or stay here, what else did he want?

Seeing that Su Cheng was still there, Gu Cheng had no choice but to say: “Let’s go down to eat.” 

Gu Cheng asked Su Cheng to go first, but Su Cheng, who was walking in the front, was thinking about whether this guy was going to push her by walking behind her.

Su Cheng and Gu Cheng sat on the same side, and there was never any communication between the two.

Obviously, Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu are also used to this situation between them.

“Su Cheng, eat more, eat vegetables, don’t forget to eat.” Mrs. Gu said to Su Cheng.

As soon as Mrs. Gu finished speaking, Su Cheng saw a plate of fried shrimps moved In front of herself.

It’s just that Su Cheng didn’t expect that the person who moved this dish, would actually be Gu Cheng, the one sitting next to her!

Fried shrimp was originally one of Su Cheng’s favorite dishes, and Gu’s chef is very good at making this plate of shrimps with delicious flavor.

It’s just…

Thinking that this dish was given by Gu Cheng, and looking at the crystal clear shrimp before her, Su Cheng suddenly lost her appetite.

Su Cheng cooperated with Mrs. Gu’s words, did not patronize the meal, and chose other several dishes on the table and put it in her bowl.

Except for the shrimp in front of her, Su Cheng never stops moving her chopsticks from start to finish until her plate is full.

“Uncle Gu, Aunt Zhou, I want to tell you something.”

Gu Guofeng and his wife thought that Su Cheng was finally going to ask them for pocket money, howver, they heard Su Cheng say: “I want to apply for school evening self-study.”

Shangming School has opened evening self-study time for high school students. Finished at 9 pm, students needed to voluntarily choose to participate.

To squeeze more time to supplement her study, Su Cheng really didn’t want to compress the review time of other subjects too much, so she needed to cut time from other places.

Gu’s dinner is a bit too grand. 

Su Cheng considered: If she participates in the school’s evening self-study, she can eat directly in the school cafeteria. With the dinner cut off a bit, she can save at least 40 minutes.

What’s more, without Gu Cheng’s existence, Su Cheng felt that her learning efficiency would be much higher.

Su Cheng explained her reason for participating in the evening self-study.

Gu Cheng frowned slightly, opened his mouth, but said nothing after all.

However, Gu Guofeng asked uneasily: “Is it unsafe to learn until 9 o’clock in the evening?”

Su Cheng: “Uncle Gu, we won’t, there will be teachers taking turns to study in the evening at school, and Fengyuan leaves school. Being so close, there is no danger on the way back home.”

Gu Guofeng nodded: “If Gu Cheng has nothing to do, let him go with you.” Before Gu Cheng expressed his opinion, Su Cheng had already rejected Gu Guofeng’s suggestion: “No need for it Uncle Gu. I’m with my classmates, so don’t bother Gu Cheng anymore.”

Another reason why Su Cheng applied for evening self-study was Gu Cheng.

——Gu Cheng these few days is really strange.

Although Gu Cheng hated her before, and he didn’t want her to live well, in fact, Gu Cheng ignored her most of the time.

But in the past few days, Su Cheng seems to be able to meet Gu Cheng in various situations at at home, and his look at her makes Su Cheng feel more guilty—I don’t know if Gu Cheng is holding back or he is preparing a big trick for her, but this is like the tranquility before the storm.

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