IJWLHGRAR Chapter 16.1

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After explaining to Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu, Su Cheng officially began her evening study time.

Only a dozen people in their class applied for evening self-study. There were not many people and they were also extremely quiet. Except for occasional discussions on certain topics, everyone would not disturb each other at other times.

Such an environment is quite good for Su Cheng.

The most important thing is that she didn’t need to sit at the same table with Gu Cheng for dinner, and she didn’t have to worry about this person walking in the window from outside. Su Cheng felt simply that this new environment is not too bad.

Su Cheng was reading a book. Suddenly there is a noise in the class.

Su Cheng heard the comments from people around him.

“Look, that is Qi Yixuan at the door, right?”

“Wow, it’s really him! But why did Qi Yixuan come to our class?”

“He is so handsome!”

“He came in.”

“Did Qi Yixuan come here to find someone? Does he know anyone in our class?”

School legends like Qi Yixuan, who have a first-rate family, first-rate grades, and first-rate appearance, are destined to cause a sensation wherever they go.

This kind of marvelous guy, for what reason he came into that class 17?

Su Cheng frowned slightly, she didn’t plan to pay attention to the other party.

Su Cheng didn’t look at Qi Yixuan, but the other party walked straight to Su Cheng’s seat and sat down in Huang Yuqi’s seat.

“Seatmate, long time no see.”

Su Cheng: “…”

“Sorry, what classmate? Did you perhaps go to the wrong place? This is class 17. Not your class A!”

Facing Su Cheng’s unwelcome attitude, Qi Yixuan smiled disapprovingly and said, “I know.”

“My new seatmate was too noisy. Suddenly I felt that you were a bit quieter, so I came over.”

Qi Yixuan didn’t lie at all, but he said it in a proper tone, as if he missed her.

At this time, the people in the class, especially the girls, could no longer study calmly, and began to peek at Su Cheng.

“Qi Yixuan came for Su Cheng.”

Did she know Qi Yixuan?”

 “You forgot? Su Cheng was in Class A before!”

“Woo, I’m so envious.” 

“Look, Qi Yixuan smiled.”

“I do not know what to say, the two of them seem to know each other very much. ” 

” I feel like Qi Yixan and Su Cheng’s familiarity isn’t just a simple previous classmate’s relationship.”

“I really want the legendary Xuan God to speak with me ah. Should I ask Su Cheng to introduce me to Qi Yixuan.”

“I also want it!”

Listening to the whispered comments of people around her, Su Cheng: “…” 

She is familiar with Qi Yixuan? This is definitely the biggest misunderstanding of the century!

Su Cheng pulled out a biology test paper from her school bag, and decided to ignore Qi Yixuan next to him.

[Question 1: The following belongs to the human body environment…A. Plasma…]

This question was similar to what Su Cheng has answered before. The answer should be–

“Choose A.”

Qi Yixuan’s voice came from her ears.

Su Cheng: “…” She needs to endure him.

Continuing with the second question: [The picture below shows the reflection arc…] 

Before Su Cheng could see the schematic diagram clearly, she heard Qi Yixuan say: “Choose C for this question.”

Su Cheng: “…” She must endure!

[Question 3: In life…]

Qi Yixuan: “B.”

Su Cheng: I can’t bear it!

“Qi Yixuan, you are sick!” Su Cheng turned her head and stared at Qi Yixuan, lowered her voice and shouted at the other party.

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