IJWLHGRAR Chapter 16.2

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When Su Cheng yelled, Qi Yixuan touched his nose subconsciously: “I thought you wanted to finish answering quickly.”

“No need to help me, thank you. If you are really bored, you can find a paper to do it yourself, please don’t tell the answer to others they wouldn’t know the answer anymore for the future.”

Because of Qi Yixuan, she wasted three questions.

Upon hearing this, Qi Yixuan smiled.

“Then I do it silently, and I will not help you.” After all, Qi Yixuan really borrowed a biological test paper from a classmate next to him and started doing it.

When Qi Yixuan finished writing the 4 test papers, Su Cheng finally completed the last question of this test paper.

Last question: draw a diagram of the human immune system process.

Su Cheng frowned: She had seen this process map when she was reading before, but she couldn’t remember it now.

Su Cheng bit her pen and tried to remember for a long time, but she could barely remember a few words in it.

Su Cheng raised her head and moved her aching neck, only to find that Qi Yixuan was not doing the question at all, but only looking straight at her.

Su Cheng felt complicated for some reason.

Qi Yixuan, who was discovered by Su Cheng, quickly withdrew his gaze, but he couldn’t help feeling something deep in his heart.

He just looked at Su Cheng because he found that the scabs on her face were gone, only a little bit of redness was left on her cheeks.

This red mark did not affect Su Cheng’s appearance.

Qi Yixuan found out that his little deskmate turned out to be pretty.

“Need something?” Su Cheng looked at Qi Yixuan suspiciously.

“I’m okay.”

“This is for you.” Qi Yixuan handed a piece of paper to Su Cheng, which was a complete schematic diagram of the human immune process that he just drew, with detailed process notes on it.

This is totally unlike Qi Yixuan’s usual “cut corners” style.

Su Cheng: “…thank you.”

Qi Yixuan smiled and said, “Do you need me to help you?”

“No.” The remarks on this schematic diagram were already very detailed.

After Su Cheng finished the biological test paper, she suddenly received a message from Huang Yuqi on his phone.

[Huang Yuqi: Xiao Chengcheng, didn’t you say you were playing a mage? I will send you a video link. ] [Su Cheng: What is it?】

【Huang Yuqi: A game video of a recently super hot game anchor, she also played together with a Master, and she started playing from bronze, this is just right for you. I tell you that this anchor is super sleek, you must check it out! ] [Su Cheng: Okay, let me see. ] 

It just happened that Su Cheng’s study today was almost done. Seeing Huang Yuqi saying this, Su Cheng simply clicked on the link sent by the other party.

The moment of opening the video-familiar interface, familiar game name, familiar live broadcast room.

Su Cheng’s mouth twitched slightly, isn’t this her own live broadcast?

With the round of [Sun Xiaosheng], Su Cheng is now finally regarded as a well-known small anchor with 100,000 fans and his own name on the live broadcast platform.

Because Su Cheng’s hero operations are really slippery, she has gained some popularity among gamers’ circles.

Su Cheng scrolled down the webpage and saw comments below the video.

[Big Orange’s game live broadcast, it’s really refreshing to watch, haha.] [It is said that Big Orange’s game live broadcast is a required course for novice players, let me take a look.] [The person who recommended me to watch the big orange video is definitely the devil. As a novice, I just want to say that I don’t understand the positioning and operation of the big orange at all!] [Second, I can’t learn it at all, but I can’t stop watching her.] [Where is the live video of Big Orange? I want to watch until the end.]

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