IJWLHGRAR chapter 16.3

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[Go to the live broadcast of Big Orange, but fans say that Big Orange is a salted fish that can’t be supported, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to watch it enough for two or three games a day.]

Su Cheng looked at the comments with interest, and didn’t notice when Qi Yixuan also came over to take a look.

“Do you want to play this? If you want to play, I can carry you.”

Su Cheng: How come everyone wants to take her to play, does she look weak?

Seeing that Su Cheng was silent, Qi Yixuan didn’t feel embarrassed. He glanced at the video on Su Cheng’s phone and said, “This game host is good, you can watch it.”

Su Cheng: Ha ha, thank you.

Seeing time running out, Su Cheng packed her things and got ready to leave.

At this moment, Qi Yixuan also followed.

Su Cheng just stood still and looked at Qi Yixuan: “Is there anything else?”

“I am just showing my classmates some love and see you on the way, can I?”

Thinking that Su Cheng’s indifference to him is very likely to be related to his friend, Qi Yixuan continued: “My personal behavior has nothing to do with Gu Cheng.”

“Thank you, but no need.” After that Su Cheng left him alone.

Qi Yixuan wanted to follow her, but was stopped by Gu Cheng who suddenly appeared at the school gate.

After school, Gu Cheng did not leave, but found a place near the school gate and waited until the end of the evening study.

Seeing Su Cheng’s figure coming out of the school, Gu Cheng’s eyes flickered, and he saw Qi Yixuan who was following Su Cheng.

“You, stay away from her.” Gu Cheng’s voice was cold.

Qi Yixuan was taken aback, and naturally knew that the “she” in his friend’s mouth was actually Su Cheng.

Qi Yixuan secretly said in his heart: I almost forgot, Gu Cheng has a cleanliness habit in all aspects, so he asked me to stay away from Su Cheng because he hates Su Cheng, and he doesn’t want his friends to get too close to Su Cheng… Yeah this must be the reason.

Qi Yixuan patted Gu Cheng on the shoulder and said to the other party. “Don’t worry, I just think that this little seatmate of mine is a bit funny.” If he doesn’t have interest in her anymore, he won’t look for her ever again.

But, after saying that, Qi Yixuan vaguely felt that it was somewhat against his will.

Without waiting for Qi Yixuan to think more, he saw Gu Cheng staring at him with extremely cold eyes. If Qi Yixuan had watched “Animal World”, he would definitely find that Gu Cheng’s eyes at this moment were completely like looking at an enemy.

“I say it one last time, stay away from her. This is not a request, it’s a warning.” Gu Cheng left after a word.

Qi Yixuan, who was left behind, looked surprised: Tsk tsk, did this guy need to exaggerate?

Until now, Qi Yixuan hadn’t figured out why Gu Cheng was so disgusted with Su Cheng.

But between friends and an interesting seatmate, Qi Yixuan was shaken for the first time on who to choose.

——On the other side, Su Cheng walked on the way back home, with stiff body and cold back.

She doesn’t know if it was an illusion, but Su Cheng always felt that someone was trailing behind her. Su Cheng looked back a few times and found no suspicious figure.

Su Cheng was afraid, and suddenly regretted not letting Qi Yixuan drop her off.

Su Cheng’s eyes would frequently look behind, regardless of whether there was anyone behind, she gritted her teeth and quickened her pace, and ran quickly to go to the villa.

Behind Su Cheng, it was Gu Cheng following her.

It wasn’t until Su Cheng entered the Maple Garden that Gu Cheng turned and left, and his figure gradually disappeared into the night.

At night, Gu Cheng once again woke up out of bed.

In this moment, Gu Cheng’s eyes were bloodshot, and his eyes were filled with pain and regret that could not be ignored.

Gu Cheng suddenly laughed muffledly, with a bitter smile in his face: just now he dreamed of that memory again.

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