IJWLHGRAR Chapter 17.1

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His name is Gu Cheng, the eldest of the Gu family in Beijing.

But he used to have another name-Ye Fan.

Back then, because of Ye An’s work, Ye Fan’s biological mother divorced Ye An back when he was very young. From then on, Ye Fan was taken care of by his father.

When Ye Fan was 11 years old, Ye An’s family showed him a picture of a very beautiful woman. Ye An told him that this woman is named Su Rou and would become his stepmother.

When he first met her, there was a small figure behind the woman in which attracted Ye Fan’s eyes.

He heard she was the daughter of this woman.

The porcelain doll-like girl hid behind Su Rou, poking out her head as if looking at him curiously, and when she was discovered, she would shrank back as if she was frightened.

Ye An pointed at Su Cheng and said to Ye Fan: “This is Su Cheng, your Aunt Su’s daughter. She is 8 years old and will live with Aunt Su in our house from now on. You have to take care of your sister when I’m away.”

 After that, Ye An leaned down again and whispered to Su Cheng softly: “Chengcheng, this is Ye Fan, he is my son, and will be your brother from now on.”

Ye Fan saw the little girl being nervous again. She was looking at him curiously and she shouted timidly: “Brother.”

Ye Fan ignored the other party.

Because he didn’t like the woman named Su Rou, he didn’t even like the daughter she brought with her.

However, from that day on, Ye Fan seemed to have an extra follower behind him.

Wherever Ye Fan went, there would be a stalker who would always follow him, sometimes Ye Fan deliberately walked fast to get rid of her. However, Su Cheng who fell behind, did not cry, but always got up and continued to run after him. 

Sometimes she fell so badly that made Ye Fan want to check her over, but the little stalker would just play around with him, asking him where he was going, but he didn’t say anything.

Every time Ye Fan was writing homework, the little follower would always sit next to his desk with her paper and paintbrush, and would always show him her ugly “paintings”. 

Ye Fan will always be disturbed by her that she was slowly becoming annoying. 

Ye An likes to buy all kinds of candies for Su Cheng. 

Su Cheng likes to stuff most of her candies under her pillow or in her school bag. 

But Ye Fan, who Su Cheng always shared her sweets, didn’t eat them because they were just so sweet that he didn’t feel like eating them.

Later, when she came to school, she would always say to her classmates “My brother is the best” and so on…

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