IJWLHGRAR chapter 17.2

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Ye Fan still remembered that one day, she cried and ran up to him and told him that there was something in the class. The boys were calling her a cheater saying that she lied to them, and she didn’t have any brother that waits for her.

That day, Ye Fan took Su Cheng’s hand, to go to school together, and taught the boys a lesson.

It was also that time that Ye Fan felt like being a brother to her for the first time.

For 8 full years, Ye Fan spent 8 years accepting this sister and slowly becoming a good brother.

Because of Su Cheng’s relationship, Ye Fan’s attitude towards Su Rou also changed a lot.

He thought that their family’s life would always be so warm and peaceful, but a deliberate car accident overthrew everything.

The moment that the car got out of control, Ye Fan realized the seriousness of the matter when he heard his father hurrying them to jump out of the car.

However, the door of the car could not be opened at all at that time, Ye Fan could only fight for the last chance of throwing Su Cheng out of the car window.

With a few bangs and a violent impact, the car stopped, and the smell of smoke and gasoline filled the surroundings.

Ye Fan’s consciousness gradually faded, however, just when he was about to lose consciousness, he heard the sound of someone approaching.

The car accident seemed to have been planned from the start.

He heard Su Rou’s voice.

“What the hell are you doing? Were you going to kill me? Look, my hands were cut by a glass!”

Then Ye Fan heard the voices of several men.

“Come on, you can at least be happy you didn’t die, if we hadn’t specially reinforced the passenger seat, do you think you could only get scratches on the skin like you do have now?”

“That was what you should have done for so many years! Was it easy for me to stay with Ye An’s house?”

“Sneer, you know how easy it is to be. I think Ye An’s was quite good to you.”

“What nonsense, I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t for Brother Leopard insisting.”

“Thanks to Su Cheng, if it weren’t because she pleases Ye A and his son like that, I wouldn’t be able to gain the trust of the father and son so easily.”

“Okay, stop talking nonsense, what should we do now?”

“According to the plan”, the speaker slammed a kick on the car body and snorted coldly: “Ye An, when you sent our brothers to prison, you were very prestigious, why are you just lying down now? The tables have turned right?”

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