IJWLHGRAR Chapter 17.3

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“Brother Zhou, a lump of metal is stuck. It’s not easy to see if they are still alive.”

“Then leave it alone. I think Ye An and his family won’t be able to live like this. The news about the accident would come soon. Let’s go quickly.”

“Yes. Now, just now…”

Ye Fan’s consciousness plunged into darkness amidst a frantic roar.

–Why! Why lie to him!

In the next life, he must kill those people!

Opening his eyes again, Ye Fan realized that he was not dead, but became the eldest master of the Gu family, Gu Cheng.

With the knowledge of his life as Ye Fan and those he learned from his father, Ye Fan successfully disguised himself as Gu Cheng. Even Gu Guofeng and Mrs. Gu did not see changes in him, they only thought that he grew up a bit. After the accident, he learned to be sensible and mature.

When he heard from Gu Guofeng that he was going to take the stepdaughter of his comrade-in-arms to the Gu’s family, Gu Cheng was surprised: Didn’t Su Cheng leave with Su Rou? Was she abandoned by their organization? Or is there any new plan in preparation to harm the Gu’s family?

Gu Cheng hated Su Cheng, she hated her more than the woman named Su Rou.

If it wasn’t for her fakeness in the past 8 years, how could he not hate the girl who deceived him through the past years.

Not killing her was already Gu Cheng’s greatest kindness. In addition to being kind, there may be some other reasons he didn’t want to admit, but that didn’t matter anymore.

To face Su Cheng, Gu Cheng adopted a defensive attitude.

He devoted more time and energy to investigating the truth behind the murder of Ye An’s family, as well as Su Rou who was tasked to be the “Inside person”.

Gu Cheng haunted various night markets and black markets in the past two months, trying to dig out some clues about Leopard, Brother Zhou, and Su Rou.

Two weeks ago, Gu Cheng found some clues in a bar, but in the process he clashed with a group of people.

After Gu Cheng ran back, he thought it was just some skin trauma, but he ended up in a coma for three days in the hospital.

Gu Guofeng and his wife thought that Gu Cheng was injured when he went out to fight with others. Because they didn’t want to spread the “family ugliness”, they sent Gu Cheng to a private hospital under Gu’s family and claimed that Gu Cheng was hospitalized for appendicitis.

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