IJWLHGRAR Chapter 17.4

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The two weeks Gu Cheng has spent in hospital he had experienced the most difficult time in his life.

During the past three days, Gu Cheng had been dreaming the same dream repeatedly. To be precise, it should be a memory from his previous life.

——In the last life, Su Cheng was also picked up by Gu’s family in the third week after the accident.

Gu Cheng hated this vicious girl who had deceived him for 8 years and killed both him and father.

As a result, he made things difficult for her, whether he was in Gu’s house or in school.

Su Cheng regarded Gu’s family as an ATM, and used the 20,000 yuan of pocket money given by Mrs. Gu every month to squander it, which made her be naturally disliked by Gu Guofeng and Zhou Xue.

The exposure of Su Cheng’s pestering him inside the school and the fact that he lived in Gu’s house also aroused the dissatisfaction of many Gu Cheng’s secret admirers in the school.

Rumors about Su Cheng spread continuously on the school, and more and more people began to laugh at Su Cheng and deliberately target her. Later, it gradually evolved into an endless bully. Gu Cheng saw it in his eyes but chose to ignore it.

Later, Su Cheng seemed to be unable to stand it, and chose to leave.

It only took Su Cheng one to leave, taking away all the things she had brought inside her room.

An insignificant person left, and the people in the school would care less for one more post-class joke.

 At that time, Gu Guofeng and his wife were extremely disappointed in Su Cheng, and they chose to ignore Su Cheng’s leaving without saying goodbye.

Su Cheng’s departure seemed as if a grain of dust fell into the water, without making any waves.

…His memories continue.

In his previous life, Su Cheng had been away for four years.

A few years later, Gu Cheng saw Su Cheng again on a rainy night.

That night, Su Cheng came to Gu’s house again and knocked on the door of Gu’s house.

Across the iron gate, when Gu Cheng saw the girl who was barely maintaining her body on the iron railing, he was shocked: Su Cheng, who was less than 20 years old at the time, looked like withered, with sunken eyes and pale face.

She begged him to lend her some money.

But, Gu Cheng refused.

He saw the despair on the girl’s face, Su Cheng said to him in a hoarse and weak voice, “Excuse me”, and then he watched the dry and thin figure disappear into the rain.

Afterwards, Gu Cheng heard some news about Su Cheng: He heard that she died, among a pile of dilapidated furniture and debris beside the passage of the old community, and died because of AIDS.

If everything came to an abrupt end here, Gu Cheng might not be so painful and regretful.

Unfortunately, he found out the truth about everything shortly after Su Cheng’s death.

It turned out that all of Su Rou’s identity and experience when she approached Ye An’s house were false. Su Cheng was not her child, but a child that Brother Leopard and the others randomly found from the orphanage.

Before they came to Ye’s house, those people’s Electrical shock stimulation and hypnosis were performed on Su Cheng, which blurred Su Cheng’s previous memories and made her think that Su Rou was her mother.

Su Cheng didn’t know the plan of those people, so after killing Ye An’s family, Su Cheng was directly thrown away by Su Rou and the others as useless things.

It turned out that he was not dead.

In other words, he is dead, but that body still has some reactions that seem to be alive.

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