GMTB Chapter 11

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Chapter-11 Cold

The colorful plastic beads bounced on the ground and one of them rolled to her feet.

Xu Pinyu, still holding the doorknob, paused for a few seconds before letting go and turning around stiffly.

The rain seemed to have stopped for a while.

The sunset came in through the window behind him, causing Shen Youbai’s expression to become blurry in the backlight.

He just looked at Xu Pinyu and was silent for a moment.

Shen Youbai reached into his pants pocket and found something. He raised his hand in her direction.

And threw it over.

Xu Pinyu looked at the silvery thing that was approaching her and subconsciously caught it with both hands.

She lowered her eyes, it was the key.

Xu Pinyu’s eyes suddenly enlarged and looked up at him.

Her eyes reflected the light more than the scattered beads on the floor. She immediately bent her head to open the door.

Shen Youbai regretted handing over the keys too early.

Xu Pinyu inserted the key into the lock in a panic and turned it. When it opened, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

After taking a step outside the door, she paused.

After hesitating for a long time she turned around and asked him, “Why did you lock the door?”

Shen Youbai looked at her, “Because I want to fuck you.”

Those were his exact words.

Xu Pinyu was stunned.

Shen Youbai asked, “You don’t believe me?”

Her face was still blank.

He laughed, “Then stay and find out whether what I said was true or not.”

Xu Pinyu had just realized the meaning of his blunt words which caused her to start panicking.

Xu Pinyu started backing up and almost tripped on herself.

She dashed down the stairs, her skirt fluttering along the wind.

When she stopped in front of the teacher’s building, she slapped her forehead as she had just remembered something.

Shen Youbai did not expect that she would come back.

Currently, he had changed into a white T-shirt while holding a light gray coat in his hand, which he was just about to wear.

Xu Pinyu felt embarrassed, “I forgot to take my bag.”

She walked towards the locker while sticking to the wall, and took out her school bag.

It looked like she was afraid of him.

He thought that she had returned to clear the air between them and to give him a chance as charity.

But the way she acted still resulted into a tragedy.

The corners of Shen Youbai’s mouth gradually rose and he laughed aloud.

Xu Pinyu hugged her schoolbag, startled.

She looked back, hurriedly glanced at him, then ran away.

Although she didn’t look properly at his face, his smile seemed to be lonely.

She had once thought that one day she must tell Shen Youbai that when he smiles he looks extremely handsome.

But today, when she finally got a chance, Xu Pinyu ran away.

The subway station was during peak hours, people were coming and going at an accelerated pace.

On the platform, facing the glass door, Xu Pinyu stared at her dark reflection.

The trains passed steadily and quickly. One abyss after another passed by.

She could hear multiple voices; news reports, drama dialogues, and someone talking on the phone.

By the time Xu Pinyu had returned to her senses, she was standing in a narrow alley, with traffic flowing like a river behind her.

Half of the sun had sunk, and the other part of the sky was dyed like ink.

She looked up at the neon sign on the steel stairs.

It read, adult products sold exclusively.

Xu Pinyu took a deep breath and stepped onto the metal stairs with a bang.

She opened the black curtain hanging in front of the shop and walked in.

The dim environment was lit by a fluorescent blue light.

There were all kinds of products; leather whips, rings, ropes and rivet underwear.

The man sitting behind the counter playing games did not notice her.

Xu Pinyu walked to a row of bookshelves, her hand was about to touch a DVD box with an enchanting cover when a voice suddenly spoke beside her.

“Little sister, would you like this brother to introduce this to you?”

She withdrew her hand and turned her head.

It was the man behind the cashier’s desk. He had a peircing on his lip and a tattoo on his eyebrow.

Xu Pinyu was slightly surprised, “Is it possible to introduce these types of things as well?”

The man raised his voice and said, “Of course!”

Then he narrowed his eyes and said, “There’s a lot of knowledge to be learnt here.”

Xu Pinyu nodded with a half-knowingly look, “That’s great.”

The man took down two DVDs and asked, “Do you like westerners, or east asians?”

One by one, as he pointed to different DVDs he called out, “Or do you want props, maids, bonds, a full set of training…”

Xu Pinyu blinked, “Is there anything with teaching?”

The man was stunned for a moment, his eyes moved around the store, before it lit up, “Yes!”

When she opened the door, the smell of food wafted in.

Xu Pinyu felt like she was carrying a bomb home.

After washing the dishes, she dried her hands.

After observing Chen Qiuya, who is sitting on the sofa watching a TV series, she went into her room.

She quietly locked the door, in her nervousness, she forgot to turn on the lights.

Like a thief, Xu Pinyu opened her bag, inside lied a bag with a DVD box. The cover was a picture of a pure girl in a sailor girl’s uniform.

She swallowed her saliva and reached to take it out.

After the film began to play, it really was about teaching.

But the teaching is not what she imagined.

[passster password= feather] The teacher threw the girl down on the desk. She could only support herself with her elbows.

He pushed the girl’s short skirt up on to her waist and took off her panties, the girl’s vagina and butthole were fully exposed.

The girl’s upper body was still covered by her sailor uniform, and the knee high socks on her slim legs added to the atmosphere of enchantment.

The girl stood with her legs spread wide. Fingers that did not belong to her began to explore the hole between the two pieces of pink flesh.

The screen switched to show the girl’s face, she bit her lip and moaned slightly.

The man stroked her round buttocks, one finger was gently inserted, and then two fingers together, were slowly inserted into the girl’s hole.

Watching the fingers thrust back and forth, Xu Pinyu opened her mouth slightly.

Just… So stunned.

The girl wriggled her waist, feeling empty, “Ah… Teacher… Give it to me…”

“What do you want? Huh?”

The man pulled out his fingers. The dark red mouth of her vagina expanded, twitching as if gasping for breath.

The girl said shyly, “My teacher’s… Meat stick…”

He took off his pants and held the girl’s waist with one hand.

Holding his penis in one hand, his huge head parted her lips and slowly pushed into the girl’s body. She could not help help but shudder due to the stimulation, “Ah… Ah… I’m full… ”

Her vagina reflexively clamped his penis. The man shivered comfortably and at the same time, pushed deeper inside.

“Oh… It pierced to the end… Ahhh…” The girl yelled wildly.

After the man penetrated her as much as he could, he began to thrust into the girl with speed and rhythm. He withdrew his penis until only the head was inside of her before deeply thrusting inside again.

The girl began to moan loudly in her mouth, “Ah…ah…deeper- more deeper…”

With a vigorous thrust, his balls swayed and hit her hip.

The man’s pubic hair was drenched in the transparent liquid making their actions obsessively more lewd.

After dozens of thrusts, he slammed into her deeply and turned his lower body, the girl continued to grind her hips towards him, “Oh, teacher… Ah, you are so great… It makes me feel so good…”

The slapping sounds and the creaking of the table spoke of unspeakable lust.

The sounds really made a person feel like there was a fire in their chest that couldn’t calm down.

Xu Pinyu had already covered her eyes with both her hands, yet she couldn’t help looking through her fingers.

The two people on screen changed their positions madly.

Finally the man hugged her buttocks and pressed them to him tightly while shivering and snarling. The girl yelled loudly.

Before Xu Pinyu could understand what was going on, the man let go of the female student.

His penis came out with a milky white sticky substance, like yogurt drawn into a thin thread, attached to it.

The girl who collapsed on the ground, in conjunction with the camera, showed the fluid flowing from her trembling vagina.

At this moment, another man appeared at the door of the classroom. Three people together? [/passster]

Xu Pinyu was frightened as she quickly found remote control and turned off the TV.

She became so worried that the entire night she tossed and turned in her bed, not able to sleep.

Because Xu Pinyu could not recognise the physical desire inside of her, she began feeling uncomfortable and even felt a bit scared.

It could also be because the protagonist of this film looked very pitiful to the audience.

When she got up in the morning she had caught a cold.

It didn’t rain and the temperature had picked up.

The welcoming ceremony was still going on, but she didn’t see Shen Youbai anywhere.

She was walking home on the path that she had memorized by heart.

Wei Yixun poked her forehead that was bunched up towards the centre, “You have been frowning for the entire day. What are you worrying about?”

Xu Pinyu stopped, “I have something else to do. You go back first.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she started jogging in the opposite direction, not waiting for Wei Yixun’s reply.

He watched Xu Pinyu, turned around and waved, “Bye bye, see you tomorrow!”

She didn’t know where Shen Youbai’s home was, she took a chance and came to the convenience store where she met him last time.

The neighborhood was very quiet, with sycamore trees branching over the streets.

From far-away, the outline of him walking silently appeared.

Xu Pinyu was in a daze for a while before she ran up to him quickly.

Unexpectedly, she rushed to his door and called him, “Classmate Shen Youbai.”

He was startled and turned to look at her.

The chill in Shen Youbai’s eyes made her too scared to even breathe loudly after she had ran to him.

Xu Pinyu hesitated and said, “I’m here… To return your umbrella!”

She took out an umbrella from her bag, to confirm her own words.

Shen Youbai took the umbrella and was about to open the door when he was stopped by her.


Xu Pinyu hesitated, “Yes, that, um…”

Shen Youbai’s eyes darkened slightly, and he gazed at her for a while, “Let’s talk inside.”

While Xu Pinyu was dazed, she gradually saw the inside of his house.

Shen Youbai went inside and said, “Don’t take off your shoes.”

This made her straighten up.

But why didn’t he turn on the light?

Xu Pinyu slowly closed the door, the light getting lesser and lesser along with the closing gap of the door.

She became a bit flustered, she was night-blind after all.

Shen Youbai remembered that her eyes did not focus in the dark and turned around.

Her vision was suddenly unclear causing her sense of smell to drastically heighten, as his scent rushed to her senses.

Xu Pinyu quickly closed her eyes in surprise.

With a snap-

He turned on the light.

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