IJWLHGRAR Chapter 17.5

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When Gu Cheng saw his former body lying in the senior care ward with his own eyes, he couldn’t imagine how persistent Su Cheng’s weak body would drag him all the way to the hospital.

The nurse in the hospital told Gu Cheng that a girl would come to do massage and cleansing for her brother every week, but she hadn’t come for a long time recently. 

She also said that the medical expenses here are very high, and she didn’t know where the girl got the money. For so many years, the girl’s brother showed no signs of waking up. 

In general, people would have lost hope from now…

At that moment, Gu Cheng finally knew the truth: It turned out that the 20,000 yuan given by the Gu family in those past years was not spent by Su Cheng, but used to pay for his medical expenses; it turned out that the reason Su Cheng did not come home until night, was not because she was playing around, but to distribute flyers in order to make money…

The years after leaving Gu’s house, Su Cheng had a very bad time.

On one hand, in order to survive, and on the other hand, she needed to pay for Ye Fan’s high medical expenses.

Where can a fragile girl, who has not even graduated from high school, find a decent and money-making job?

Finally, Su Cheng ran out of money, but in order to maintain Ye Fan’s expenses in the hospital, Su Cheng began to sell blood.

Until the moment when her life stopped, Su Cheng had not thought of giving up “Ye Fan”.

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, Ye Fan can already be judged as a dead person, but in the eyes of Su Cheng, Ye Fan was the only bloodline left by her stepfather, her only support and relatives…

At Schoool.

As soon as Huang Yuqi arrived in the classroom, she pulled Su Cheng excitedly and asked, “How about it? Did you watch the live game of Big Orange that I recommended to you yesterday?”

Su Cheng nodded: “Look.” 

Huang Yuqi: “Hey, Do you actually have any feelings?”

Su Cheng: “I am very happy.” 

In the comment area below, a lot of people were blowing rainbow farts to her (Praising words to her.). Can Su Cheng look unhappy?

“Happy?” Huang Yuqi was puzzled. She wanted to ask Su Cheng if she had any gains. What is the meaning of happiness, by the way?

“Well, you can be happy. Let me tell you that Big Orange’s video is really valuable for research purposes. You can definitely improve if you watch more.” 

After that, Huang Yuqi said again: “My trumpet is already silver. I will be able to take upgrade to Gold in another two days.”

Su Cheng: “Actually, we can also wait until I reach the king, and we can play together.”

“Puff–” Huang Yuqi didn’t expect that after Su Cheng watched a video of Big Orange. She would actually have the ambition of being king.

Pursuing a dream is a good thing, but… it’s not that Huang Yuqi looked down upon Su Cheng, even though she wanted to be a king, it would take her half a year to become a king. 

Waiting for Su Cheng? She doesn’t know how long she has to wait for her until she reaches it.

As they were talking, the literary committee suddenly walked in front of the two of them and looked at Su Cheng with beaming eyes: “Student Su Cheng~”

“What’s the matter?”

“Can you do us a favor for the flag-giving ceremony of the school next week? Be the representative of Class 17 will go up to accept the award.”

Su Cheng was taken aback: “Me?”


“But…” I want to learn.

Before Su Cheng could say what was in her heart, she was already cut off by the literary committee: “You don’t need to be nervous. In fact, it’s super simple. Just go up and shake hands with the principal and receive an award, really!”

Shangming Middle School will evaluate the performance of each class every semester, and it will be a huge event similar to an award ceremony.

It may be a competition, but the school says it is just taking this as an opportunity to give students encouragement. In fact, every class will get an award. Even if it is not the first, second and third prize, there will always be a best organization award and unity collective award , Art Development Award, etc… As long a class can get a reward.

Did they really care about the reward? No! What they care about is the honor of being one minute on stage.

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