IJWLHGRAR Chapter 18.1

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Su Cheng can’t be compared to other students in the class.

This is also the reason why the literary and artistic committee went to find Su Cheng: after watching her in their class, Su Cheng is definitely the best looking one!

Huang Yuqi beside her also slammed Su Cheng’s arm and echoed: “I think it’s okay, Su Cheng, you can participate, that’s a moment of honor.”

Huang Yuqi raised her hands in favor of the art committee.

Now that Su Cheng’s face is better, which was super beautiful, even if her face is compared with the school girl grass, she can definitely go against her! Maybe even Win!

Su Cheng looked at Huang Yuqi, then at the literary committee, and finally nodded: “Okay.”

“You agreed, haha! That’s great! By the way, I forgot to tell you just now. There would be something else on stage.There would be a speech, which is probably to talk about how our class is good, how we are a united big family, and etc. It is very simple, I will find two templates for your reference in a while.”

Su Cheng: “… “

How does she feel that the literary committee either forgot or deliberately didn’t say it?

What’s wrong with her with the sudden feeling of being tricked into doing some shady business.

“Hey, Su Cheng, you haven’t finished writing the physics test paper yet. And I have finished it. Wait, I will lend you mine.” 

Before Su Cheng refused awkwardly and politely, the art committee had already trotted to In his seat and he gave Su Cheng the homework he had done before.

Looking at the test paper in front of her, Su Cheng felt ashamed: This “classmate’s love” came too suddenly, she was not ready yet!

Su Cheng really wanted to do it by herself.

In the evening, Su Cheng went live and she already received an invitation from a union.

Su Cheng didn’t understand this, so she poked [Sun Xiaosheng] privately.

[Big Orange]: Is the Great Sage here?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Haha, you’re finally here, I was just waiting for you, let’s start a game quickly.

[Big Orange]: Wait, let me ask you a question first.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Uh huh~

After playing a few games with Su Cheng, the two of them are considered familiar, and often they were teammates, and occasionally Sun Xiaosheng also appeared as Su Cheng’s master.

Su Cheng briefly explained the affairs of the trade union to Sun Xiaosheng, and the other party’s attitude towards the platform trade union was completely scornful.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: That group of people will also lie to you, the newcomers, now, look at the conditions they gave you were all good, but if you wait for a minute, they will cheat you.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: What’s more, you can be regarded as a well-known small anchor with more than 100,000 or 200,000 fans. What kind of union do you need?

It’s better to rely on the union than to rely on his friend.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Be proud of your status now as an anchor with a fanbase, don’t ruin it for that.

[Big Orange]: Good…

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Being part of the live broadcast union, you might as well join the game union, and have the opportunity to play more matches.

Seeing the word “match”, Su Cheng’s eyes lit up again.

[Big Orange]: Will you have money after winning a match?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Nonsense.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Let me just ask, Big Orange, are you short of money?

It’s money, no matter how open your mouth, money is all you think of.

[Big Orange]: Lack.

Ye Fan needs a lot of money.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Let me tell you that although game anchors don’t seem to be as easy to gain money as those beautiful broadcasters, they won’t cost you money if they are done well. You will just play honestly and will definitely not starve. You don’t do anything fancy.

He heard before that some girls now like to spend money randomly, tens of thousands of dollars just to buy some disposable clothes that cannot be washed or dry-cleaned, and shoes that will not touch the floor. Sun Xiaosheng, was worried that Su Cheng would go astray in order to make money and mingle among those messy live broadcasts.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: And your current live broadcast income should not be bad.

[Big Orange]: Well, not bad.

Speaking of this, a smile appeared on Su Cheng’s face: After having more than 100,000 fans, Su Cheng’s daily revenue from live broadcasts basically maintained around 1,000 yuan.

When applying for withdrawal yesterday, Su Cheng almost couldn’t believe her eyes when he saw a monthly income of nearly 20,000 yuan.

If she can have so much money every day in the future, she will be able to earn 30,000 yuan in one month, and paying for Ye Fan’s medical expenses will definitely be enough, if she can earn a little more in the future, she can still save a sum of money for herself. 

I will also take Ye Fan to a place with better medical conditions.

While Su Cheng was holding her mobile phone to plan for the future, Su Cheng was startled by a sound outside the window sill.

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