GMTB Ch 13

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Cold (3)

A painting.
It can express a person’s ideas and convey things that can’t be described in words.
The paintings on the wall of the corridor were not luxurious or dazzling and the colors were rather cold.
Xu Pinyu held her hands behind her back  and tilted her head as she looked at a painting in front of him.
It was the sea.
There is also a dark night sky.
In the surging waves, there were only sails visible, the hull had disappeared.
She pointed and asked, “Is this a boat?”
He nodded and said, “Yes.”
She turned towards the end of the hallway again, glanced at the easel and the paint all over the floor, and suddenly realized something.
Xu Pinyu sounded a little surprised, “Did you draw all these?”
Shen Youbai calmly replied, “Yes.”
Although Xu Pinyu did not study art, as a member of the publicity planning committee of the first year’s, she often painted posters and the like.
At the time, she thought that she could draw well enough, but when she looked at Shen Youbai’s paintings, all her confidence was completely destroyed.
One is like a child’s drawing of a stick figure, the other is an impressionism work.
They are far from being on the same level.
It’s just that… Whatever he painted, gave off a negative feeling .
Rain and grey fog, a withered begonia, an extinguished candle, reefs, cracks.
It made a person’s soul feel depressed.
Xu Pinyu asked him, “Are you lonely?”
Shen Youbai turned his head and looked at her quietly for a while.
Then, instead of refuting, he just laughed, “Even if I’m lonely, there’s a way to comfort me now.”
She asked, “What can I do?”
Shen Youbai turned around and looked at the black feather painting sincerely.
Xu Pinyu blankly stared at the painting until she remembered what he had said. She turned her head away as her cheeks started burning up, “It’s very late. It’s time for me to go home.”
Shen Youbai stopped her, “Wait a minute.”
He entered a room, and came out with a black coat in his hand.
He unfurled his coat and put it over her shoulders.
Xu Pinyu’s mind became muddled due to his action and she absent-mindedly raised her arms into the sleeves.
She looked up at Shen Youbai and he pulled the zipper up. The sports coat had a high collar; it came up her chin.
If he hadn’t said, ‘I’ll send you home.’
Xu Pinyu felt that she might have not been able to leave all night.
It was cold and windy outside.
The lights standing high in the distance were placed on the downhill road.
Shen Youbai closed the door, turned around and saw his coat, which was loosely wrapped around her, the wind blowing her hair, and her eyes, that were looking at him, shone brightly.
Xu Pinyu asked, “Can we hold hands?”
Shen Youbai didn’t answer. Instead, he took her hand when they started walking.
Her fingertips were cold. And it was only in his palm, that it became warmer.
Xu Pinyu turned his wrist and placed her other hand over his, holding his hand with all ten fingers.
She calculated in her mind, how long it would take to get home by subway from here.
Shen Youbai stopped a taxi.
When she came to the entrance of her house, she turned to Shen Youbai, who was a few steps away, and said, “I’ll wash the coat and return it to you.”
“No, I’m leaving it with you.”
He came closer, “Quickly go in.”
Chen Qiuya was about to heat up the dishes when she saw Xu Pinyu dashing past the living room, whizzing away.
She was stunned, and not long after, Xu Pinyu appeared before her eyes again.
When Chen Quiya saw her, she couldn’t help but wonder, if she was wearing a different dress from what she wore in the morning.

She signed to Xu Pinyu, ‘Why did you come back so late today?’.
The guilty girl scratched her head, “The teacher called me to stay back for some work.”
Chen Qiuya nodded and did not ask anymore questions.
After washing up Xu Pinyu was sitting on her bed, staring straight at the wardrobe’s door and at the coat that did not belong to her.
Up until this point, she was still in a trance.
She walked up slowly and hugged his coat.
The cloth that was touching her face was ice cold, with a slight smell of smoke.
She felt like this must be a dream, and when she would wake up, the coat would disappear. Hence, she wanted to enjoy it for as long as she could.
When Xu Pinyu went to her bed, she couldn’t fall asleep. She stared at her ceiling with her eyes open, the sound of her clock ticking rang inside her head.
She suddenly sat up and turned on the bedside lamp. The warm yellow halo extended on to her wardrobe.
A black coat was hanging there quietly.
Xu Pinyu was stunned for a moment, then she picked up her mobile phone and called Chen Zixuan.
She said, “Shen Youbai and I almost did that.”
Chen Zixuan replied, “Are you still dreaming?”
See, she’s not the only one who thinks that she was dreaming.
She couldn’t sleep all night.
The next morning, before Xu Pinyu left for school, she drank a cup of instant coffee as if she was drinking water.
Wei Yixun stood at her door as usual, and they walked side by side.
She suddenly called, “Wei Yixun.”
With a serious face, Xu Pinyu asked, “Do you like me?”
Wei Yixun’s expression turned into shock for a moment before it quickly changed into disgust, and he asked her, “Are you still dreaming?”
Xu Pinyu frowned, “Why do you and Zixuan say the same things?”
Wei Yixun said, “You’re totally sleep talking!”
She explained, “I just want to be sure.”
Wei Yixun thought for a while, ”How do I explain this, we’re friends that are closer than friends.”
He said, ”Think about it yourself. We’ve played together since childhood. If I actually liked you I would have confessed ages ago.”
Xu Pinyu nodded with approval, “Then I’m relieved.”
He added, “Actually, we aren’t best friends, it’s just a force of habit.”
Xu Pinyu said coldly, “Let’s break our friendship.”
Wei Yixun widened his eyes in surprised delight.
She quickly threatened, “You dare to show a happy expression, I really won’t be your friend anymore.”
On their way to school, not far from the school gate, they met Chen Zixuan.
She had long forgotten Xu Pinyu’s sleep talk and talked and laughed with them as usual.
Chen Zixuan asked her, “Well, aren’t you going to give a speech to the freshmen today? What are you planning to say?”
Xu Pinyu slowly inhaled without blinking. She felt like the drum beats from the class was counting the amount of time she had been holding her breath.
Chen Zixuan voiced her thoughts, “You forgot.”
Due to what had happened the previous night, Xu Pinyu had really forgotten about the speech.
Fortunately, she had to say the speech in the afternoon.
In her class, that had become a concert site from the students practicing for the ceremony, she would never be able to write out her speech. Hence she went to a self-study room.
There was no one in the empty room.
It was very easy to write about how great the School of Virtue was, she could make it unparalleled to any other school.
But it is difficult for her to share her learning experience and summarize her feelings about college life.
She never wrote her notes and never paid attention in school. But school life revolves around the student president, right?
Xu Pinyu even sacrificed her lunch time.
Chen Zixuan took a biscuit and chewed it on the way back to the classroom building.

It was very normal to see Shen Youbai there. It was the place that connected both their buildings. But the fact that he was approaching her…
Wasn’t normal.
Chen Zixuan looked up at him with a biscuit in her hand.
He asked, “Where’s Xu Pinyu?”
Chen Zixuan subconsciously replied, “She’s in the self-study room.”
Shen Youbai replied, “Thank you.”
As she watched him leave, Chen Zixuan said, “No… You’re welcome.”
After Shen Youbai left, she turned her head only to come face to face with another girl.
Chen Zixuan was shocked.
The girl’s eyes glared at her fiercely.
The way Cai Yao was staring at her made her get goosebumps.
“What’s your problem?”
Cai Yao asked bluntly, “What’s your relationship with Shen Youbai?!”
Chen Zixuan thought for half a second, “Classmate relationship.”
She asked another question, “What did he say when he came to you?!”
“He did not come to talk to me, he’s looking for…”
Chen Zixuan blinked and regained her senses. “It’s none of your business who he’s looking for!”
When Cai Yao was gone, Chen Zixuan’s mind was a mess.
Why was  Shen Youbai looking for Feather? She didn’t know.
But she remembered that Xu Pinyu once said, she would strive to be the person Shen Youbai hates the most.
Chen Zixuan whispers, it’s over. Isn’t she in trouble?
She should’ve stopped Xu Pinyu from the start and not even allowed her to try to provoke Shen Youbai.
It’s okay to fight against anyone, but to be an enemy of Shen Youbai… Does she still want to graduate successfully?

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  1. I like that Xu Pinyu is honest about what she likes to do with him but is nervous to do ‘it’ (which is understandable cauz she’s a virgin) unlike other FL who acts so innocent and weak. Sometimes virgins have the most dirtiest minds, and those who are not, acts like the most innocent ones. 😝

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