GMTB Ch 14

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Cold (4)

Back in the class, Chen Zixuan’s imagination was running wild.
She became so restless that she went to the study room to find Xu Pinyu.
Xu Pinyu, who was too focused, didn’t notice that someone had entered the study room.
A shadow fell on the table.
She raised her eyes. In her eyes were the white corners of her clothes and the waist of her trousers.
She looked up slowly.
Shen Youbai wasn’t wearing a tie with his school uniform.
The temperature difference between his image and his appearance was becoming bigger these days.
Xu Pinyu turned the paper around and handed it to him. “You’re right on time. Can you help me check this?”
Shen Youbai glanced at the contents of the paper, looked at her and said, “You want to make a speech.”
She nodded.
He looked at it roughly. “It’s okay, some stuff can be changed.”
As soon as he said those words, Xu Pinyu handed him a pen.
Shen Youbai took the pen first, then stopped. He turned the pen between his fingers before putting it back on the table with the paper.
She didn’t understand, “What’s wrong?”
Shen Youbai said, “I have no obligation to help you change this.”
She was stunned, and then pursed her lips, “You’re serious huh, what kind of payment do you want?”
Xu Pinyu is sitting. He was standing. He looked down.
Her cardigan was unbuttoned and her breasts, that held up the shirt, were enclosed by the buttons on her shirt.
Shen Youbai had no expression, he just stared at her scorchingly.
Xu Pinyu quickly blocked her chest and leaned back, “Except for that!”
With a smile, he went to the seat next to Xu Pinyu, pulled out the chair, sat down and picked up the pen.
She looked at Shen Youbai’s silent face and her mind wandered.
His eyelashes were not very long, but very thick, especially at the start of his eyelid. His cheeks were thin and had distinct cheekbones.
Xu Pinyu came up with an idea and patted his shoulder, “Hey.”
To attract his attention she pointed towards the direction behind him, “Look, a butterfly!”
Shen Youbai subconsciously turned his head, saw nothing, and then turned back.
Xu Pinyu took the opportunity to kiss him.
On his lips.
A brief moment, a light touch, she smiled and sat back.
Shen Youbai stared at her lips for a while before looking away with a bad expression. He held the pen to continue writing.
Xu Pinyu was flustered by his expression and asked carefully, “Are you angry?”

After a few seconds, he replied, “No.”
Shen Youbai snorted and said, “I’m just enduring.”
But he currently didn’t have a cigarette.
Xu Pinyu was stunned, dimly able to understand what he meant.
She hesitated for a moment, still leaning close to Shen Youbai’s ear.
Xu Pinyu said softly, “I’m afraid someone will cross by outside.”
When her breath fell on her ears, Shen Youbai stopped writing.
She suggested, “Let’s go to the bathroom and take a stroll?”
Shen Youbai repeated with amusement, “Go to the bathroom and take a stroll?”
But Xu Pinyu nodded seriously.
The door of the study room was opened.
Chen Zixuan stood at the door in a daze. She went to the table where Xu Pinyu had been sitting.
The schoolbag was thrown on the chair, but the people in question were not there.
At this moment, Xu Pinyu and Shen Youbai were locked up in the compartment of the men’s bathroom.
The space was small, and so quiet that you could hear water dripping into the sink.
Xu Pinyu looked at him helplessly, “Now what?”
Shen Youbai smiled, “How would I know, you brought me here.”
As soon as he finished speaking, his body shook.
It was Xu Pinyu. She had suddenly hugged his waist and buried her face in his chest. Her voice was fuzzy. “I want to kiss you, but I have a cold. I’m afraid I’ll infect you.”
In a split second, Shen Youbai held her arm, hooked her neck and took a step forward, backing her up against the wall.
He lowered his head and immersed himself in the smell of her neck, and muttered, “Then we’ll do something else.”
 [passster password=feather] Before Xu Pinyu could react, he pulled out the shirt that was stuffed in her skirt and put his hand on her back.
The hot hand stroked her back slowly. The soles of her feet softened and she put her arms around his neck.
His fingertips traced the line of her back, and the other hand came up  in between them, twisting open the button of her collar.
The shirt was unbuttoned till it exposed the bra, and he buried his head deeper, licking her from her neck to her chest.
Xu Pinyu’s heart beat faster and faster, but he withdrew his hand.
Before she could get a chance to think, she heard the sound of him removing his pants, and her brain went into overdrive.
She looked down. As soon as her eyes glanced at his lower body, she immediately stood on her tiptoes, hugged him and did not dare to look down again.
With her nose over his shoulders, she looked down, and caught a glimpse of his butt. She closed her eyes shut.
Shen Youbai lifted up her skirt again.
She stepped back in fright but abruptly stopped.
Shen Youbai didn’t move, but said, “Take off your underwear, or it’ll get wet later.”
Xu Pinyu shook her head sharply, “No!”
Shen Youbai pressed her waist and brought her into his arms, biting the tip of her ear amusedly.
He said, “I’m not going to go in.”
She trembled, “I’m scared.”
So be it.
Shen Youbai picked up one of her legs, raised her body, and put his burning desire under her underwear.
He heavily breathed while rubbing against her private parts, his will snapped in an instant, and he could not restrain his body.
Xu Pinyu, who was much shorter than him, could only stand on her tiptoes and lean her weight on him.
The result was to let him do whatever he wants.
Xu Pinyu shut her eyes tightly, she thought back to what she had glanced at and wondered what the colour of his penis was.
His thick and long penis rubbed back and forth against her lower body at a speed that was out of control.
Rubbing forward and backward, his round head often hit the wrong direction, opening her labia through her underwear.
Xu Pinyu clutched the back of his collar and pulled it. His shoulder blades under his shirt were very obvious.
She was so sensitive that she heard footsteps coming from outside.
One after another, it was approaching.
She was so frightened that she pressed her lips against Shen Youbai’s collarbone, trying to stop her uncontrollable moans.
Her nose was blocked because of her cold, and she almost suffocated to death by the time the people outside walked away.
Shen Youbai smelled her while rubbing against her lower body, without ever actually inserting it inside, which was undoubtedly torturous to him.
But he was so fanatical that he was willing to be tortured.
Xu Pinyu didn’t know what it was like to feel pleasure, just waves of numbness hit her heart, sometimes refreshing and sometimes itchy.
She felt fluid flowing out of her hole at first, rubbing her labia on his desire.
At this moment a source of heat spewed out, it was a state she couldn’t help.
Xu Pinyu pushed his shoulders, her heels fell softly, and her mind went blank, “I…Is this…urine?”
Shen Youbai froze and shook his head, “It’s not urine.”
He was sure, “You had an orgasm.”
He quickly lifted her skirt again, reached into Xu Pinyu’s underpants, turned his fingers around her hole, and drew out the clear liquid.
And showed her.
She stared at his fingertips and gulped.
Xu Pinyu was so flustered she got tongue tied, “What…what do we do now?”
Shen Youbai’s voice was still low. “Take the toilet paper, go out first and wait for me.”
She was embarrassed, she turned around and took out some tissues, wiped her vagina and threw the paper into the garbage can. The paper ball was covered with a thick transparent liquid.
She put a few layers of paper on the bottom of her underwear.
After dealing with herself, Xu Pinyu turned around and asked Shen Youbai, “What about you?”
Shen Youbai leaned his back against the wall and raised his hand.
Meaning he would use his hands.
Xu Pinyu still did not dare to look at his lower body, but hesitated in the same place.
He tilted his head and laughed, “Are you going to stay and watch?”
Without thinking about it, she unexpectedly said, “Let me help you.”
Standing face to face with her, watching her white hand hold his thick and long penis.
She froze temporarily and did not move.
Shen Youbai reminded her, “Hold tight.”
She came back to her senses, flustered, she applied some force into her hand.
He groaned a little and frowned, “…It’s too tight.”
Xu Pinyu immediately relaxed her hand a little.
She couldn’t figure out the rules or tricks, and Shen Youbai kept sinking into desire.
As long as the hand belonged to Xu Pinyu, it was exciting enough.
After staring at his penis for a while, her sense of fear was starting to die down a little bit.
She looked up to tell him that she didn’t seem so afraid of his thing.
She saw Shen Youbai unconsciously lick his lower lip and clench his teeth.
It turns out that the term evildoer can also be used on him.
Xu Pinyu was a little bewitched and asked, “Is this comfortable?”
Shen Youbai suddenly looked at her, grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and kissed her.
His other hand was on the back of her hand, guiding her hand to comfort himself.
Their lips and tongue were deeply intertwined, exchanging body fluids.
She rubbed his desire in big strokes, her nails occasionally slightly scratched his penis.
He almost went crazy because of the pleasure.
Until Xu Pinyu whimpered.
Shen Youbai let go of her, quickly pulled out a few pieces of paper, and wiped his hot white pulp. [/passster] 
Xu Pinyu stood beside him, panting, her eyes a little blurred, and her face had turned crimson.
He turned away from her.
Otherwise, the extinguished fire would become a wildfire again.


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  1. Just now i created an account to comment hahaha i’m also in discord with the same name, but come on thanks for translting as always impeccable, and i swear i will die with these two,they are cute and hot at the same time, its me reminds me of 2 year of high school a year ago i was particulary as excited as they were with a boyfriend but ended and i just keep sighing and wondering, thank you and im sorry for my poor english ❤❤💕💖

  2. Xu Pingyu is so cool for taking the initiative to do it in the bathroom.

    Shen Youbai should save the best experience (her first) at the right time and place, not just at a random place like bathroom compartment.

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