IJWLHGRAR Chapter 18.2

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Although she knew where Gu Cheng might have gone, Su Cheng was shocked and she quickly took out her anti-thief/pervert spray under the pillow.

Su Cheng shrank in the quilt as usual, waiting for Gu Cheng to return to his own room.

Outside, Gu Cheng stood still when he heard the small noise in the room.

After a while, Su Cheng heard Gu Cheng’s voice coming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows: “Sorry, I scared you.”

Su Cheng: “…”

No response was received, Gu Cheng stood outside for a while, leaving behind one sentence: “Go to bed early.”

Gu Cheng’s words made Su Cheng even more awake-inexplicable and creepy.

On the weekend, Su Cheng went to the house.

She also lived in this place nearby for a while in her previous life. Although it was an old community, it was not far from the school and it was convenient to go to Ye Fan.

The landlady, whom Su Cheng  contacted through online yesterday in order to inform her in advance about seeing the room she plans to rent.

The landlady was a little surprised when he saw that it was a young girl who came to see the room.

“Little girl, why are you alone, your parents?”

Su Cheng: “My parents have something to do. I can come and see it alone. You can rest assured that I can decide if the room will be taken.”

“Well, you come with me.” The landlady led Su Cheng up to the second floor and into the house.

This is a house with one bedroom and one living room. The kitchen is located in the living room. There is not much space, but it is quite complete.

“Look, this house possesses rooms that have windows, good ventilation, and relatively complete furniture…” The landlord said various good things about the house.

“Yes, so… how much is the rent?”

The landlady saw that a little girl in Su Cheng didn’t understand anything, so he flicked towards being able to flick: “Well, I am also anxious to rent out, so.. What about 5000 a month, what do you think? Pay for the first three months now.”

Hearing that, Su Cheng sneered, does this landlady plan to bully her? Although the rent prices in City B are high, they are not so ridiculously high.

“Auntie, you are embarrassing me too much. If I spend 5,000 yuan, I will just go to the new community opposite to rent an apartment with better facilities. Do I even need to come here to see the house? I checked on the Internet before I came here. The rent for a house like this on your side should be around two or three thousand a month. Right? Moreover, many people who come to rent a house here have to apply for a tax reduction. You will have to pay another tax at that time. If you rent it to me, I don’t need to file a tax return.”

After hearing Su Cheng, the Landlady was stunned for a moment. She thought that the girl was foolish, but she didn’t expect to meet an expert.

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