GMTB Ch 15

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WARNING: This chapter contains descriptions of self cutting and attempt to suicide. Please read with caution.

Nightmare (3)

After she escaped from the dressing room, Shen Youbai’s eyes swept over the still beads on the ground.
He turned around and kept changing.
After a while, she came back.
Xu Pinyu pretended to be calm and said, “I forgot to take my bag.”
But the action of sticking to the wall and moving towards the closet dismantled her image.
Fear flashed in her eyes.
Seeing her running away with her schoolbag, Shen Youbai smiled.
He thought it was cute.
He wanted to strangle her.
At home.
Shen Youbai took off the canvas that he had stabbed.
He sat down opposite to the easel, took out his cigarette case and lit it using his lighter.
He took a puff from the cigarette between his lips and lowered his head.
Nicotine paralyzed his nerves. He closed his eyes and raised his head slightly.
His fingertips were reminiscing, how it felt like when he pressed against her private parts.
He grabbed the pen and dipped it in water and then in paint. 

He dyed the canvas.
He put the finished painting back in place.
He gazed at the smoke between his fingers, the quiet flicker of the fire.
While leaving the corridor, he habitually touched the wall lamp.
Turned it off, then turned it back on again.
He looked back at the feather.
She didn’t seem to be able to see in the dark.
He kept the light on.
Early morning.
Shen Youbai fell asleep.
It was another weird dream.
She stood in the corridor, admiring the painting.
He went up to her.
She turned and held out her fist to him.
She turned over her wrist and opened it, on her palm was a blade.
Thin and sharp.
This was the first time that she appeared in his dream without directly starting to moan unrealistically.
With a voice that made him addicted.
‘Every time you cut yourself, I’ll take off a piece of clothing.’
He asked, ‘What about cutting my neck?’
She laughed, ‘Do it.’
Her smile resembled a rose dipped in red wine, he was unable to distinguish the colors of the two.
He frowned and did not move.
Her lips curved upwards, ‘You don’t dare?’
He shook his head, ‘You’re fake.’
She instantly smiled, blinked slowly and said, ‘Of course I’m fake.’
Approaching him, she smiled sarcastically, ‘She’s so clean and beautiful, you think you deserve to touch her?’
Taking his hand, she put the blade in his palm.
She said, ‘If you won’t do it, I’ll leave.’
‘Don’t go.’
He held the cold blade. When it touched his skin, blood oozed out.
She seemed to smile as if she had expected this outcome.
He made a cut from the middle of his forearm till his elbow.
Blood rushed out.
She smiled and took off her cardigan.
He cut himself with the blade. Blood gushed out like a blooming rose.
She took off her clothes one by one. Long hair slid across her skirt and hung behind it.
Until she had no clothes to take off. Then, she was pushed onto the bed by him.
Her face, lips, narrow neck, and chest, were covered with blood, his blood, in his bed.
He tried to go in and out of her body, but he couldn’t feel pleasure, let alone pain.
She kept laughing.
His blood made her hair stick to her cheeks, there was no desire in her eyes, it was filled with mockery of him.
Even then, she was so beautiful that she drove him crazy.
Knowing what he was thinking, she put her arms around his neck.
Saying in his ear, ‘You are so pitiful.’
Shen Youbai woke up.
He stared at the ceiling for a few seconds in the dimly lit room, and propped himself up on his back.
He looked down, the bed was white.
There was no red color, not even a drop.
He closed his eyes, took a heavy breath, lifted the blanket and got out of bed.
In the morning, around seven o’clock.
Before Shen Youbai was about to go to school. He received a call and the man on the phone said, “Young Master, Madam is not doing well right now.”
He came to the Shen house on the outskirts of the city.
Jian Yue looked pale while she slept on the bed, and she woke up few minutes after he came in.
They looked at each other for a long time, but no one spoke.
Then she said in a weak voice, “I just felt a little sick in my stomach. The doctor has already seen it. Uncle Ding made a fuss and asked you to come.”
Jian Yue moved to one side of the bed and patted the bed, “Stay with me for a while. “
Shen Yubai submitted to her and sat on the bed, but never spoke.
There was no expression on his face.
That day, Shen Youbai had just celebrated his twelfth birthday.
Jian Yue cut her wrists in the bathtub and tried to commit suicide.
He stood beside Jane Yue’s bed and clenched his fist. “Dad… why didn’t he come?”
Shen Wensong wouldn’t come back for his birthday.
Even when something like this happened to her, Shen Wensong would not come back.
Jian Yue was stunned, “Why didn’t he come?”
She laughed and muttered to herself, “Why are you here?”
He didn’t understand, and looked at her very incomprehensibly.
Jian Yue asked him, “Youbai, you only know that thinks of me like a stranger, but do you know why?”
Before he shook his head, Jian Yue directly said, “I not only separated him from his favorite person, but also nearly killed the woman. Fortunately, she was rescued at the last minute, but she became mute.”
Until now Shen Wensong’s whereabouts were unknown.
She smiled miserably, “Mother already knows that she is wrong. The fact that he doesn’t hate me is the greatest tolerance.”
Jian Yue raised her eyes and looked at him, “And you.”
“Youbai, you are the chip I used to force him to get married to me.”
He was stunned.
Jian Yue had a serious expression, “So Shen Wensong never expected you.”
She continued, “But I love you.”
Shen Youbai swallowed in his sore throat.
He asked, “Is it appropriate for you to say this to a 13-year-old?”
Jian Yue was stunned and avoided his eyes. “I just wanted you to understand the situation early.”
She shook her head. “Don’t treat him like a normal father and don’t ask things from him. Just accept what he gives you.”
Shen Youbai stared at her stubbornly with red eyes.
At the end, as if Jian Yue were warning herself, she said, “You shouldn’t have any extravagant desires. In the end, there will be no good results.”
He restrained himself.
Back at Shen’s house, he broke everything he could break.
The servant was stunned and rushed to stop him.
Shen Youbai could not hear the sound of anything breaking.
Everything he saw looked like a muted film to him.
He had lost his mind.
Stained blood on his hands.
Jian Yue slept deep into the evening.
When she woke up, Shen Youbai was sitting by her bed.
She wanted to speak in a soft voice, but her throat was a little dry, “Staying for dinner?”
This time, Shen Youbai did not answer.
He shook his head.
Back home.
He heard someone calling him.
“Shen Youbai.”
It was very similar to the voice of the person in his dream.
He paused and turned around.

She came in a hurry, breathing through her mouth, opening and closing her mouth. Her chest was slightly undulating.
Shen Youbai seemed to hear a voice whispering in his ear with the same voice as her.
’She is not yours.’
In an instant, he had an idea.
He would let her walk into his house and he would share his true thoughts with her.
Then, lock her up.
If she wants to escape, kill her.
This extreme thought was stopped by her speaking a few words.
Finally, when his fingertips entered her vagina without any resistance from her, he forgot the voice of the person in his dreams.
He could only hear Xu Pinyu breathing quickly.
She closed her eyes tightly, her eyelashes trembling like a butterfly trapped on a spider web.
That night, and for several nights.
He never had another dream again, only once.
But it felt different.
In the dream.
The person holding his shoulder was not smiling sarcastically and wasn’t moaning flatteringly.

She was biting her lip, holding back from venting out her lust, and when she was thrust into, teardrops formed on her eyelashes.
He was reflected in her eyes as she asked, “Is this comfortable?”


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  1. Omy. Xu Pinyu’s mom is mute. Is she the real daughter of his dad? Or is he not a real son? I looked at the tags for this novel. There’s no incest in the tags though.

  2. Shen Youbai is such a treasure. I just wish for him to find the happiness he deserve with Xu Pinyu. I don’t care about the relationship problems of their parents just don’t let them be sad wu wu wu…🤧

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