After Regenerating Into An Omega, Everyone Is Dying To Marry Me: Chapter 2

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Although Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know the meaning of the word “heat”, it was definitely not a good word, at least not for him.

He finally woke up and wanted to push Xie Lin away, but his brain became groggy and his body didn’t listen.

For some reason, the aroma of wine in the air became thicker and thicker, wrapping him up like an overwhelming sky, and invading his body along with the smallest pores.

Fu Yuanzhou thought that he would wake up soon, but he was even drunker as if he had drunk a lot of alcohol, his throat was extremely thirsty, and his forehead was also sweaty.

“Xie Lin…”

He called his friend’s name with difficulty but was stunned when he looked up.

Xie Lin is not the same as before. He is undoubtedly handsome, but because of his cold personality, even his eyebrows are covered with frost and snow. His complexion is also cold and white, but he has extremely dark eyes as if containing the deep dark night.

But at this time, Xie Lin’s expression didn’t have much coldness. He lowered his eyelashes and happened to look at Fu Yuanzhou. His eyes were dark, his face was reddish, and his breathing was a little bit quicker. He was inexplicably and unexpectedly sexy.

He raised his hand to caress Fu Yuanzhou’s cheek, and even his fingertips exuded a hot temperature. Fu Yuanzhou was touched on his face as if he was also infected, his face was hot.

After a brief period of frustration, his extremely limited understanding of the world made Fu Yuanzhou realize that the smell of red wine in the air is probably not wine, but the pheromone of Xie Lin. Xie Lin is probably an Alpha, and he was being affected by the pheromones of Xie Lin. 

Fu Yuanzhou subconsciously covered his mouth and nose, but he realized in a panic that it could not be blocked in this way. The Alpha pheromones still came in along his fingers, attracting him and to his shock, he involuntarily yearned for more touches from Xie Lin.

This feeling was really bad. Fu Yuanzhou finally realized why Xie Lin told him not to come over these few days in their chats, but it was too late, and now he was even being held in Xie Lin’s arms.

Xie Lin’s eyes were very dark, and his fingertips were sliding down Fu Yuanzhou’s cheeks, rubbing his lips, and pressing against them lightly. He didn’t say anything, but his every move was silently ambiguous.

“You calm down, Xie Lin…”

With a cold sweat, Fu Yuanzhou tried hard to persuade Xie Lin to calm down, but unfortunately, things went against his wishes. Xie Lin remained indifferent, and the hand that held his waist never moved away.

If this continues, something will happen!

Fu Yuanzhou struggled hard. He had practice and his skills were very good. But now Xie Lin is the one who is holding him. Xie Lin looks cold, but he can’t beat him. He couldn’t beat Xie even when he was a child. Now, not to mention that the pheromone alone made him lose the strength to resist, and he was quickly restrained by Xie Lin.

Xie Lin pressed him against the door frame, and held his wrists with one hand, lifting his hands above his head, restrained all his movements, and spoke in a low voice.

“You knew I was in heat, but you didn’t take suppressive drugs or wear a suppression collar…”

He stretched out his hand to caress Fu Yuanzhou’s neck, and then went around the back of his neck, and gently pressed with his fingertips. The place he held was very special, a faint sweet peach scent radiated instantly and also made Fu Yuanzhou’s body tremble.

“Fu Yuanzhou.”

He called his name, with deep emotions in his eyes.

“That’s how you came to find me?”


Fu Yuanzhou regretted not wearing a collar when he came out just now, but he couldn’t explain to Xie Lin. What would he even say, that because he had just been born again and didn’t know enough about the current situation? How could Xie Lin believe it?

He was thinking about how to get rid of this status quo, but he was suddenly turned over by Xie Lin and forced to lie on the door frame. Before he could react, Xie Lin suddenly approached and pressed against his back, breathe spraying on him. On the back of his neck, Fu Yuanzhou felt a sharp pain——

“Xie Lin!! You beast!!!”


Xie Lin opened a well-packaged suppression needle and injected the medicine into his arm. The pheromone permeating the house quickly faded away. Also, all the windows in the house had been opened by Fu Yuanzhou, and the smell of red wine quickly disappeared. 

He threw the injection needle away, took out a tissue, and wiped the blood on the corners of his lips. His picturesque brows were cold, but he was a little more coquettish because of the blood. In a rare display, his usually neat clothes were made messy by Fu Yuanzhou.

After being bitten, Fu Yuanzhou became annoyed, and Xie Lin did not expect that his reaction would be so intense. He didn’t fight back or avoid it, so he was beaten firmly by Fu Yuanzhou.

“You are sick, you bit me…”

Fu Yuanzhou was clutching the back of his neck and gasped with pain. He felt a little blood on his hand just now. Xie Lin, this bastard, bit him so hard. Are you crazy? Why do you want to bite me? Can you eat me?

The excitement of seeing his friend again almost made up for Xie Lin’s bite. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t leave, nor was he cursing. He could only sit down and sulk, but he did not dare to sit beside Xie Lin. He moved a chair and sat by the door.

Of course, Fu Yuanzhou would not admit that he was frightened by Xie Lin. He was just a little afraid of the Alpha’s pheromone. Just now, he had personally felt the terrible influence of Alpha’s pheromone on an Omega.

Damn, why is Xie Lin an Alpha, and he turned out to be just an Omega, is there nothing wrong?

Fu Yuanzhou was secretly unbalanced, but when he saw Xie Lin suddenly walking towards him, he immediately looked like a cat with a stomped tail. He stood up and waved his hands to Xie Lin and said, “You can stand there and speak.”

Xie Lin stopped where he was, and looked straight at Fu Yuanzhou. He looked at Fu Yuanzhou, taking in his entire body. He took a step back and his voice lowered unconsciously, “You’re one to talk.”

“Isn’t it up to you?” Xie Lin asked rhetorically.

“What did I say?” Fu Yuanzhou was confused, “Just say it.”

Xie Lin responded and asked, “Are you agreeing to date me?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “You say it again, I didn’t hear clearly, what did you say I am agreeing to do with you?”

“Date me.” Xie Lin stood in front of him. He was a few centimeters taller than Fu Yuanzhou. At this moment, he had to drop his gaze slightly to look directly at Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes. “You took off the collar and came to me. Are you not suggesting that I mark you?”


Fu Yuanzhou was stunned.

He stared at Xie Lin in a daze, and Xie Lin also looked at him, both of them were silent.

A few seconds later, Fu Yuanzhou jumped far away, showing an expression of extreme horror, and cried out in disbelief: “Are you crazy? What nonsense are you talking about!”

“No?” Xie Lin asked.

“Nonsense.” Fu Yuanzhou’s face flushed, “How could I date you.”

“Why not?” Xie Lin asked again.

He asked very seriously, and Fu Yuanzhou found it incredible. The answer to this question couldn’t be more clear. Is it interesting to keep poking his bottom line?

But Xie Lin seemed to find it very interesting. He even grabbed Fu Yuanzhou by the wrist to prevent him from escaping, and asked in a deep voice, “Tell me.”

In desperation, Fu Yuanzhou had to answer: “You are a man, and I am also a man.”


“I’m not gay…” Fu Yuanzhou muttered.

He doesn’t discriminate against homosexuals, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be one himself. If the person is his good buddy, it will be even more horrifying. Even if he wants to compensate Xie Lin in his life, it does not mean that he has to dedicate himself to Xie Lin.

Xie Lin’s tone was calm: “Neither am I.”

“Then why ask me if I want to have a relationship?” Fu Yuanzhou stared at him.

“You are Omega, I am Alpha, it doesn’t count.” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou cursed secretly in his heart when he heard this. He forgot that the world has changed. Now there are six genders. It seems that male A and male O are not considered same-sex love…

Then he can’t refute Xie Lin! What’s this, take off your pants after becoming an Omega to give your brother a refreshing time? Die, if Xie Lin dared to try, he would really have broken up with him! 

Fu Yuanzhou replied decisively: “I won’t fall in love with Alpha, I will…I want to talk to female Omegas in the future.”

He has seen posts before, six genders, Omega is at the bottom of the food chain, and the only thing he can control is female O, maybe even female Betas.


Xie Lin’s gaze changed slightly, and he was silent for a few seconds before speaking.

“You just said you are not gay.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

Fart, when is the relationship between men and women also called homosexuality!

Fu Yuanzhou only thought it was ridiculous. He couldn’t tell Xie Lin clearly, so he could only wave his hand again and again.

“It’s my fault that I didn’t wear a collar, and you misunderstood it, but it’s impossible for the two of us. I’ve been brothers with you for so many years, it’s impossible to be interested in you.”

Xie Lin didn’t speak but stared at him silently. Fu Yuanzhou was inexplicably frustrated by him, and he quickly found an excuse to leave in a hurry. Xie Lin kept standing at the door looking at him without stopping him.

In the next few days, Fu Yuanzhou did not meet with Xie Lin again. He was embarrassed when he thought of what happened that day. Xie Lin had also visited his house to find him, but Fu Yuanzhou hid from him. He really couldn’t get along with Xie Lin or communicate face to face.

On the contrary, the two are still communicating on social media. Xie Lin apologized for his actions that day, and Fu Yuanzhou, who had been crazy about ABO knowledge these days, realized that Xie Lin wanted to bite the gland behind his neck that day and mark him. He was temporarily marked with Xie Lin’s pheromones, and this made him so angry. Fu Yuanzhou held the phone and cursed Xie Lin in his heart for half an hour.

But since Xie Lin apologized to him, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t say anything, because he had caused the problem that day.

Fu Yuanzhou learned, after supplementing his common sense, he had run to find Xie Lin who was in heat without wearing a collar that day. It was death-seeking behavior. This is Xie Lin. If he changed to an Alpha with weak self-control, something might have happened. A criminal case ending in either a rape case or a homicide case.

Even if the matter was revealed, the two of them didn’t mention it again. As the day when they would return for their second year of high school drew closer, Fu Yuanzhou dyed his hair back to black. He stayed with his parents at home and began to pick up textbooks to review his high school knowledge.

It has been several years since graduating from high school. Fu Yuanzhou has indeed forgotten about this knowledge, and he didn’t study very well in high school, so it would be more difficult to pick it up.

However, he is very confident in himself and is actually very smart. He was a top student until the third grade [of junior high]. After the high school entrance examination, he entered the city’s best high school Tiancheng No. 1 High School, and entered the experimental class. It was not until after high school that he stopped studying resulting in his grades being bad. 

Because of this foundation, even if he had forgotten a lot of knowledge, Fu Yuanzhou was able to make a review plan for himself, starting with the most basic.

That night, he was sitting at the table sorting out knowledge points, when the mobile phone beside him suddenly vibrated a few times. He picked it up and saw that Xie Lin sent him a voice message.

He clicked on the voice message, Xie Lin’s voice sounded, and said in the voice: “Yu Fei is coming back to China.”

Hearing the voice, Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Yes, he almost forgot, his former girlfriend Little Fei is about to return to China.


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