IJWLHGRAR Chapter 18.3

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“You little girl understands it quite well.” The landlady looked at Su Cheng awkwardly and continued: “Okay, 3000 a month. Let me tell you that you can’t find other renters with 2000 a month for rent, otherwise their houses have leaks, and the furniture is not as new as ours, 3000 is the minimum deal I can give you. You can’t find it anywhere as good as ours.”

Su Cheng did not immediately sign a contract with the landlady, after all, she needed to inform Gu Guofeng, who took her in first.

After dinner, Su Cheng took advantage of the fact Mr. and Mrs. Gu are present so she can talk to both of them.

“Are you saying your dad’s relatives, found you?” After hearing Su Cheng’s words, Gu Guofeng looked at Su Cheng suspiciously.

Su Rou’s fake identity information was the cause  of death of her ex-husband, but she didn’t mention any relatives on Su Cheng’s father’s side.

This so-called “relative” of Su Cheng was in fact, nonsense. If she was going to tell Gu Guofeng that she was planning to move out, the other party would definitely not agree, so Su Cheng invented the story about the father’s side that a cousin found her, and she was going to be living with them.

“You and your new relatives don’t know each other well. And it may cause inconvenience. Why don’t you live with your uncle and aunt for now?” Zhou Yan said, trying to persuade Su Cheng to stay with them.

If before, on her previous life, Mrs. Gu would definitely agree without even thinking about it, and she would also say: “Since she has a relative, then she must go and live with her relatives. Compared to living with us, she must be more used to living with her own relatives.”

Only in this life that Mrs. Gu gradually likes this quiet little girl. When Su Cheng said that she would move out, Mrs. Gu was a little reluctant and worried.

“I have been in trouble here for so long, so why should I be so embarrassed to trouble my uncle and aunt? My cousin and his family are very good people. Don’t worry about it uncle and aunt.” Su Cheng’s tone was soft, but insistent.

Gu Cheng, who was also sitting in the living room, lowered his head, his eyes were sinking slightly, and he didn’t know what to think about.

——Where did Su Cheng come from? This is clearly the reason she wants to leave here.

Did Su Cheng at this time also choose to leave Gu’s family with disappointment and despair just like in his previous life?

At this point, Gu Cheng felt dull in his heart, and the words to stop had already reached his lips, but Gu Cheng deeply endured it.

No matter, even though Su Cheng has only lived here for less than two months in this life, what this family brings to her are still those bad memories, and he is the initiator of all this.

If Su Cheng really doesn’t like this place, then leave and live in another place.

“Since it’s her cousin’s family, let her go.” When Gu Cheng said these words, his expression was calm, but his heart felt like a knife cut.

Gu Cheng’s words had some effect. In the end, Gu Guofeng and his wife nodded in agreement.

In the evening, when Su Cheng contacted the landlady again, she was told that the house has already fancy also served as a deposit.

Helpless, Su Cheng had to give up and look for other houses again.

It just doesn’t seem to be more suitable than the previous one.

Originally, Su Cheng was a little disappointed, but two days later, she received a call from the same landlady.

“The renter has a temporary job change and says he can’t rent it now. I thought about the number of people who came to see the house for so many days, and you were the most honest. So I called you again, girl, do you still want to rent this house??”

“Will still rent.”

“Haha, that’s great, let’s say that before I proposed 3000 a month, but if you can pay for the whole annual rent, I’ll give it to you a little cheaper, you see… How about 1200 a month?”

‘Is there such a good thing?’

Su Cheng wondered: She understood that the rent is cheaper throughout the year, but why is it too cheap?

In this regard, Su Cheng had some doubts instead.

“I will discuss it with my parents again.” Su Cheng rejected the other party.

One day later, the landlady called again. This time, the landlady’s tone on the phone was very sincere: “I’ll be honest with you, the one in my house, losed a thousand dollars after betting it outside,and now he owed a lot of money and we are now in debt. I couldn’t find a new place to live, so I ran to the old house to make trouble. Several tenants knew about this matter so they ran away. The neighbors who knew about this and were unwilling to rent out my house. The house was empty and I couldn’t hold back the loaners anymore.

I’m also afraid that those who ask for the debt will go in and steal things. Don’t be afraid. In fact, those shark loaners will at most only dare to make noise outside occasionally. After I called the police several times, they didn’t dare to come anymore.”

“Okay, I will rent it!”

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