IJWLHGRAR Chapter 19.1

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After signing the contract with the landlady, Su Cheng decided to leave Gu’s house.

Su Cheng packed up her luggage in the room. Except for what she originally brought, Su Cheng didn’t take anything else.

——When she first came, Su Cheng didn’t have much luggage, but when she left there were some additional baggages. These were all textbooks issued by the school and various versions of practice questions that Su Cheng later bought online. All in all there are two boxes.

Su Cheng went to say goodbye to Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu.

Looking at the quiet and well-behaved girl in front of her, Mrs. Gu felt a little bit reluctant and uneasy: “Su Cheng, are your cousins ​​here yet?”

“Not yet, but they have already rented out with acquaintances here in advance. When I get the house, I’ll go ahead in advance. My cousin will come in two days.”

“If it’s not convenient, just stay here for a few more days.”

“It’s okay.”

Seeing Su Cheng insisted, Gu Guofeng had no choice but to offer: “ Then let Driver Wang

escort you there.” 

“Thank you, Uncle Gu, no more.” Su Cheng, continued: “I have already called the car.”

“If you encounter any difficulties, please call me and tell it without embarassment.”

“Yeah” Su Cheng answered politely.

Su Cheng’s cell phone rang at this time.

“The car should be here, then I’ll leave first, goodbye, uncle and aunt.” Su Cheng took her baggages and went off.

At this moment, a figure came over from behind her and grabbed the pieces of luggage before her.

Seeing Gu Cheng in front of her, Su Cheng was speechless for a while: What is this guy doing? Is he going crazy again?

Even if Gu Cheng was eager to have her leave Gu’s house, but he doesn’t have to be so impatient, or does he want to throw her luggage out?

Su Cheng nervously followed Gu Cheng and stared at her suitcase.

Fortunately, Gu Cheng just took her luggage out and put it in the car, without making any surprises.

When Su Cheng didn’t pay attention, Gu Cheng handed the driver a tip: “She is a girl who can’t handle such heavy things. When she gets to her place, please volunteer to help her lift her luggage upstairs.”

‘Later, she will live alone. When you go out, remember to lock the door, remember to close it, eat obediently, don’t skip dinner, eat less sugar, snacks, ice watermelon and ice cream, don’t sleep too late at night, don’t play inside the quilt with your Cell phone, remember to wash your hair and blow dry them, don’t keep them wrapped in a hair-drying towel…’

Gu Cheng has countless things in his heart he wanted to tell Su Cheng as he watch the girl leave without looking back, Gu Cheng opened his mouth, but said nothing.

What qualifications does he have to control Su Cheng?

Soon, Su Cheng reached her destination.

After getting off the car, the taxi driver enthusiastically helped Su Cheng carry the luggage all the way to the door of her house, and left while repeatedly thank by Su Cheng.

Opening the door, Su Cheng smiled unconsciously looking at the strange house in front of her.

While leaving Gu’s house in her last life, Su Cheng had lived in a similar house, but she was at a loss and despair at that time.

This time, however, she wasn’t feeling desolate. Looking at her new nest, Su Cheng suddenly felt a new life.

Without a moment of rest, Su Cheng directly began to clean up the house.

Some garbage and unusable debris left by the tenants in the house were packed and thrown into the garbage bag by Su Cheng. After that, Su Cheng cleaned the house thoroughly.

After spending most of the day looking at the clean and tidy house, Su Cheng nodded to herself with satisfaction.

Only then she took out the luggage she had brought one by one.

While Su Cheng was packing her luggage, a card fell out of the luggage compartment. There was also a writing note on it with a string of numbers, which should be a password.

This was not her card. Could it be that Mr. Gu or Mrs. Gu put it in when she was not paying attention?

Su Cheng secretly guessed.

Squeezing the card in her hand, Su Cheng frowned slightly.

Before leaving, she put 5,000 yuan in the drawer of the room, which was regarded as her living expenses in Gu’s family during this period.

In this life, Su Cheng didn’t want to owe Gu’s family, let alone make Gu Cheng feel that she owed them their family.

Su Cheng is even more unlikely to accept this card.

——It seems that she can only wait until school. And when she saw Gu Cheng, she would trouble him to take this card back to Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu.

Thinking of seeing Gu Cheng again, Su Cheng sighed secretly, put the card in her school bag, and continued to pack the remaining luggage.

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      1. Although I don’t really like Gu Cheng/YeFan, I really hope he can protect Su Cheng n be nice to her in their 2nd life, but I still wish he is not the Male Lead!!

        1. Well, I can understand why you don’t like him, but I can kinda understand him too
          I mean, thinking about the situation, the one you love not only as a sister is the daughter of his fathers killer and it was thanks to her, that he let his guard down. At least that’s what he thought and now he is at least trying to right his wrongs, so …

      2. since we are reading fl’s pov we can’t really tell who is in the wrong here exactly as they both are victims to her mother’s plotting. I just hope they both attain happiness. If gu cheng really had to be the ml I’d rather he be as ye fan >∆<

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