IJWLHGRAR Chapter 19.2

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Originally, Su Cheng planned to take away the garbage she had just cleaned up, but as soon as she opened the door, she found that the largest bag of garbage she had temporarily placed at the door was already gone.

Su Cheng looked around in surprise, and thought: Maybe the neighbors around her took it away. Su Cheng didn’t care if they took it.

From the neighborhood, by walking 20 minutes straight up the road there was a supermarket.

This was an ordinary convenience supermarket, so Su Cheng was very surprised to meet Qi Yixuan here.

Qi Yixuan was the same as Gu Cheng, he was someone who can become the most dazzling among the crowd just by standing alone. It was difficult for Su Cheng to not notice the other person, not to mention that Qi Yixuan called her first.

“We have been only seatmates for a few days, but how come we always cross path to each other?” Qi Yixuan walked over and stopped in front of Su Cheng.

Su Cheng: “Coincidence?”

“Right, it’s a pure coincidence encounter, I just come over and say hello.” Qi Yixuan smiled at Su Cheng without embarrassment.

When he saw the goods in Su Cheng’s shopping cart, Qi Yixuan’s eyes darkened.

“You moved out from the Gu’s house ?”


Seeing Su Cheng admit it, Qi Yixuan still has a smile on his face, but a thought flashes through his eyes: Su Cheng’s move out of Gu’s house shouldn’t be in a day or two. Gu Cheng should be happy that he got rid of this enemy of his. But… Why does it feel like Gu Cheng has been gloomy and irritable in the past two days?

“Congratulations.” Qi Yixuan said with a chuckle.

Su Cheng gave the other party an unknowing look: “If you need to congratulate someone, you should do that to your good friend.”

Qi Yixuan: “It’s the same with you. Isn’t having a new house worthy of congratulations?”

Qi Yixuan did not leave immediately, and calmly just followed Su Cheng’s side.

Occasionally when Su Cheng wanted to take something from a high place, Qi Yixuan would help her take it down, and Su Cheng didn’t mind it at all.

Su Cheng stopped until he got out of the supermarket and got outside of the residential area where she was renting.

“I’m here, thank you.”

Looking at the densely packed old residential buildings in front of him, Qi Yixuan raised his eyebrows, realizing that Su Cheng didn’t want to let him know where she lived.

Qi Yixuan: “I have gone all the way, why don’t you let me show good friendship hospitality by accompanying you to your house?”

At this moment, Qi Yixuan seems to have forgotten the warning that his friend told him to “draw a clear line” with Su Cheng that day.

Su Cheng: “There is no need.”

“Okay,” Qi Yixuan smiled, and said: “I went to the supermarket with you again and helped you get things. Aren’t you going to invite me to visit your house in order to drink a glass of water? “

Su Cheng:” …… “

Did I ask you to help me? The so called went with me in the supermarket was just a coincidence. It is a coincidence that we saw each other, OKAY?!!

Seeing Su Cheng gritting her teeth and glaring at him, Qi Yixuan thought how funny it was to tease Su Cheng. She seemed to be a fierce rabbit that tried hard to show her anger but in the end she still looked cute.

 “But I still need to thank you for today.” Su Cheng digs out a popsicle from the bag and throws it to Qi Yixuan.

Looking at Su Cheng’s back leaving, and then looking at the popsicle in his hand, he saw that they were the one, buy one get one free popsicles near the expiry date. Seeing this Qi Yixuan’s mouth twitched: Him, the dignified young master of the Qi family, labor is worth 1 yuan, no, 40 cents?!

What brand of popsicle is this? I’ve never heard of it. Qi Yixuan complained, unpacked the outer packaging and started eating the popsicle.

——It’s delicious. When I go back, I will ask Auntie to get the manufacturer name, and buy some to eat at home.

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