IJWLHGRAR Chapter 20.1

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Su Cheng was inexplicably scolded by [Universe King] brother, and the audience which were from Su Chen’s broadcast looked bewildered.

[Fuck, this person is cursing Big Oranges?] [I’m afraid this person is not an expert, he said that Big Orange can’t play! He must be blind!] [Hahaha, Big Orange can’t play, this is the best joke I’ve ever heard and he just gave me a good laugh.] [This Golden Game really has many gods and people!] [Obviously this Newbie can’t play with himself, and he doesn’t grow up well, so he can’t help but say that the big orange is holding him back.] [Laughing hard when this big brother died] [I have encountered this kind of fraud before, and I was so foolish and self-righteous that I was mad at my ancestor.] [The most funny thing is that this Big Newbie doesn’t even know the name of Big Orange’s game!]

Anyway, Su Cheng is now a well-known little anchor.

[Haha, that is, you can’t do big oranges, the reputation is not loud enough, these scams don’t know you.] [There are scams everywhere, so you don’t think about playing two more rounds a day for Big Orange.]

Every day, there will always be fans who fudge Su Cheng to play a few more games for various reasons.

Su Cheng: “Don’t have time for it.” She still has to study.

Su Cheng’s words may be lost if you say this casually, but Su Cheng’s voice is so good, and everyone recognizes such “cold and ruthless” words-the anchor she developed from a little bit of bronze, she will be willful.

Someone also comforted Su Cheng:

[Big Orange don’t be angry, we don’t need to step this low for this Newbie.] [That is, this Newbie’s point of view is not important. ]

Su Cheng: “Well, I’m not angry.”

If this guy was not from their team, she would have abused him long ago!

[Universe King] Still continuing to scold Su Cheng, watching someone scold Su Cheng, the jungler who had just been cut off over there simply joined the scolding army.

After 3 minutes, a capitalized “failure” appeared on the screen.

#New popular anchor Big orange, on the game live broadcast she was scolded?

#Big orange live broadcast first defeat!

      Announcement: The novel IJWLHGRAR is finished. Next book to finish is My Fake Brother is in-love with me again, I think It will be able to finish it by June. As for Shrank to a 3-years-old child, will try to finish it by the end of the year this is pretty much long.

      Next novel is Running Away with the sick Villain and Sweet Daily life with my Fool and Rich Husband

      PS. The last 5 chapters will only be available in mana and it all will be available for free soon.

      It was a great journey in translating this novel on the past three months.


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