IJWLHGRAR Chapter 20.2

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Sun Xiaosheng was taken aback when he saw this hashtags trending, and thought: Orange usually performs well. Why did she lose the game?

As a result, after watching Su Cheng’s live broadcast of the game just now, Sun Xiaosheng was almost furious: What’s with Big Orange didn’t play well, it was obviously a pit!

When Sun Xiaosheng sent his comforting words, Su Cheng was about to end today’s live broadcast.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: I heard that you met a scum today?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Don’t take such wicked words into your heart.

[Big Orange]: Well, I know and don’t care.

Moreover, Su Cheng can be regarded as “a blessing in disguise”-because of the hot search article of the headline party, a bunch of melon passers who watched the excitement were attracted, and several anchors specially brought their own fans to watch the scenes. The number of viewers in Su Cheng’s live studio skyrocketed.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: No, no, I care too much. If we don’t abuse that scum person I will not be able to sleep, let’s go settle it now! Let us be on the same team and show to that scum know why the flowers are so popular!

Sun Xiaosheng sent a game invitation to Su Cheng.

[Big Orange]: No, I’m up today, I have to study.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Don’t you usually broadcast live until 9:30, there are still 20 minutes, enough to stop the abuse of that person, if you have time, two games are fine.

[Big Orange]: Today I have to spare 20 minutes in order to memorize the manuscript.

In the school’s flag-giving ceremony, although the literary and artistic committee said something casually, it was her first time to participate in this kind of activity. Su Cheng still wrote a short 200-word speech, which she had to memorized. 20 minutes are enough to memorize tham.

After Su Cheng sent this message, she saw six dots from Sun Xiaosheng and a series of emoticons of [Time Management Master] and [Learning Time Management with XX] in the dialog box.

Sun Xiaosheng was completely speechless to Su Cheng: Among the people he met, Su Cheng was definitely the one with the strongest sense of time.

Are you sure this girl is really a student? Or is it that the quality of the current students is so high and the consciousness is so strong? If everyone is like this, can everyone go to Qingbei?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Okay, you go, I will use a trumpet tonight, if I encounter that evil scum, I will abuse him until he doubts life.

At the same time, Sun Xiaosheng’s target [Universe King] is now holding his mobile phone and he seemed very upset: he could have gone platinum after today, but he just lost.

[Universe King] sent the screenshot to the circle of friends. He felt that it was not enough and so he went to the school forum and opened a post: [Not afraid of opponents like gods, but teammates like dead pigs! Today, Xiaoye, I was miserable!]

By coincidence, the forum posted by [Universe King] is the forum of Shangming Middle School.

Recently, almost everyone in the school is playing this game. Therefore, as soon as the [Universe King] post came out, it immediately attracted blockbuster viewers.

Unfortunately, Su Cheng, who was busy memorizing the manuscript, had no idea about it.

Su Cheng’s endorsement ability seems to have been improved a lot because of reciting Chinese texts. After only reading the manuscript twice, Su Cheng can completely summarize the manuscript. Seeing that there was still time, Su Cheng simply ran to the bathroom again in front of the mirror and practiced it a few times by herself to see how her facial expression was as she talked.

For the remaining two hours, Su Cheng allocated all the time remaining to study.

To study, Su Cheng still adopts the principle of learning from the front to the back.

The textbook knowledge of the biology class was not difficult to understand. Read the content of the book twice, memorize the important knowledge points, and do two sets of basic questions. Basically, Su Cheng has mastered the content of this chapter.

In addition, Su Cheng also bought a few sets of test questions on the Internet. It was a bit difficult to do at first, but when Su Cheng brushed a few sets of questions with similar knowledge points, it seemed that her mind suddenly opened up. The content of knowledge has become extremely clear.

Seeing the last set of test papers where she scored 96 points, Su Cheng felt excited—she would definitely go to the biology competition!

Su Cheng fell asleep peacefully, no strangers to the lonely environment, no Gu Cheng, without those assorted troubles, Su Cheng finally had the chance to sleep soundly.

But she didn’t know that on the same night, after Gu Cheng returned to Gu’s house with exhaustion, he stood on the balcony between the two rooms for the whole night…

      Announcement: The novel IJWLHGRAR is finished. Next book to finish is My Fake Brother is in-love with me again, I think It will be able to finish it by June. As for Shrank to a 3-years-old child, will try to finish it by the end of the year this is pretty much long.

      Next novel is Running Away with the sick Villain and Sweet Daily life with my Fool and Rich Husband

      PS. The last 5 chapters will only be available in mana and it all will be available for free soon.

      It was a great journey in translating this novel on the past three months.


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