IJWLHGRAR Chapter 20.3

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On Monday, classes will be held in the morning, and in the afternoon will be the flag-giving ceremony of Shangming Middle School.

The monitor, art committee, and Huang Yuqi surrounded Su Cheng.

Huang Yuqi: “Xiao Chengcheng, you must show off in front of the crowd today, haha.”

Art committee: “I think so too. By the way, Su Cheng, are you nervous?”

Su Cheng said truthfully: “A little bit.”

After all It was her first time to participate in such an event, so Su Cheng so naturally Su Cheng felt a little bit nervous.

“Haha, don’t be too nervous, you just think about ‘I am the most beautiful’ when you come up to the stage.”

“Yes, Su Cheng, after you get on stage for a while, just be confident as you walk.” 

People from all classes are now inside the auditorium seated.

The awards began from the first grade. When the host on the stage said: “Please come to the stage in order to accept the awards”, Su Cheng on the side of the stage couldn’t help but feel nervous.

The sudden cheers from the audience pulled Su Cheng’s consciousness back, and she only noticed now that the person standing at the front of the line was Gu Cheng.

The sensation just now was caused by Gu Cheng coming to the auditorium.

After Gu Cheng, the representatives of each class walked on the stage in a row, and Su Cheng walked among the queue in a low-key manner, neither obtrusive nor prominent.

However, some people still noticed Su Cheng.

“Hey, who is the fourth girl from the right? I don’t think I have ever seen her.” 

“From my count, she should be from class 17.”

“Is she a student of their class?”

“I haven’t seen her before, Is she a new transfer?”

“She seems a bit beautiful.”

Although the lights on the stage were not very bright at the moment, looking at the outline of Su Cheng, they can definitely gauge that she was pretty.

……The awards officially started.

As the representative of the key A class, Gu Cheng was the first to speak. When Gu Cheng got the microphone, there was another sensation among the audience.

Gu Cheng’s speech was very brief.

During this process, Su Cheng kept her head buried and memorized her manuscript silently. As for what Gu Cheng said, she didn’t pay attention at all.

It wasn’t until the second wave of applause sounded from the audience that someone chanted “School Flower” and “Goddess” before Su Cheng glanced to the right.

Standing next to Gu Cheng was Li Yanran, speaking as a representative of the key B class.

Li Yanran wore a very solemn dark green jacket. In Huang Yuqi’s words, it was high-end and expensive.

Li Yanran’s speech ended with cheers from the audience.

Each class gave one to two minutes of speech, and soon it was Su Cheng’s turn.

When the spotlight fell, everything around her plunged into darkness.

Not being able to see her surroundings, Su Cheng was not so nervous anymore.

At this moment, the audience sitting in the front row area suddenly whispered to each other, “She’s beautiful”, and the scene immediately became lively.

The girl on the stage was wearing a light blue shirt dress, simple but not losing the demeanor of a student, with black hair combed in the back of her head…

These were not important, what is important is her appearance!

Su Cheng’s facial features weren’t those captivating type of beauty but that kind of bright and delicate beauty.

“Is she a new transfer?”

“It must be, otherwise why wouldn’t I know about this beauty.”

“I heard from the others that she is from Class 17 that it seems to have just moved from the key class .” 

“Everyone knows that the last one in the key class, let alone other classes, is at least a top student. She must be intelligent.”

“I like her face!”

“Me too.”

“Her voice is also nice.”

“5 minutes more and I also want to know the name of this classmate!”

Su Cheng couldn’t hear the discussion among the audience, she seemed to have her head completely surrounded by her own voice and speech.

Until the end of the speech, Su Cheng still felt her scalp tingling so much that Su Cheng didn’t listen to even a word from the speeches of the next few classes.

Until the end of this round of awards for the senior year, Su Cheng was still a little confused as she followed the group of people to step down.

At this time, the lights on the stage have dimmed again.

“Be careful, slow down.” This sudden voice drew Su Cheng’s attention back.

Su Cheng saw that Gu Cheng was standing under the stairs of the stage at the moment, and stretched out his hand in her direction, in a posture to lead her down.

Su Cheng didn’t think that Gu Cheng would have such kindness at all.

——Is it because the surroundings are too dark and I got the wrong person? Or does this man have any conspiracy and tricks to make herself arouse public outrage in school?

Su Cheng shuddered, dodged a half step to the side, ignoring Gu Cheng.

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