IJWLHGRAR Chapter 21.1

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Su Cheng did not become the hot topic of the school because of Gu Cheng, but due to a few photos snapped during the ceremony.

In the campus forum of Shangming Middle School, almost half of the posts were about Su Cheng.

“This class flower from the Class 17 is my ideal girl, haha!”

“Me too.”

“I have decided, she will be my goddess in the future.”

There was even a post putting Su Cheng against Li Yanran in the forum. After making a comparison, the photos of the two during the award ceremony were posted side by side.

“It feels like Li Yanran looks better, a high-end atmosphere definitely needs high-end person.”

“Don’t you think Li Yanran is a bit too grand, I think Su Cheng’s dress is better than that.”

“Yes, I think so too. And as far as the appearance is concerned, to be honest, I think Su Cheng is better compared to her.”

“Li Yanran’s status as the school grass student is threatened, haha.”

This time, at the Li family.

Li Yanran looked at the posts of the people in the forum with an ugly expressions, and her distorted and angry expression was like she wanted to smash Su Cheng.

The reason why Li Yanran was angry, was not because of the written post on the forum that her status as the no.1 schoolgirl was shaken by the appearance of Su Cheng.

What really angered Li Yanran was Gu Cheng’s attitude towards Su Cheng: Maybe others didn’t see it yesterday, but Li Yanran, who was standing next to Gu Cheng, saw it. From coming to the stage yesterday, Gu Cheng only has Su Cheng in his eyes. Seeing that Su Cheng had successfully finished her speech, Gu Cheng’s mouth had a rare smile. That smile stung Li Yanran’s eyes and plunged her into crazy jealousy.

What was even more hateful was that when he stepped down, Gu Cheng actually stretched out his hand to Su Cheng.

Others might think that the light was too dark at the time so Gu Cheng must have helped the wrong person, but Li Yanran knows the truth. The tension and concern in Gu Cheng’s eyes when he looked at Su Cheng couldn’t deceive anyone.

-Why? Why can Su Cheng live in Gu’s house? Why can she get Gu Cheng’s attention? Obviously this person, regardless of her family background, is not as good as herself, and even before, she was still an ugly girl with scars all over her face.

Li Yanran held the phone tightly, as her eyes showed fierceness.


The hot discussion on the school forum did not impact Su Cheng’s daily life the slightest.

However, at this moment, the appearance of an unexpected post caused the forum to explode in an instant: [The first love goddess you didn’t know how messy her actual private life is!]

“Goddess of love”, which was the title decided by the forum users to Su Cheng, so seeing it on the title most of the people naturally knew who the original poster was referring to.

There weren’t many details presented in the post, only a video was put in the beginning. Although due to the light problem of the video, they couldn’t see the appearance of the person on the frame, but from the outline of the facial features, it can be seen that the girl in the video is very similar to Su Cheng, and there seems to be someone around her calling out Su Cheng’s name.

In the video, Su Cheng was squatting on the ground while picking up things scattered all over the ground. This was not really a problem. But if there were sharp-eyed people, they would quickly find that something was wrong. Many of the things that Su Cheng picked up were clearly for boys.

Originally, this can be explained. But because people loved drama, the people who posted the posts intentionally or unintentionally guided everyone to think about a not so good situation.

For a while, this post became lively.

“Fck, is this true? According to the OP, Su Cheng is cohabiting with a guy?”

“My goddess, I can’t believe this is true.”

“The video is already there. This already presented the truth, so why can’t you believe it?” 

“Then the question is, what Su Cheng picks up in the video are daily necessities. Under what circumstances would a girl buy daily necessities for a boy?”

“Fck, is it? Who does Su Cheng live with?”

“God! Isn’t she just a highschool student?”

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