IJWLHGRAR chapter 21.3

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At this moment, the biology class representative suddenly came to Su Cheng and said that the biology teacher had asked her to come over, knowing that she was being called out, Su Cheng showed a rather calm expression.

“Come on.” Looking at the student in front of her, the biology teacher nodded secretly.

This student’s foundation was weak, and it is a fact that last month’s monthly exam results were poor, but she also saw Su Cheng’s efforts and progress during this period.

Su Cheng listened carefully in class and took notes carefully. After several quizzes, Su Cheng did better.

No teacher would dislike a hardworking student. In Su Cheng, the biology teacher really saw the hope of going from a poor student to an excellent student.

“Teacher, do you have anything to do with me?” Su Cheng asked.

“It’s nothing, I asked you to come here today just to ask how you want to learn the subject of biology?” Biology teacher Wu asked, looking at confused Su Cheng, she continued: “Let’s put it this way, you study biology in order to deal with the exam, get a high score, or for something else?”

Hearing this, Su Cheng shook her head and said: “Not just for the exam, I want to study biology.”

For other subjects, Su Cheng did study for exams, but biology was different. This was the only course she wanted to study seriously.

Seeing the look in Su Cheng’s eyes, the biology teacher was secretly satisfied.

Hearing that some students are willing to study this subject hard, the biology teacher is of course happy.

The biology teacher looked at Su Cheng kindly with a smile, and asked, “Can you tell me the reason?”

“I want to take the medicine major in the future. Biology is the most important subject of admission for many of such schools.”

Su Cheng’s reason was specific, and the biology teacher who listened to him was stunned for a moment-she thought this student would say “I like biology”, “My idol is a biologist”, “My idol used to be “Representative of biology class, biology is super good”, but she didn’t expect Su Cheng’s reasons to be so real and reliable.

“Do you want to be a nurse?”

“No, I want to be a doctor, a neurological researcher.” After a pause, Su Cheng asked again: “The biology class should also be helpful for my future medical research.”

“Of course it helps!” The teacher said proudly, then looked at Su Cheng and said: “You study hard, biological science is definitely a very good branch of science!”

Although the biology teacher’s words contained suspicious words like Wang Po selling melons, still Su Cheng nodded seriously while listening.

At this time, the biology teacher asked again: “Want to participate in a biology competition?”

Su Cheng was taken aback: Of course!


“Teacher, let’s follow the previous agreement. If my next monthly test score goes up, please give me a chance to compete this time, teacher.” Su Chengchao said with a smile.

After Su Cheng was reborn,she dedicated most of her time to studies, she was not that kind of blindly radical person.

Su Cheng is also not sure whether her current level has reached the level of the competition, so before she is sure that she has the strength to fight for the competition, Su Cheng will not waste that 100 yuan registration fee.

Hearing that, the teacher also smiled: “Let’s do it, then let’s follow our previous agreement.” 

After that, the biology teacher handed over another exercise book to Su Cheng: “I see that you like doing exercises. You can take this set of exercises back and try it. It is definitely a high-quality problem exercise book. It should be very helpful for your improvement. “

Su Cheng was excited in the exercise book in the hands of the biology teacher, and she was full of expectations for the legendary “exquisite exercise book”.

In another scene.

“Did you call me out for what happened on the school forum?”

Before Qi Yixuan finished speaking Gu Cheng came forward and punched him without any explanation.


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