IJWLHGRAR Chapter 22.1

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Even though Qi Yixuan was not mentally prepared for this sudden punch from his friend, he was not surprised.

Gu Cheng doesn’t like Su Cheng, but he spoke up for Su Cheng in this way under such circumstances. It is normal for Gu Cheng to be upset.

Qi Yixuan stood up from the ground and rubbed his aching cheek indifferently, but when he looked at Gu Cheng, his expression became serious.

“I like her.” Qi Yixuan said suddenly, his tone was not joking at all.

Qi Yixuan didn’t know when he started to like Su Cheng, he didn’t even realize the time where the quiet girl slowly walked into his heart, but when he saw Su Cheng in such a difficult situation, he unconsciously wanted to protect her.

As for the “interesting” and “curious” he mentioned before, it seems that Qi Yixuan is just a kind of self-deception.

“You don’t like Su Cheng. I don’t want to ask about your reasons, and I do not need to know it, but I hope that even if you don’t like her, you don’t have to hurt her… If so I will protect her.” Qi Yixuan said with a serious tone with a hint of warning towards Gu Cheng.

Qi Yixuan hoped that because of his confession, Gu Cheng would stop targeting Su Cheng, but Qi Yixuan didn’t know that it was his words that completely aroused the anger within Gu Cheng’s heart.

Gu Cheng grabbed Qi Yixuan’s collar with his eyes shuddering with coldness.

“Are you looking for death?” 

“I’m serious.” Qi Yixuan said without fear.

Looking at Qi Yixuan coldly for a few seconds, Gu Cheng’s emotions calmed down, but his eyes were harsher than ever: “Don’t hurt her? Don’t you know that the stupid things you did today are the most harmful to her? Do you know How much trouble you have caused her!” 

It was not that he didn’t understand this in his previous life, he knows it very well because he did it intentionally.

Thinking of the harm he had done to Su Cheng, Gu Cheng felt a terrible pain deep in his heart making him unable to breath properly.

“Put away your so-called feelings, and don’t do anything stupid, don’t bother Su Cheng, she doesn’t need your protection.” Gu Cheng dropped his warning, turned around and left.

Left standing, Qi Yixuan recalled the harsh look on Gu Cheng’s face just now while looking at the depressing back of his friend

Soon, a clarification post from Gu Cheng appeared on the school’s website. Compared with Qi Yixuan’s declaration as if he was a sovereign, this post appears sincere.

Gu Cheng’s post didn’t have the slightest personal emotional factor. It was completely like an informed bystander telling what he knew.

HIs post said: Su Cheng’s father and my father are comrades-in-arms. After her father died on duty, Su Cheng stayed in my house for a while, and then lived with relatives. Those things in the video are what Su Cheng bought for her family.

As for Qi Yixuan’s remarks, it was entirely based on the purpose of helping his seatmate, but the method he used was not appropriate.

In addition, Gu Cheng attached another two videos in the post: one was a video from the previous video of Su Cheng picking up things, and the other was a surveillance video which showed that Qi Yixuan and Su Cheng encountered each other by chance.

Gu Cheng’s words still hold a very important place in school, among the students. Since Gu Cheng has said so, it must be true.

Besides, there are those videos there as evidences.

After watching those two videos, everyone naturally changed their perspective towards Su Cheng: In the first video, Su Cheng was showing how to be a filial daughter. She bought something and prepared to go home, but when she met a classmate who was drunk, the things fell one after another. What was wrong with buying something for her own family.

As for the second video, it turned out that it was not the two people in the photo who went to the supermarket together, but they encountered each other pure coincidentally.

Moreover, Su Cheng turned out to be a pitiful child, and this identity immediately made every student have respect for her.

[Su Cheng’s father died. Su Cheng is already sad enough. Can you stop spreading false rumors?] [I also bought things for my father and brother in the supermarket, what’s wrong with this?] [That’s it. It was the misleading written caption on the post.] [Su Cheng is usually very low-key, so I didn’t know her situation very clearly.]

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