IJWLHGRAR Chapter 22.2

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[So, Qi Yixuan and Su Cheng are not actually dating?] [Didn’t Gu Cheng say that? Before, Su Cheng was the seatmate of Qi Yixuan when she was still in Class A, the relationship between the two should be pretty good, so it’s normal to think so.] [It’s quite normal, it’s also Qi Yixuan’s method, haha, it’s a bit naive. The next time she encounters this kind of rumor, Qi Yixuan will also use this method to stop the bad rumors immediately.]

After a while, the rumor Qi Yixuan build up gradually died down together with the surrounding rumors around Su Cheng.

Although Su Cheng didn’t care about those rumors, she still knew what Gu Cheng had posted to help her clear her name.

——Gu Cheng should wish that she would become more miserable, the worse the rumor the more he is satisfied. It is such a miracle that he actually stepped out to help her out. Or is it because she took the initiative to move out of the Gu’s house, which made Gu Cheng quite satisfied, so he finally got a sense of justice and did her a good thing as compensation?

Su Cheng didn’t think much about it, and started today’s live broadcast as usual.

After ending today’s live broadcast, Su Cheng unexpectedly discovered that an advertiser had come knocking at her door.

Su Cheng had no experience in this area, and didn’t know whether the advertiser was actual and not a scam, so she went to ask Sun Xiaosheng.

After listening to Su Cheng, Sun Xiaosheng behaved very calmly.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Haha, the money has been delivered to your pocket, but you care about whether it was true or not.

[Big Orange]:…

Sun Xiaosheng, is it really good for you to say that?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Well, the kind of advertisers and sponsors that come to your door, as long as they don’t let you pay some deposit, these things will not be a lie.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Anyway, you are also a well-known small anchor with tens of thousands of fans. Isn’t it normal for advertisers and sponsors to come to your door? Be more confident with your self.

In recent days, Su Cheng’s live broadcast room has been on fire again.

Regarding this matter, we have to start with the [universe king] from that day.

——[Universe King] was also a student, and it happened that the other party was also from Shang Ming Middle School. That day, [Universe King] lost the game and felt uncomfortable, so he went to the school forum to complain.

At first, everyone’s reply was “sympathize with you”, but soon someone recognized Su Cheng’s name in the game.

Isn’t “Cheng Cheng Cheng” the name of the popular game anchor [Big Orange]?

[Are you afraid you don’t know who you played a game with? 】

[I watched the game video you mentioned, oh, it’s obviously your fault, but you actually dared to say it was Big orange’s.] [Hahaha, he is so ridiculous that he can’t even understand the boss’s gameplay, so he dared to point at the boss and curse. 】

[Don’t say anything else, this anchor is really good.] [Obviously you were the one who played poorly, but you dare to say that you were wronged.] [Big Orange already expected to be stunned so she died.] [Seeking for knowledge, who is big orange?] [A game anchor that is very popular recently and she plays really well.]

      Announcement: The novel IJWLHGRAR is finished. Next book to finish is My Fake Brother is in-love with me again, I think It will be able to finish it by June. As for Shrank to a 3-years-old child, will try to finish it by the end of the year this is pretty much long.

      Next novel is Running Away with the sick Villain and Sweet Daily life with my Fool and Rich Husband

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      It was a great journey in translating this novel on the past three months.


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