IJWLHGRAR Chapter 22.3

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This incident was used as a joke by everyone, and it was spread in the forums of various schools, and Su Cheng also gained a new large wave of fans.

Among Su Cheng’s current 200,000 fans, tens of thousands came from this situation.

And because of this incident, the name of [Big Orange] was a hot topic in Shangming Middle School.

If it hadn’t been for the game that really stunned Su Cheng, she really wanted to go to Class 16 next door to make a “good guy and good deed” banner to the [Universe King] classmate.

Back to the present.

[Big Orange]: So I can accept it?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Accept, why don’t you accept?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: But before signing the contract, you still need to show it to me. I will check it for you and save you from being fooled.

[Big Orange]: Good.

[Big Orange]: But isn’t it good if I receive many advertising offers?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Don’t worry, if you are a serious advertiser, you will definitely choose relevant categories from cooperation that sought out for anchors. For example, most of those who will come to you are from: Game equipment stores, electronic digital brands and the like. There are also some advertisers that will ask you to insert an ad in between your live, which will not have any effect, and generally will not arouse fans’ disgust.

Sun Xiaosheng’s words gave Su Cheng some hints.

[Big Orange]: Does advertisement from equipment stores generate money as well as from those electronic one?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Of course it makes money if things go well.

[Big Orange]: So can I open a shop too? Or make my own brand? I will use my broadcast to advertise myself.

Those advertisers can spend tens of thousands of dollars in advertising fees. If it weren’t for the high economic benefits brought by advertising, it would be impossible for them to be so generous?

Su Cheng’s thought surprised Sun Xiaosheng very much, and she couldn’t think of a little girl still having this thought.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Not bad! Very ambitious!

[Big Orange]: Is it feasible?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Of course it works!

Most of the anchors only thought of driving their traffic, gain popularity so they can catch big sponsors.

But Su Cheng’s idea was to build her own brand and sponsor herself.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: But first of all, you have to have the capital to open a store, and it is best to launch it when you have a larger fan base. Of course, if you really want to open a store, you can also ask me to advertise for you. I will give you a friendly price.

[Big Orange]:I will think about it.

As Sun Xiaosheng said, opening a store or even creating a brand requires capital. Su Cheng does not have this yet, but she has gradually got a blueprint in her mind.

Putting away the floating thoughts in her head, Su Cheng settled down and began to answer today’s homework.

After a period of early learning of the knowledge points, although Su Cheng’s speed has not fully kept up with the school’s teaching progress, after she has accumulated a certain amount of basic knowledge, she can already keep up with the progress of her peers unlike when she couldn’t understand anything the teacher have said from the pondemonium.

Su Cheng took out the textbook, reviewed the chapters learned in class today, and then started to study the questions.

What Su Cheng did today was the set of test papers that the biology teacher gave her.

She has to say that this set of test papers is indeed very precise: different from the school’s single knowledge point test questions, each question on this set of test papers covers a lot of knowledge points.

Although it is a bit difficult to do, it is indeed very high quality.



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