IJWLHGRAR Chapter 23.1

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Soon it was the second monthly exam.

This was different from the situation where she just held the test papers and stared at it during the first monthly test, basically back then she didn’t know how to do all the questions, and was completely unable to start it. This time, however, Su Cheng can finally answer most of the questions with ease.

Huang Yuqi’s ranking is not much higher than that of Su Cheng, so their examination rooms are very close.

As soon as Su Cheng came out of the examination room, she saw her seatmate looking nervously at her: “Xiao Chengcheng, don’t you think the questions of this exam are so difficult?” 

“I think they are okay.” Su Cheng thought about it. She went smoothly throughout the exam, as if she did not encounter particularly difficult questions.

“So you should have done well this time?” Huang Yuqi looked at Su Cheng with bright eyes.

Su Cheng smiled: “I think I answered pretty well.”

-A week later, the monthly test results were posted.

Looking at her own score and ranking, Su Cheng’s face raised a smile: Obviously, her efforts were rewarded.

This time, Su Cheng’s mathematics scores have improved a lot. What you Su Cheng did not expect is that she actually scored 137 points in the test. In addition to math, Su Cheng’s Chinese and English tests are also good, with 110 points in both subjects.

The most shocking thing is that Su Cheng’s biology test actually scored 98 points. This time the biology question was not simple. Su Cheng’s 98 points may be ranked among the top of the school.

It’s just that Su Cheng’s scores in physics and chemistry don’t look so good this time: Physics 68, which is barely a pass, as for chemistry, 57 points still failed.

These two subjects have dragged down Su Cheng for a lot of points, but Su Cheng’s overall ranking in the school is higher than last time.

From below 800 students to the top 447 students this time, the top 45% of the school, Su Cheng, suddenly improved by more than 400 ranks. Although there was still a lot of room for improvement, it is surprising enough to improve so much at once.

“Xiao Chengcheng, aren’t you too good? Tell me how you did it?” Huang Yuqi beside her excitedly pulled Su Cheng and said.

From the last monthly exam to this one, only one month later, Su Cheng surpassed nearly half of the students in the school, right?

This time her seatmate’s progress was not small. Compared with the previous monthly exam, it just advanced by more than 90. Comparing it to Su Cheng’s progress, she feels that there is nothing to be surprised about.

“Just study very hard.” Su Cheng smiled lightly, but still said seriously.

“Woo, but your leap is too big,” Huang Yuqi said, looking at Su Cheng with envy, she paused for a while, as if she had made some decision on the spot, and said: “I have decided, I will also work hard! “

Su Cheng’s progress this time made many people shocked, but it seems to have provoked a large wave of jealousy: She was just among the top  80% but in just one month she improved so much, isn’t this too suspicious?

Although she was not considered a genius, the image of Su Cheng working hard around the school is pretty known. But some jealous people just couldn’t bear with people doing better than them.

However, at this moment, this post in the forum suddenly spread among students.

Unlike the previous rumors, this time the post directly has the name and specifically targeted Su Cheng: [What effort? But it’s all a lie. Su Cheng cheated, these are the pictures and the truth! ]

On the post, there was Su Cheng’s paper beside another person’s paper. 

It was also a coincidence that the score of this test paper was exactly the same as that of Su Cheng, and this person happened to be sitting in front of Su Cheng during the test.

If it is in the top 100 exam halls for the top 100 students, everyone would be surprised if both of them scored 98 points. But if it was the scumbag, it would be surprising that she can actually can get a high score in the exam. Actually, both of them can get so high. The partial score is still the same, which was very suspicious.

In addition to this test paper, a screenshot of the chat log is attached to the post. This is a conversation between a classmate sitting in front of Su Cheng and another person during the test.

[Zhou Fang: During the exam, I felt that the girl behind had been peeking at my test paper. ] [God! No way! She is cheating. ] [Suha: That is it, this time I felt that the biological examination was difficult, do not let your hard work go in vain by letting her copy. Expose her!]


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