IJWLHGRAR Chapter 23.2

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This post quickly became another trending topic:

[Is this a mistake?] [That’s right, Su Cheng was indeed sitting behind Zhou Fang. Didn’t you see that their exam numbers are all one after the other?] [God! Su Cheng actually cheated! I’m so disappointed! ] [Oh yeah, before I just want to say, only a month’s time will be able to progress from more than 800 to more than 400, not to say impossible, but It’s a bit too exaggerated. ]

Someone also spoke for Su Cheng:

[The same score is copied? How come if everyone gets 100 points in the test, will everyone copy except one person? 】

[Is this the so-called evidence? Sorry, I don’t think it is very believable.] [And even if it is copied, who can prove who copied whom, Su Cheng must have copied Zhou Fang.]

Having said that, most people’s opinion this time is still [I believe the statement in the post even more.]

Even without the post. Su Cheng advance makes people feel weird. And actually Zhou Fang just missed a subject on her previous exam that’s why she ranked lower, but In biology alone her previous grades were much better than Su cheng’s.

Isn’t it obvious who copied whom? Also, this was the first time Zhou Fang said that someone copied her, and everyone was more willing to believe in Zhou Fang.

At this moment, a different voice suddenly appeared in the post.

[What are you trying to force? This broken post is completely false, sister, I am not blind, Su Cheng didn’t cheated, If I said wrong, I will poked my eyes.]

If it’s what others say, maybe no one will care.

But this sentence was said by An Yuqi.

Still, girls are always the one leading the school, they are usually careless and disdain to lie about such things.

And during the exam, An Yuqi and Su Cheng had the same examination room.

Afterwards, An Yuqi replied to several people’s comments:

[Why do you frame Su Cheng for cheating? Haha, I am afraid that some people only hate that their status as a schoolgirl was robbed by others, and they are unwilling to do this disgusting thing!]

The school recognized that there was only one school flower before this, and only that one had conflicts with An Yuqi. Although An Yuqi didn’t say this clearly, it naturally reffered to Li Yanran.

Now the supporters of the school grass came out.

[An Yuqi, are you sick? What’s up with dragging Li Yanran here? ] [That is, are you upset with Li Yanran, but can you not just splash dirty water on Li Yanran?]

Li Yanran has many supporters in school, but still many like An Yuqi’s straightforward character.

Soon the supporters of the girls directly slammed back.

[They say that Li Yanran is good, why I just don’t like her like that.] [I believe what my sister An said, maybe Li Yanran was jealous of Su Cheng and deliberately framed her for cheating.] [I don’t really like Li Yanran’s appearance. I feel like she was always pretending.]

…For a long time, the two fandoms in the forum were quarreling, and Su Cheng was the central character of the topic.

But Su Cheng was not idle at this time. She was too inferior in her previous life, and she might really choose to swallow her anger when facing this kind of situation, but Su Cheng in this life will not.

School teachers, in fact, some people suspected that Su Cheng cheated. Su Cheng simply found the school and applied for another test.

“The school has adjusted the video of the examination room at that time, and found nothing unusual, so the school will not cancel your test scores this time. Do you want to take the test again?” The principal asked Su Cheng with a serious face.

The examination room is monitored at the back of the classroom. Although there is no way to clearly prove that Su Cheng did not cheat, the same cannot prove that she cheated.

“Yes, I hope the school can arrange for me to take another test, which can be conducted in a public classroom.”

In order to ensure that there are no errors in each test, the school usually prepares two sets of test papers for each test, and the difficulty of the two sets of test papers differs. Most of the times the test B is more difficult.

Seeing Su Cheng’s firm tone and self-confidence in her eyes, the principal thought for a while and finally agreed to Su Cheng’s application.


Announcement: The novel IJWLHGRAR is finished. Next book to finish is My Fake Brother is in-love with me again, I think It will be able to finish it by June. As for Shrank to a 3-years-old child, will try to finish it by the end of the year this is pretty much long.

Next novel is Running Away with the sick Villain and Sweet Daily life with my Fool and Rich Husband

PS. The last 5 chapters will only be available in mana and it all will be available for free soon.

It was a great journey in translating this novel on the past three months.


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