IJWLHGRAR Chapter 24.1

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After the controversy of the monthly exam passed, Su Cheng proved her strength to everyone in the most face-slapping way.

Therefore, Su Cheng also got the qualification to participate in the biology competition from the biology teacher.

“Even if your test scores are good this time, the methods you used for doing the questions are really stupid. You look at this questions and draw a simple diagram and when you are done do also the written exercises on this textbook.” The biology teacher said as she passed Su Cheng’s test paper as if disgusted back to her and pointed at the book on her desk.

“The methods you are using is okay if it was for your test paper like now, but when it comes to competition, by using this, you will become a laughing stock. My suggestion for now is that you learn this. And you also have to do this question also……” As the biological teacher give tips, Su Cheng listened quietly.

After talking for a while, the teacher felt that she may be too harsh. She was worried that her words would impact the enthusiasm of the student, so the biology teacher encouraged Su Cheng again: “But you made so much progress in such a short time, which proves that you are very talented in this area. There still half a month away. So work hard during this period.”

“Teacher, rest assured, I will work very hard.”

“Well, go to class”, the biology teacher nodded. She also reminded her: “You should do more carefully for the test questions I gave you.” 

Su Cheng really wanted to go back to the classroom. But not always good things happens in life, Su Cheng was stopped by the chemistry teacher.

The chemistry teacher stopped Su Cheng for no reason. He just wanted to ask how this student studied chemistry.

What about mathematics, physics and chemistry? If a student is good in math and biology, and her chemistry was so bad to the point of failing mark, he felt like he failed as a teacher.

Facing the suspicion from the chemistry teacher, Su Cheng hesitated and finally told the truth: “I’m sorry, I haven’t had time to study this subject before.”

Hearing this, the chemistry teacher’s mouth twitched: Is this student going to piss him off? He thought that the student had encountered some difficulties in his studies, but he didn’t spent time to study the subject at all.

Rather than waiting for the teacher to get angry, Su Cheng hurriedly said, “Teacher, I will definitely arrange more time to study chemistry later.”

Generally speaking to students will respond, “Teacher, I will work hard next time”

As an experienced teacher will usually not believe it. So he asked “Perhaps, Are you facing any difficulty in chemistry?”

“Yes …” Su Cheng whispered, “I don’t seem to understand almost all the chemistry questions.”

Su Cheng had tried answering chemistry questions before, but unfortunately she couldn’t even understand them. It feels like even if she were to study chemistry with the same regime like the other subjects, she can’t even start at all. She can recognize every word if she look at the questions separately, but when they are connected to each other she can’t seem to understand it.

Hearing this, the chemistry teacher became angry: “What does it mean that you can’t understand? Maybe because your basic knowledge is too weak.” He glared at Su Cheng, and the chemistry teacher continued: “Chemistry is not a difficult subject. You are also learning other courses and you are good at them, aren’t you? Chemistry is actually the same as those other subject.”

“Come with me.” The chemistry teacher led Su Cheng to his desk and found a notebook with a very old cover from his drawer.

“These are some of the knowledge points and learning skills I have learned from teaching chemistry for so many years. An average person has no chance to read it. You can take a copy and take a look.”

“Okay, thank you teacher.” Su Cheng started with being called out by the chemistry teacher and she ended up with that notebook, she felt like a martial art protagonist that has just gain a rare martial skill.

But she has to say that the chemistry teacher’s “cheat book” is actually really good. When she returned home at night, Su Cheng specially arranged 40 minutes to study chemistry. The content of the textbook compared with the teacher’s book, she felt like she could easily study chemistry as it is easier to understand what was written on the notebook.


Announcement: The novel IJWLHGRAR is finished. Next book to finish is My Fake Brother is in-love with me again, I think It will be able to finish it by June. As for Shrank to a 3-years-old child, will try to finish it by the end of the year this is pretty much long.

Next novel is Running Away with the sick Villain and Sweet Daily life with my Fool and Rich Husband

PS. The last 5 chapters will only be available in mana and it all will be available for free soon.

It was a great journey in translating this novel on the past three months.


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