IJWLHGRAR chapter 24.2

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Time pass by quickly, the biological competition will be happening soon and the school started arranging make up classes of the student who have failed.

In the afternoon class, Su Cheng studied seriously.

Biology supplementary lessons have already taken up most part of her original study time. Wouldn’t it be a loss if she didn’t study seriously for the other subjects as well?

Su Cheng’s seriousness also affected the other people in the afternoon class.

Not all of those who have applied for biology competitions are top-notch in biology. Some students with average scores in biology also apply for the biology competition because the competition in mathematics already has many people and the physics-chemistry competition was too difficult.

Just looking at Su Cheng being so seriously and thinking about the miracle of Su Cheng scoring 98 poins, everyone seemed to have momentum at once and they all became hardworking.

On the stage, the biology teacher looked at Su Cheng’s test score and nodded secretly.

At the beginning, Su Cheng could only reach sixty to seventy points, and now she can even get 90 points.

Seeing Su Cheng’s progress, the teacher looked at her, and she became more satisfied: She thought that this student was a scum before but now, she was a student worthy to be nurtured.

“That’s right, take your time to participate in the competition, maybe you can really get a prize back.” The biology teacher looked at Su Cheng and said with a kind smile.

At the level of this biology teacher, she is more than enough to teach at key classes. The school originally arranged for her to teach in key classes, but she refused. The reason is that the students in key classes have good grades and are proud students. Such students are easy to teach, thus she will not feel any sense of accomplishment.

Su Cheng was also a little excited after hearing what the biology teacher said.

Before, she participated in the biology competition for the prize of 30,000 yuan. Now, Su Cheng, who has been able to make money in live broadcast, the prize seems to be less important. She still hopes to get the prize and hopes to pass the competition to prove herself.

On Gu’s house.

In the living room, Mr. Gu and Mr. Li are talking about business matters, while Mrs. Gu and Mrs. Li talked about something else, and the atmosphere around them was harmonious.

However, Li Yanran’s expression was not so good at this time.

In other words, her condition has been very bad during this period of time.

Those black materials she tried hard to hide were exposed, and Li Yanran suddenly became a green tea bitch among the eyes of every student from being the school flower that was sought after. Everyone in the forum was scolding her. People who used to say she was a goddess now they are saying she is hypocritical.

Although because of the Li family, no one in the school dared to do anything to her, except for the idiot An Yuqi, but this huge drop from the cloud to the mud bottom still caused Li Yanran very uncomfortable.

At this moment in the living room, apart from Li Yanran’s absent mind, Gu Cheng also seemed a little absent-minded, constantly looking down at the time on the phone.

At this moment, Gu Cheng stood up suddenly.

“Where are you going?” Seeing his son stand up, Gu Guofeng frowned because dissatisfied. Before the Li family came several times as a guest and this kid wasn’t there. What would the guest think of him if he doesn’t stay put this time as well.

“It’s too boring here, I just go for a small walk,” Gu Cheng said with a deep voice.

He excused himself towards Mr. Li and Mrs. Li, and walked directly outside the house.

“Let me go out with Gu Cheng for a walk,” Li Yanran said suddenly.

In this regard, several adults have no objection.

“Young people have a common topic, to listen to us must be very boring, just let them go on a walk.” behind Gu Cheng, Li Yanran chased him: “Gu Cheng You wait.”

“Need something?” Gu Cheng looked at Li Yanran coldly, with a vague look in his eyes.

“Did you post those things on the forum?” Li Yanran asked.

Many of the things she did in private were done privately, no one knew.

Li Yanran thought for a long time. The only people who had this ability to investigate her doings were Gu Cheng except Qi Yixuan.

Hearing this, Gu Cheng sneered and did not deny: “It’s me.”

“You! Why do you have to do this?” Li Yanran looked at Gu Cheng and asked, a sad expression appeared on her poor face, as if he was about to cry. 

Looking at her, Gu Cheng had only indifference in his eyes from beginning to end.

“Not why, I just double what you did to Su Cheng and return it to you.”

“You—” Li Yanran’s eyes widened, her expression suddenly becoming crazy.

“You like her, don’t you?! You like her!”

Hearing this, Gu Cheng seemed to be shocked, his eyes drooping slightly, and a touch of complexity flashed under his eyes.

Gu Cheng did not answer Li Yanran’s question, but he said, “She is my life. Don’t try to do anything to hurt her. You can’t afford to face the consequences. And I’m not kidding. The matter before is just a warning. In the future, if you do anything that hurts her, I will return it to you even more vigorously, and I can even go far as to destroy the Li family. If you want to taste what life is better than death, you can try it.”

“!!!” At this moment, Li Yanran was really scared.

She had seen Gu Cheng look cold, but she had never seen such a terrifying look from Gu Cheng. Gu Cheng’s expression was too serious when he said this, and he didn’t even seem to be joking at all.

Without waiting for Li Yanran to recover from the shock, Gu Cheng looked down at the time, then turned around and left Gu’s house, walking towards the school…

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