GMTB – Ch 16

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Chapter 16 Research (1)


Xu Pinyu came out of the cubicle and Shen Youbai pulled her to the sink to wash her hands.

At exactly this moment, a male student, blowing a melodious whistle, untied his pants as he entered the toilet.

Xu Pinyu turned her head at the sound, and was shocked.

The male student looked up to see her, and was even more shocked.

As the two looked at each other, Shen Youbai calmly washed her hands, the sound of rushing water filled the bathroom.

The male student was surprised. He turned around and ran.

Xu Pinyu came back to her senses, “It’s all over, I’m going to be famous.”

She continued, “Tomorrow, the entire Dezhi School will know that I entered the men’s bathroom.”

Shen Youbai let go of her hand and turned off the tap. He was still expressionless, as if he didn’t care about it.

Xu Pinyu exclaimed, “Ah, not necessarily. Will you tell them that I’m transgendered?”

When her words came out, Shen Youbai frowned slightly, tucked a tissue into her palm, curled her knuckles and used her fist to knock her head.

Back in the study room.

Xu Pinyu was shocked, her schoolbag was missing.

There was a note on the table, left by Chen Zixuan.

Just to be safe, she had taken Xu Pinyu’s schoolbag.

It was a false alarm.

As soon as she calmed down, she screamed again, “Ah!”

Shen Youbai was puzzled.

Xu Pinyu explained quickly, “I hid the disc in my schoolbag.”

“What disc?”

Xu Pinyu opened her mouth but no words came out. She kept it open for a long time, before she closed her mouth awkwardly.

It was the teaching DVD (about playing around) that she didn’t dare to keep at home.

Although she knew that Chen Zixuan would not rummage through her schoolbag, she was still a little worked up.

Xu Pinyu lowered her head to put away the manuscript that was on the desk and said, “I’ll go find her.”

Besides, it was almost time for her speech.

Holding the manuscript in her arms, she turned around and rubbed Shen Youbai’s shirt with the tip of her nose.

Xu Pinyu looked up, and he said, “Wait for me after school.”

She blinked, “Going home together? “

Then she said, “It’s not convenient.”

Shen Youbai lowered her eyes, “You and Wei Yixun going together is convenient?”

She nodded and said honestly, “His house is right behind my house.”

He jumped back to the previous question and said, “Walking twice as much is convenient.”

Shen Youbai’s smile was somewhat threatening her, that she can’t refuse his request.

It’s three thirty in the afternoon.

The lecture hall was full of people.

Xu Pinyu was on stand by, and when the audio tuning was complete, she stepped onto the podium.

She just learned that the students sitting there were only the lower ranking students from the classes A to K. 

Xu Pinyu’s tension instantly halved.

She was feeling a bit weird. she would have never guessed in a hundred years that she would be giving a speech to the first years of all six sections.

She held the microphone in her hand, smiled and said, “Hello, my name is Xu Pinyu, and I am the monitor of Class K in Year 3.”

During the speech, the more she talked the more relaxed she became, she started thinking that everyone was from the same world. 

At the end she said, “The above are some of the thoughts I have summarised in the past three years at Dezhi School. They are for reference only. I wish that all the time you spend here in the future, will be worthy memories.”

After saying thank you, Xu Pinyu put down the microphone.

The reaction from the audience was quite good. She thought to herself that her speech should be passable, right?

She didn’t know that in these eyes cast on her, there was a person whose heart she had left with a throbbing seed.

At the entrance of the school building.

With her schoolbag in her arms, Xu Pinyu waved to the figures of Chen Zixuan and Wei Yixun and shouted, “Goodbye, see you tomorrow.”

The sunset dyed the sky red, and students passed by in pairs of twos and threes, soon the campus was empty.

She waited for nearly fifteen minutes, remembering that this afternoon seemed to be the last showing of the play from Class A.

Just as she was about to go to the small auditorium to find Shen Youbai, she saw him coming. His shirt was tucked into his belt, and the tie was neatly tied.

Xu Pinyu was taken aback, “Why didn’t you change your clothes?”

Shen Youbai took her schoolbag and said, “It’s fine. Let’s go.”

The play was delayed because something went wrong with the props.

He came as soon as the play ended.

The sky grew dark.

On the road, about a few hundred meters away from Xu Pinyu’s home, she started looking around.

Shen Youbai wondered, “What are you looking at?”

“I want to find a trash can and throw something.”

He repeated, in a questioning tone, “Throw something?”

Xu Pinyu dragged him to the alley by the road, stopped, and pointed at her schoolbag that he was carrying. He removed the bag from his shoulder.

Shen Youbai opened her schoolbag and pulled out a DVD box.

The girl on the cover was wearing a school uniform, but she didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear. Underneath her flimsy clothes, her hole was clearly seen.

Xu Pinyu recalled the picture on the cover and instantly put her hands in front of the box to cover the image.

How can I let him see what other girls look like.

She said anxiously, “It’s looks terrible, you won’t be able to stand it.”

Then she snatched the DVD from Shen Youbai’s hand and quickly threw it into the trash can beside her.

Then he asked, “Is it a horror movie?”

Xu Pinyu replied, “Didn’t you see the cover?”

Shen Youbai replied, “I saw it. It’s wasn’t like the cover of a horror movie. It’s almost like……”

She hurriedly interrupted, “Yes, yes, it’s that kind of film.”

He asked, “Why would I not be able to stand it?”

“Because the female protagonist of the film hid under the desk in class and gave it to the male teacher with her mouth. And then after school in the classroom, they did it.” Xu Pinyu said, her face wrinkled, when she remembered the scenes in the film.

Shen Youbai said with a smile, “Is that it?” 

She was stunned.

It’s true, the saying that boys often watch this kind of film.

Xu Pinyu looked at him, “Have you watched this kind of film before?”

He nodded.

Xu Pinyu pursed her lips, “Did you like…it?”

Shen Youbai thought for a while, “It’s okay.”

She inhaled hard and her eyes widened.

The thought of Shen Youbai masturbating to other women’s body made her chest tight and uncomfortable.

Xu Pinyu said, “The people who act in these films are not very good-looking.”

He shook his head, “I imagine your face.”

They had to stop talking about this, otherwise, something may happen.

Xu Pinyu tried to end the topic, “I couldn’t finish watching it anyway. And I didn’t learn anything.”

Shen Youbai agreed, “It’s not good to just watch. These types of things have to be done practically.”


Inadvertently, Xu Pinyu started talking about this topic again, “When the man rubbed the girl’s chest, she enjoyed it very much.”

“But me…”

She doubtfully said, grabbing her chest with both hands.

Shen Youbai was stunned, her clothes between her fingers, as she squeezed her chest twice, flattened and wrinkled.

Xu Pinyu raised her eyes and then said, “I don’t feel anything at all.”

He watched closely. After the wrinkles in her shirt flattened, he felt his throat dry up.

Shen Youbai said, “Let’s go home later.”

Xu Pinyu looked at him, “Why?”

Shen Youbai looked up before looking into her eyes, “Don’t you want to know how it will feel like.”

After a pause, he said, “I’ll show you.”

Xu Pinyu was in a daze and by the time she came back to her senses, she realised that he had taken her to a nearby hotel.

The young lady behind the counter looked at them like it was common occurrence.

Entering the room, Xu Pinyu looked around.

The space was quite large and the bed wasn’t small, the smell of the hotel.

She said casually, “It is a waste to rent out a room and not do anything.”

Shen Youbai threw aside her schoolbag, pulled on the knot of his tie with his index finger, and twisted open the button on his neckline.

At the same time, he said, “Let’s do something then.”

Xu Pinyu was stunned.

She watched him unfasten his cufflinks and fold it up a few times.

She returned to her senses, “No, no…I’m not ready yet.”

Shen Youbai sat on the bed and laughed. His legs parted to create a space. “I mean, sit here.”

He patted the space in front of his waist.

Heyyy, I’m back. Finals are finally over and I’m pretty sure it didn’t go well.

But hey, at least I’m back to translating.


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  1. If Xu Pinyu is wearing a uniform I’m surprised that motel allows them to check in. Usually in my country they don’t allow underage in motel especially if they are a couple in one room cauz its inappropriate. At least you should change into discrete clothing and not wearing a school uniform so it won’t be that obvious. Just sharing.😂

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