GMTB Ch-17

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Chapter 17 Research (2)


Xu Pinyu walked towards him, thought about it, and sat down with her back to him.

There was a distance between her back and Shen Youbai’s chest.

She turned her head, and the faint smell of smoke assaulted her face at the same time.

Shen Youbai leaned forward and put his body on her back. There was only a tiny distance between his mouth and her ears. “Stay still.”

[passster password=feather]

As he spoke with his soft voice, he lifted the hem of her skirt and hooked the side of her underwear with his finger.

“Take off your underwear, otherwise, it may…”

Xu Pinyu jumped up reflexively, her feet wasn’t firm, and Shen Youbai clasped her wrists and pulled her back. She sat back on the bed and her back fell into his arms.

Shen Youbai’s forearm was on her abdomen, and she couldn’t get up.

Xu Pinyu hurriedly turned her head. Shen Youbai breathed on the tip of her nose with a scorching breath, “I didn’t even take off my pants, don’t worry.”

She didn’t want to experience the feeling of her wet underpants sticking to her. Fortunately, she had a pad in her bag today.

Xu Pinyu hesitated for less than a moment, reached into her skirt, pulled her underwear, slightly raised her hips and slid her underwear down her legs.

Shen Youbai stared at the light colored printed cloth being pushed down her white thigh and sliding down her slender calf.

She looked around, then put her panties at the foot of the bed. 

Xu Pinyu turned her head a little and asked him, “Then…what’s next?”

Shen Youbai looked at her slightly drooping eyelashes, her lips were apricot red. His expression instantly constricted. 

He didn’t answer, but wrapped her hand around his back, lifted it from under her armpit, and opened the button of her shirt.

Xu Pinyu was stunned. He bowed his head to the slender hands with clear bones, was elegantly doing lustful things to them.

From top to bottom, it wasn’t urgent neither was it slow.

Her shirt was open, and a light pink bra wrapped around her round breasts.

From Shen Youbai’s view, the lace edge was sandwiched between her cleavage. He pursed his lips unconsciously.

When the unfamiliar touch covered her breasts through the bra, she got goose bumps.

Xu Pinyu’s mouth opened up slightly. He held her chest in his two hands and pushed them down.

She felt a strange wave rolling throughout her body, unaware that she had begun to breathe through her mouth.

Shen Youbai swallowed to quench the dryness of his throat and exhaled in her ear, “Take it off, okay?”

He said, “I want to see.”

His breath sprayed on to her shoulder, and his voice reminded her of a fire burning in the snow. She couldn’t tell whether it was hot or cold.

But it was certain that this voice was Xu Pinyu’s aphrodisiac.

Bewildered by the fact that she could not control her thinking, she peeled off her shirt, put her hands behind her back, and unbuttoned her bra. 

The young girl’s breast that had become free of their restraints was like a ripe peach, waiting to be tasted.

Shen Youbai breath hitched.

He was about to touch her breast when his hand stopped for a split-second, before completely covering it.

Xu Pinyu trembled all over including in the palms of his hands and his pants instantly tightened.

The person behind her seemed to be moving slowly, breathing heavily.

Holding her white to pinkish breasts, he rubbed them lightly and heavily. The peach lost its original shape, he kneaded them like two water balloons.

She was breathing fast, curling up her toes and twisting slightly in her place.

The numb itch spread all over the body, the kind of itch that couldn’t be scratched.

He let go, leaving a faint red mark on her chest. However, it wasn’t the end.

He pressed his fingertips on her nipple, stroking and turning until it slowly raised up. Then he covered her breast with the palm of his hand, adding pressure to press and knead it, and pinching her nipple between his fingers from time to time.

Xu Pinyu bit her lower lip, dropped her head, and raised it back up again. Nothing was right and everything was itchy. 

She was tortured until she went crazy. She was rubbing her legs together tightly, kicking her heels back and forth on the bedsheet.

Shen Youbai lowered his head and kissed her collarbone, and made his way up to her slender neck little by little.

The tip of his wet tongue touched her skin lightly, and her chest was squeezed by his big hands.

She felt like her body was completely digged out at this time, and she wanted to find things to squeeze in and fill it back up.

She was weak in Shen Youbai’s arms, but her lower abdomen was stiff and sour. 

She knew that some liquid was leaking out, sticking to her labia.

 She moaned helplessly, “It’s so uncomfortable.”

Shen Youbai let go, “Where is it uncomfortable?”

Xu Pinyu was about to cry, “…Below.”

He froze, grabbed her shirt by the bed, and put it on her shoulders.

As soon as his hand left, Xu Pinyu turned her head subconsciously.

Shen Youbai lifted his chin slightly, and touched her forehead with his lips. “It won’t be uncomfortable soon.”

He quickly turned his head, with sweat dripping of his temples, and said, “Put your clothes on.”

He avoided looking at Xu Pinyu and keeping his gaze fixed at any one place.

Shen Youbai maintained his last bit of sanity, got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and said, “I’ll solve it by myself.”

His voice was raspy, as if his throat was covered with sandpaper.

Xu Pinyu sat on the bed dumbfounded, with beautiful rubbing marks on her white breasts, a faint crimson on her cheeks, and misty eyes.

Like a flower amongst mist.

He dared not take another look.

Shen Youbai walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Xu Pinyu’s body gradually got chillier. She shivered and quickly put on her bra and buttoned her shirt.

She wanted to pull a few napkins from the table in front of her. She couldn’t stand up firmly, and her feet were still limp.

She held the table top with one hand and reached underneath her skirt with the other hand, rubbing her lower body with the paper towels.

Several paper balls wrapped in a transparent viscous liquid piled up at the bottom of the trash.

Xu Pinyu bent down and put on her underwear. She heard a slight gasp from the bathroom.

Startled, she walked towards the bathroom door.

 Xu Pinyu felt guilty, and asked anxiously, “I want to help…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Shen Youbai.

“Don’t speak.”

He added another sentence, “I’ll do it myself.”

Xu Pinyu felt like it wasn’t right for her to leave but it wasn’t right to stay as well. She stood there as she hesitated at the door. 

Just then, Shen Youbai’s raspy voice came from across the door.

He called, “Feather.”


He said, “Call my name.”

Xu Pinyu was taken aback, “What?”

He urged, “Hurry up.”


Most of the time, she said his name silently in her heart, and seldom had the chance to say it aloud.

It’s was a little strange, a little exciting. 

He muttered, “Call my name again.”

Xu Pinyu called out, “Youbai.”

When his gasping became more clear, Xu Pinyu instantly understood his intention and squatted down with shame.

Shen Youbai said in a lustful voice, “Go on, don’t stop!”

Xu Pinyu covered her ears to block his gasping, and continuously called his name from her mouth for a while. 

There was a bit of an aggrieved cry from the bathroom, but it sounded more like a moan made during bedtime. 

She was so ashamed that she felt like smoke was rising from her head. 

Xu Pinyu really wanted to shout at the bathroom, ‘You- just come out and fuck me!’


Just as she stood up and opened her mouth, the bathroom door was opened.

Shen Youbai walked out and saw her lowered her head, and he pulled her with his cold hands that were flushed with water. 

She said weakly, “I’m sorry.” 

He raised his eyebrows, and then put his palms on top of her head, “It’s okay.”

Xu Pinyu felt that once he acted gentle, she could pick the stars and give them to him.

Shen Youbai said seriously, “I want to spend the night with you. But today is no good, you have to go home.”

She blinked blankly.

Fortunately, she didn’t yell that sentence.


Shen Youbai had planned to pick her up in the morning to go to school together.

Xu Pinyu firmly refused.

With such a distance, even if she wakes up late, he must get up early.

Moreover, she might be abducted to the hotel before she arrived at school.

The next day, Wei Yixun fell ill.

He explained with a strong nasally voice on the phone that his family went to barbecue on the mountain the previous night and the cold wind caused him to have bad cold, so he asked for a leave from school.

Xu Pinyu expressed sympathy and care, and ridiculed his weak constitution. 

She sneezed immediately after laughing.

So today, Xu Pinyu went to school alone. 

She felt that something was wrong when she walked inside the school building, and that feeling became even worse when she walked through the corridors outside the doors of each class.

It wasn’t her imagination. The boys and girls who passed by, not all of them, but most of their eyes would stare at her. 

The gazes around her were accompanied by whispers and even some mocking laughter. 

Xu Pinyu lowered her head and looked at her clothes. There was nothing unusual. 

She didn’t know what was going on, the moment she opened the back door of Class K, the people in the class turned around and looked at her. 

Xu Pinyu frowned in confusion and walked to her seat. 

Student Zhang Yang, whose rank was at the bottom of Class K, also nicknamed as the living Gossip Weekly, was looking at her with a weird smile.

Xu Pinyu patted the textbook on the table, “If you have something to say then say it, I can’t read your mind.”

Zhang Yang smiled, “I heard you confessed in the men’s room?”

Another chapter out. Everytime I translate a chapter I fall in love with this series again. Plus, this chapter is password protected if you know what I mean.


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