GMTB Ch-17


Chapter 17 Research (2)


Xu Pinyu walked towards him, thought about it, and sat down with her back to him.

There was a distance between her back and Shen Youbai’s chest.

She turned her head, and the faint smell of smoke assaulted her face at the same time.

Shen Youbai leaned forward and put his body on her back. There was only a tiny distance between his mouth and her ears. “Stay still.”

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Shen Youbai had planned to pick her up in the morning to go to school together.

Xu Pinyu firmly refused.

With such a distance, even if she wakes up late, he must get up early.

Moreover, she might be abducted to the hotel before she arrived at school.

The next day, Wei Yixun fell ill.

He explained with a strong nasally voice on the phone that his family went to barbecue on the mountain the previous night and the cold wind caused him to have bad cold, so he asked for a leave from school.

Xu Pinyu expressed sympathy and care, and ridiculed his weak constitution. 

She sneezed immediately after laughing.

So today, Xu Pinyu went to school alone. 

She felt that something was wrong when she walked inside the school building, and that feeling became even worse when she walked through the corridors outside the doors of each class.

It wasn’t her imagination. The boys and girls who passed by, not all of them, but most of their eyes would stare at her. 

The gazes around her were accompanied by whispers and even some mocking laughter. 

Xu Pinyu lowered her head and looked at her clothes. There was nothing unusual. 

She didn’t know what was going on, the moment she opened the back door of Class K, the people in the class turned around and looked at her. 

Xu Pinyu frowned in confusion and walked to her seat. 

Student Zhang Yang, whose rank was at the bottom of Class K, also nicknamed as the living Gossip Weekly, was looking at her with a weird smile.

Xu Pinyu patted the textbook on the table, “If you have something to say then say it, I can’t read your mind.”

Zhang Yang smiled, “I heard you confessed in the men’s room?”

Another chapter out. Everytime I translate a chapter I fall in love with this series again. Plus, this chapter is password protected if you know what I mean.

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  1. There’s a section of the chapter where it’s password protected, can I ask where I can get the password to be able to read that part 🥺🥺🥺

    1. Hey Sin, discord is just a way to communicate with fellow reader and translators of danovel. I plan on releasing the password on the last translated chapter but a hint is that it’s Xu Pinyu’s nickname without any capital letters.

      1. Hey

        So I tried putting Xu Pinyu’s nickname without any capital letters in the password area but it tells me “security check failed”…. I don’t know what to do…

        1. It what birds have on their wings, singular though, and no capital letters. If it still doesn’t work I’m afraid you’ll have to join the discord to report website bugs.

  2. There is a rumor going around about her ‘confession’ in the bathroom then Wei Yixun suddenly fell ill. Uh-oh…that’s why they look at her weirdly. Maybe they think she’s cheating or something.

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