Sweet Daily life with my rich fool husband Chapter 1.1

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Su Wanwan was running out from the train station, ever since she was a child her father has always been gambling.

She had been taken care of by her grandfather during the times her father was busy and when her grandfather died, his funeral was arranged by her. Until now, her grandfather’s urn was still stored in the funeral home.

It’s been ten years since then.

During this long years, she was prohibited of going out, even to the yard of their house because they were hiding from his father’s creditor.

Since her grandfather died, she had no memory of having a peaceful day.

Fortunately, her dad still has some conscience left and cared for her, otherwise she would have been sold off just to pay his debt.

Today, as soon as she got off from the train, she was chased by a group of people in black.

She didn’t know how her whereabouts were leaked, but she had no doubt that the people chasing her are her father’s creditor.

“Hurry up and grab the girl with a scarf on…” A chaser behind shouted.

Su Wanwan took off the scarf and threw it out.

Coincidentally, it just happened to fall on the face from one of the chaser.

Amidst the panic, she did not forget to retaliate against them.

She has long been accustomed to this kind of hide and seek life, to the point where she started to feel that a week without being chased around was a boring one.

Su Wanwan jumped down from the stairs.

In the next second…


The man in front of her was very handsome, wearing a shirt, neat and clean haircut, with three-dimensional features and clear contours.

It was the kind of face that captures people eyes immediately.

At this moment, she was very close to him that with just a small pout, their lips would be kissing each other.

The man watched her indifferently, and shaked her little hand.

“Wife, I want to kiss, I want to kiss.”

“Auntie said that we can start doing couple things by kissing first, or we can make a baby. Otherwise, grandpa will be angry, okay…”

“Wife, give a kiss to your baby Chengzhan please.”

She couldn’t see the man’s whole stature because he was sitting on the bed, but she can still gauge that this person is a head taller than her.

As she moved her eyes, she noticed that the man’s black hair was thick, just a small pinch on the top of his head.

Su Wanwan couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

Can you imagine. A man, who is taller than her and looks very handsome, claims to be her baby?

Chengzhan? Why is this name so familiar?

When she was bored on the train last night, Su Wanwan read a Rich Family drama’s novel, and there was a fool named Chengzhan in it.

Isn’t this a coincidence?

She hurriedly looked around.

The room was fully decorated with the color red, and there was a big red lantern on the ceiling with the word “Happy” written on it.

The walls are full of red scenery, the curtains are red, the sheets are red, and even the quilt cover is red.

Almost everything in the room was red.

There was a festive atmosphere everywhere.


Is this someone else’s new house?

Su Wanwan carefully recalled the contents of the book.

Jiang Chengzhan was the eldest grandson of the Jiang family. He had a car accident less than a year after he took over the company and became a fool.

Another character in the book was Jiang Yushen, he was Jiang Chengzhan’s younger uncle who took over the company after his nephew became a fool.

Jiang Chengzhan’s father and Jiang Yushen were half-brothers. His grandfather is still alive.

His grandmother was bleeding and was not saved when she gave birth to his father.

The step-grandmother was 20 years younger than his grandfather, and possess a very healthy body.

In the original book, the girl Jiang Chengzhan married was named Su Wanwan.

It was originally Su Wanwan’s half-sister who was going to be wed to the Jiang family in order to pave the way for their younger brother.

Unfortunately, after Jiang Chengzhan became stupid, knowing his situation, Su Wanwan’s sister disagreed with the marriage immediately, but the Su family could not provoke the Jiang family and could only beg Su Wanwan to marry him.

Su Wanwan in the book has a boyfriend, but unfortunately he was bought by her stepmother and decisively broke up with her.



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