Sweet Daily Life with my rich fool husband Chapter 1.2


Su Wanwan had no hope anymore, once her stepmother promised to give her a villa, plus 10 million in cash, she reluctantly married the fool Jiang Chengzhan.

Even if she agreed to the marriage, she went out to sleep with Jiang Chengzhan’s uncle on the wedding night and later became pregnant.

Chengzhan’s uncle is young and handsome, with a strong body. The original owner Su Wanwan hated her foolish husband. She abuses him as much as she wants, doing everything she can.

She put almost all the injustice and resentment she had towards fate on Jiang Chengzhan.

Who knew that the fool Jiang Chengzhan, became sober after a year. He ignited a flame of revenge as he watched the scars on his body.

First, the child of the original owner Su Wanwan was thrown downstairs, and he had his legs broken. She was given a choice to either kill him or save her own life.

Su Wanwan, the original owner, couldn’t bear killing her son, and jumped down from the tall building in the hospital to suicide.

The particularly horrible drama has finally come to an end.

Recalling the story, Su Wanwan suddenly was stunned, that is to say, she transmigrated to the book, and became the Su Wanwan, the new wife of the fool Jiang Chengzhan?

Was it the time for two people’s bridal chamber?

No, it’s wrong, or something is wrong.

She didn’t believe it was true, she patted Jiang Chengzhan’s hand soothingly and said, “Chengzhan, I will go to the bathroom first.”

“Okay,” Jiang Chengzhan let go of her hand unhappily.

Su Wanwan quickly came to the front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror and carefully observed her face for a while.

Su Wanwan, the original owner, was very beautiful, with a slender figure, fair skin, and graceful appearance. At this moment, she was wearing a red dress like a flower, turning around in front of the mirror, really beautiful to the extreme.

Su Wanwan couldn’t help but squeezed her fist. She was chased around earlier this day, but now she already had a villa and became a bai fumei (rich, white and beautiful) with 10 million cash.


“Wife…” Jiang Chengzhan chased after her with an uneasy look at Su Wanwan, “What are you laughing at?”

“Ah,” Su Wanwan suddenly realized another problem. Not only does she now have money and a house, she seems to… also have a foolish husband.

What should she do?

She couldn’t do anything to abuse him, could she?

Jiang Chengzhan watched her silent, and took her hand with some caution: “Grandfather said, if I want you to hold onto me well, to prevent my wife from running, we should make a baby.”

“A baby?” Su Wanwan looked at him in surprise, and suddenly felt a little hot, which didn’t take it too seriously. Maybe she just walked through and felt unwell.

Jiang Chengzhan now has the IQ of a four or five-year-old child. Seeing that she doesn’t understand it, he proudly explained to her: “Grandma said that only by having sex we can have a baby, so I must have sex with you.”

Still having sex like this?

Su Wanwan reluctantly squeezed out a smile, and looked at him to discuss: “Chengzhan, you are still a child now, you can’t have sex, wait until you grow up…”

She suddenly felt hot inside her body before she even finished her sentence. After a few minutes, she especially wanted to take off her clothes and get into the bathtub to soak.

What happened?

She suddenly remembered. The book said that Jiang Chengzhan’s aunt wanted him to have a child as soon as possible, and was afraid that the original owner Su Wanwan would not want to do it with Jiang Chengzhan, so she put something in her drinking water.

Of course, Su Wanwan in the book still didn’t do it with Jiang Chengzhan. After she pushed Jiang Chengzhan hard, Jiang Chengzhan had his head knocked out on the bed and fainted, after that she ran out.

As she was running, she happened to meet Jiang Yushen who was there to monitor the newly wed, with this encounter the two of them slept together.

Jiang Chengzhan’s aunt and Jiang Chengzhan’s father are full-blooded siblings, and Jiang Yushen was the only one born from another mother.

Now in the family, apart from the 80-year-old father and son, who are not in good health, his auntie was the only one who controls the house.

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