IJWLHGRAR Chapter 25.1

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Su Cheng didn’t care about school affairs, and didn’t know that because of Gu Cheng’s threat, she saved herself a lot of trouble in her previous life. 

At this time, Su Cheng had nothing to do other than learning, and of course her broadcast studio. 

Although the increase in fans is very unexpected, after several fan increases, there are now nearly 300,000 fans in Su Cheng’s live broadcast room, and sometimes the number of people during the live broadcasts online can exceed up to 400,000. Between each game, Su Cheng will initially interact with fans. 

[So Angela is actually the anchor’ s favorite hero?] 

(Note: What it is said here referred to was the hero which Su Cheng is most skilled at but because it uses a kind of game slang, I just use favorite because that’s what used on ML.)

This was the question of some of the new audiences. 

Su Cheng: “Not really.” 

[Ha, isn’t it? Big Orange, I think you have played Angela for so long. But now you deny it.] 

[Yes, yes, Big Orange, you lied to us, the hero you have been playing was not your favorite at all.]

 [l’ m a little curious about what is Big Orange’ s favorite hero? ]

“All the heroes are OK, I guess.” Su Cheng casually said.

But her casual words caused the audience to have a feeling of: “l feel you fooled me, but you are so cute, so I just let it slide this time.”

In fact, Su Cheng did not say nonsense: no one took her to play in her previous life, and she did not understand this at the beginning, so she played almost every hero, and not only the wizard, but also other professional heroes, just because the wizard played the most. It’s just smooth.

In fact, Su Cheng doesn’t really have any favorite heroes. In her previous life, no one wanted to guide her during her newbie days so in order to try it for herself she experimented with all the heroes. She not only tried Mage heroes but also the others, yet in the end she was more of using mage heroes.

[In this case, can Big Orange play other heroes.]

[Yes, I also want to watch Big Orange play other heroes.]

[Big orange, change to another hero.]

The audience didn’t really expect that Su Cheng would agree to their suggestion because they already knew her attitude so they were already expecting Su Cheng to refuse. But contrary to their Su Cheng, gladly accepted it.

Su Cheng said, “Okay, I will change one this round.”

She has now enough coins in her account to buy a new hero. Su Cheng didn’t think much about which hero to buy so she casually tapped the buy button on Wan’er Hero.

At the beginning of the game, the fans knew that [Big Orange] really didn’t lie to them: 

When she played Angela before was already slippery, but with the new hero she still seems to have on par skills with how she played with the previous one.

[Hurry up and take out your notebook, Big Orange is about to start teaching a new content.]

Ever since the fans discovered that Su Cheng’s other heroes were also very slippery, they seemed to be keen on watching her play with different heroes. 

To comply with her fan’s request, Su Cheng will buy new heroes every time she has sufficient balance to buy a new one.

After watching Su Cheng play with different heroes, they admit that there is No Favorite hero in Su Cheng vocabulary as she played them well on par with professional skills.

As a result, Su Cheng also gained a lot of fans. 

After another day of live broadcast, Su Cheng would subconsciously glance at her account and saw that her fans had broken through to 400,000.

At this time, Sun Xiaosheng brought good news. 

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Orange, I have fooled someone to be your partner. 

[Big Orange]: Huh? 

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Didn’ t you say it yourself before that you want to open your own store and build your own brand? 

When Su Cheng said this to him before, Sun Xiaosheng has always kept this matter in his mind. After all, he has been an anchor for so many years, and his contacts in this circle are still very wide, and so he quickly found a good partner for Big Orange. 

Seeing Sun Xiaosheng saying this, Su Cheng was also a little excited, but quickly calmed down. [Big Orange]: My current strength seems to be a bit far from opening a store and making a brand. Whether it’s economic matters or other things.


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