IJWLHGRAR Chapter 25.2

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[Sun Xiaosheng]: What are you afraid of? You don’ t have enough funds, don’ t you still have me to rely on? Don’t you plan to rely on your friend in order to open a store? When I said before that you still can’t, that was because you only have around 100,000 fans but now you have just broken through 400,000, right? Isn’t this an enormous strength already?

Su Cheng was amused by Sun Xiaosheng. : 

[Funding is not a problem. I found this partner and he is reliable. He is doing good things, but the market has not expanded. We cooperate with him.  For market development and brand establishment, he acts as a supplier. And if you want to build your own brand, my suggestion is to directly take down the sales of the entire product at once…] 

When Sun Xioasheng replied, he was more excited than the person directly involved.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Let’ s do this, I don’ t quite understand those sales market issues. So I will just give it to the other party.. Let’s have a meeting with him next time and discuss with him about these issues so you can also understand them.

Sun Xiaosheng’s proposal is good, but…

[Big Orange]: Can you wait until next week?

Restraining the excitement in her heart, Su Cheng replied with a little embarrassment.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: It doesn’t matter whether it’s next time or now, but what’s the matter? Your career is at its turning point but you are shying away?

[Big Orange]: No, I am going to start reviewing biology, and there’s a free review until Saturday. So I want to focus on this for now.

The biology competition is getting closer and Su Cheng has only a short time left to study. She hoped that during this time she could review more contents.

[Sun Xiaosheng]:…

Sun Xiaosheng once again sent 4 words: This damn time concept.

But Sun Xiaosheng didn’t dare to delay Su Cheng’s study: [Go with your study, just go and learn, I’ll connect with that side first, let’s talk about the rest next week.]


After finishing the conversation with Sun Xiaosheng, Su Cheng took out the biology textbook, and the exercise book given by the biology teacher. This was now her second time answering the same exercise book.

Compared to before, this time she answered more smoothly and Su Cheng’s thinking process became particularly clear throughout the process.

The questions in the exercise book given by the biology teacher often cover a large number of knowledge points. After brushing through it once, she seems to have learned more things than from the other exercise book.

Su Cheng suddenly felt anxious to participate in the biology competition. She wanted to see how many points she could get at her current level.


Soon it was Saturday, the day of biological competition. The biology teacher also came, and personally sent this good seed from her class into the examination room.

“The competition questions are different from our previous exam questions. You have to be flexible, you know?”

“If you encounter a question that you can’t think of for a while, don’t just remain stuck on that question, just write what you can think of, and just go to the next question.”

“The difficulty of the biology competition this time should be about the same as in previous years. If you are not sure about it, just think about the biology test questions I usually do for you, and look for similar types of questions.”

“I’m telling you, the time limit doesn’t wait for anyone. When the time is up, you are required to pass it to the moderator otherwise it will not be accepted.. After you enter, you must not habitually use your basic and stupid methods to answer questions. Think about what I usually teach. “


The biology teacher gave Su Cheng a big tips, and finally finished up: “In fact, it’s not that difficult. Just relax, just like when you take a test. Go now and take the test.”

Su Cheng looked at the biology teacher, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly: Teacher, how do I feel that you are not calm.

“I see, teacher, I will do it seriously.”

With the student’s assurance, the biology teacher nodded in satisfaction and let Su Cheng finally go to the classroom.


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