IJWLHGRAR Chapter 25.3

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The time limit given for the Biology Competition is two hours. In normal times, Su Cheng spends about the same time answering her school exam and the test questions are lesser than the given from the school.

Even so, Su Cheng didn’t let her guard down. There must be a reason why this was a competition so when she got her test papers, she immediately started answering.

There are no basic questions on the competition test paper, all of which are questions that require a lot of knowledge in order to be solved.

Fortunately, after this period of study, Su Cheng’s mastery of biology knowledge is no longer as thin as it was at the beginning.

Su Cheng’s gaze swept across the questions of the test paper quickly. In the process of reading the questions, Su Cheng already had the idea of ​​understanding the question and the outline of the question in his mind.

After reading the question again and confirming that her understanding was correct, Su Cheng began to answer the question.

The tip of the pen quickly traversed the test paper, and soon, a neat problem-solving process appeared on the test paper.

Su Cheng continued to the next question without delay.

The bell rang at the end of the answer, and Su Cheng wrote the last paragraph on the test paper.

When Su Cheng came out of the examination room, the biology teacher was still standing outside. Seeing a few of her students come out, she quickly called them all over.

Biology teacher: “How do you feel about today’s topic?”

“It seems to be about the same difficulty as the test questions you gave us before, but I missed a few questions when I reviewed them, and I didn’t make the same mistakes this time.”

“The previous ones are okay, but the last few questions are a bit difficult, I couldn’t answer them.”

“I was stuck on the sixth question for a long time, and I didn’t have time to do the next few questions.”

“The time for the biology competition is too short, and each question is so difficult.”

Listening to the words of a few students, the biology teacher glared at them: “Usually I ask you to review and prepare well. You don’t believe it. Now it’s difficult to blame the topic, and time is not enough?”

The biology teacher looked at Su Cheng again: “What about you? How well do you think you did?”

This was a student she had her eye on and she hoped that she would not lose her will power immediately.

After hearing this, Su Cheng smiled confidently at the biology teacher: “I think it should be fine.”

Su Cheng did the whole test paper smoothly from beginning to end, except for the second to the last question. Her process of answering the questions may be a little different from the standard solutions, but after Su Cheng has brushed so many questions, she always had this feeling that her answers were correct.

Hearing this, the biology teacher heaved a sigh of relief: This student is not the kind of blindly self-confident person. She said it was okay, so it was probably really okay.


Soon the results of the biology competition came out, and before the biology teacher called the few people who participated in the competition, the representative of biology class ran towards Su Cheng excitedly for a year.

“Su Cheng, guess how your score was in this biology competition!”


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