IJWLHGRAR Chapter 26.1

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Su Cheng looked at the biology class representative and said with a smile: “The way you ask, my score should be good right?”

“Wrong, wrong answer”, the representative of the biology class said while shaking her head very excitedly: “It’s not that good, it’s super good!”

“How well did I do?” Su Cheng couldn’t help asking, while her heartbeat was speeding up slightly.

Although Su Cheng had some ideas about her own score, she couldn’t help but look forward to it.

“First place!” the biology class representative said loudly.

She heard from the teacher that in this four-course mathematics, physics and chemistry competition, their overall performance in Shangming Middle School was pretty good. There were people who won the first prize in each subject, and there were several second and third prizes in the remaining second and third prizes.

However, Su Cheng is the only one in the entire school that won the first prize in the biology competition! And she heard that Su Cheng’s score is still among the top 5% of the city, and it is very likely that she will be selected to participate in the national competition.

“By the way, I almost forgot to tell you that the biology teacher is calling you.” The biology class representative laughed.

Su Cheng went to the biology teacher’s office. Originally she thought that the teacher was going to tell her about her score or to praise her, but Su Cheng came out of the biology office and only to receive a lot of biology test questions in her hand, which is said to be the same set before but the upgraded plus version.

The school held a special commendation meeting for the award-winning students of this competition, and also specially asked Su Cheng as a student representative to speak.

This time there were four competitions in mathematics, physics and chemistry, and some people won several at a time. Su Cheng is not the one who won the most prizes, but she is undoubtedly the one who has made the most progress-a student who had a very weak foundation before coming to the school that could only take 60 points in the previous monthly exam but through hard work, step by step, she reached the stage of winning the first prize in the competition. .

This experience is very encouraging to other students in the school.

Looking at the beautiful and confident girl on the podium with brilliance in her eyes, no one doubted Su Cheng’s efforts anymore at this moment.

At the end of the commendation ceremony, Huang Yuqi couldn’t help pulling Su Cheng with excitement all the way from the venue.

“Xiao Chengcheng, you are too good, let me tell you, the topic about you is what will I boast to other people.”

“By the way, Xiao Chengcheng let me tell you some good news. I finally reached gold, and now I can take you to play with me!”

She has been working hard to review and prepare for the exam before, and Huang Yuqi didn’t have much time to play games. So, only now they can play together because Huang Yuqi just reached gold.

“Now that the exam and the competition are over, you should have time to play the game, right? Play with me and I’ll show you to play.”

Seeing Huang Yuqi’s excitement, Su Cheng lowered her voice and said, “Actually, I’m already at the King Level.”

Huang Yuqi: “!!!”


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