IJWLHGRAR Chapter 26.2

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My Level has finally reached gold, but you secretly played to the king level!

“How did you do it? You actually became the king!” Huang Yuqi was very surprised about this-Su Cheng’s level should not be good. No one would know she was at the king level. The most important thing is that she is learning every day. Where on earth did Su Cheng have time to play until reaching King Level?

“Basically, I went on without losing anything.” Su Cheng said with a smile.

Although there was not much time for review, Su Cheng still has to play two or three rounds for her live broadcast every day for about an half an hour. In addition, there is also Sun Xiaosheng, a good teammate. As long as they don’t encounter special pits, Su Cheng and the others will basically not lose.

Then she accidentally reached the king level.

“What kind of fairy luck is this! Wait for me to calm down.” Huang Yuqi still feels very incredible now, and the shock in her heart cannot be calmed for a long time.

After a while, Huang Yuqi pulled Su Cheng again and said: “It’s okay, you just happened to become the king, we can still play together.”

“Hey, come on, let’s make an appointment today to play together.”

Su Cheng thought about it: “Then from nine to half past nine in the evening.”

At that time, she was going to start a live broadcast, and she will take Huang Yuqi together to play.

Su Cheng and Huang Yuqi made an appointment and asked for each other’s game name.


In the evening, Huang Yuqi changed back to her previous large size t-shirt, and played a few games with her former friends first, thinking of the agreement with Su Cheng, she said goodbye and waited for Su Cheng’s invitation.

When receiving the invitation from the game user [Cheng Cheng Cheng], Huang Yuqi was shocked and almost thought she was dazzled.

[Cheng Cheng Cheng] Isn’t this the name Big Orange uses in the game? !

Oh my god! Big Orange is one of her favorite anchors. Big Orange actually invited her to play games. What kind of fantasy world is this? Isn’t she dreaming? After the team was completed, Huang Yuqi almost threw the phone out again in shock.

Not only is there a big orange, there is actually a top god like Sun Xiaosheng in this team!

Did she win the lottery? How come two gods in which she had been admiring were in her team? Perhaps she had a heavenly fortune?

However, the illusion of winning the lottery came to an end when Su Cheng sent her an email. 

Su Cheng: “Huang Yuqi, I invited another one today. The other is Sun Xiaosheng. He usually plays tanks or jungle, can you please inform us  which position you play?”

Huang Yuqi:! ! !

“You, you, you, you, Su Susu, Cheng!!!”

“You are Cheng Cheng Cheng, big, big orange?!”


At this moment, Su Cheng’s shock to Huang Yuqi was even stronger than when she was in school during the day to hear that she had already become a king!

So after being taken by two great gods to win four games consecutively, Huang Yuqi was still floating in the clouds amidst the sky, and she didn’t recover at all.

Suddenly Huang Yuqi remembered something.

“Fuck, there are still a few scumbags in the previous forum saying that your purpose of participating in this biology competition is for bonuses. Is this another face slap to them?” Huang Yuqi said exaggeratedly.

“——What bonuses? Xiao Chengcheng is big orange, a well-known anchor with tens of thousands of fans on the live broadcast platform! She don’t know how much money she has received. Would she care about the 30,000 yuan competition reward? Give me a break.”

“…” Su Cheng did not speak after hearing Huang Yuqi’s words.

The people on the forum didn’t guess wrong. Actually, she participated in the competition with that same intention at the beginning, and she really worked hard for the 30,000 yuan school reward.

“Come on, let’s have another round.” It feels great to be carried down by the great god to win, and that’s Sun Xiaosheng!

“Tomorrow, today’s live broadcast time is up, I have to read a book now.” Su Cheng said sorry to Huang Yuqi.

Recently, she has devoted a lot of time to studyin physics and chemistry. 

After earnestly studying, she found that both subjects weren’t as difficult as she thought of.

In recent days, Su Cheng’s enthusiasm for chemistry and physics learning was very high.


“Okay, then I will go study too.” Su Cheng has worked so hard, why would she be embarrassed not to work hard?


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