IJWLHGRAR Chapter 26.3

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Official esports of the game has started.

Su Cheng, who was busy studying recently, has not paid attention to this matter. She still received an invitation from the organizers though..

In fact, Su Cheng’s strength is not as good as that of a professional god, but her popularity as a game anchor is quite high. When the organizers give the invitation, they will naturally also consider the problem of traffic.

After that, before Su Cheng asked for Sun Xiaosheng’s advice, Sun Xiaosheng had already sent her an invitation.

[Big Orange]: So it is not bad to participate in this event?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Of course, I think the game itself is not too different from the usual games, but the audience likes it. Participating in this kind of competition will also help you gain popularity.

Since it was only to increase fans and not have such high ambitions to participate in the competition, Su Cheng just simply joined Sun Xiaosheng’s team.

It’s just that Su Cheng didn’t expect that she would win until the semifinals after playing a few games with Sun Xiaosheng all the way.

During this period of time, Su Cheng gained a lot of fans through the competition, and at the same time, the discussion about her gradually increased.

[Big Orange has good operation and good voice. She is definitely my favorite anchor.]

[I also like Big Orange, and she is the only female game anchor that can do this very well.]

[As a person watching the big orange grow up all the way, I am very pleased, that the big orange will participate on the competition~]

There are good praises, and naturally there are bad ones.

[Say that Big Orange is a girl, a new person who has just grown her fanbase, what if she is a scum? Don’t be fooled by her.]

[That’s right, isn’t it famous nowadays to use the voice changer from male to female now?]

Now the Internet, especially the live broadcast circle, is so deep, who can tell if it is true or false.

[No way, I heard the voice of Big Orange, and it didn’t look like it was made with a voice changer.]

[Yes, and if Big Orange really uses a voice changer, please do tell me what she uses and I am also going to buy one.]

[And what we care most about is the operational skills of Big Orange, her voice is just the icing on the cake.]

[You say she has good skills? Can she be compared with a professional god? Maybe she is actually a big kicker who has played various games for more than ten years?]

[Or some veteran game player who opened a new account for the sake of bloggers’ attention?]

[People who believe in Big Orange are idiots..]

[Maybe Big Orange is actually Big Bear II.]

The “Big Bear Incident” only happened in the last few days. The Big Bear was a well-known little anchor before. Her voice was very sweet. Although she didn’t show her full face, she claimed to be a big beauty.

As a result, two days ago, it was revealed that not only the singing voice was a voice changer, but also the lip-syncing  depended on it. Even the so-called big beauty label was fake, and the real appearance was so ugly that one couldn’t bear to look directly at it.

These people’s words made Su Cheng’s fans suddenly feel powerless to refute: After all, in Su Cheng’s live broadcast she has never shown her face.

Sweet voice is not necessarily beautiful. This truth has been proven by many anchors.

“Big oranges have an ugly face” and within a few days of being posted on forums and live broadcast circles, those who said big oranges are ugly were beaten in the face.


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