Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 6

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06 Consider Myself A Man

Mu Xin Cheng had never been so embarrassed before, she actually cried in front of Jiang Jingzhi and wet his clothes!

Later, she couldn’t remember how long she cried, because she cried and cried. She was too tired and fell asleep. When she woke up again, she was still in bed, and the night was already dark.

Is this another day?

There were only two dim lights on the bed, and she was the only one on the bed, and the surroundings were quiet.

She remembered those things before, and she pulled the quilt up to cover her face with embarrassment. She really had no face to see them.

She doesn’t cry even if her father married stepmother and has a new son, she only teaches her and doesn’t care. She doesn’t cry, she refuses to bow her head and refuses to be subdue. But now when she thought that she was crying so weakly, it was nothing like herself anymore.

Is it because the hair grows and she becomes feminine? Can’t hold back even crying?

She sighed slightly, sat up from the bed, looked at her long hair, a little disgusted, and didn’t understand why the twenty-four-year-old herself should have long hair, which was troublesome.

Even though she was originally a mother, she thought she was a man, and she didn’t know how many girls were so enchanted with her neat short hair.

Like this now, is really annoying!

She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom barefoot. After waking up for so long, it’s the first time looking at the mirror, she finally saw her 24 years old, but she was startled.

Looking at herself in the mirror, the cheeks are so thin that the face is so pale, there is no color on the lips, and the head is bandaged. Maybe because of crying, the eyes are still red. It’s such a fragile image of her now.

She didn’t know what kind of life she had lived in the past six years, how could she ruin herself like this? Even if she has long hair, she still looks malnourished. She doesn’t believe that Jiang Jing Zhi has not abused her.

The more she looked the more upset she became, she didn’t care. After finding a hair loop, she tied up the troublesome hair. There was no craftsmanship and the tie was messy. After washing, she went out, opened the closet, and saw the clothes inside. At that time, she was taken aback again.

Why are these all skirts? And it’s either elegant chiffon or lady’s lace. She feels that this is not her own style at all, she would never wear this kind of clothes in her life!

She rummaged it all over, trying to dig out something that looks like jeans, not to mention jeans, she didn’t even find the shape of pants, all is skirts and skirts!

In the end, she reluctantly chose a long cotton one-piece dress to wear. She felt uncomfortable wearing the skirt, but she couldn’t help it, she couldn’t wear her pajamas all the time.

She was glad that the pajamas were not skirts, otherwise she would really go crazy.

After waking up for so long, she finally left the room, groping with the sixth sense, she finally came downstairs with great difficulty, finally saw a door leaving the house, she walked over immediately.

Just when she reached the doorknob, a deep, mellow voice came from behind, “Cheng er, where are you going?”


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