IJWLHGRAR Chapter 27.1

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Because Su Cheng entered the semifinals, the organizers contacted Su Cheng and asked her to provide a photo.

Su Cheng asked Huang Yuqi to help her take a picture and sent it to the staff of the competition team. Soon an official team post for the competition was freshly released. The competition group of this team was placed on its official homepage.

As soon as the post came out, it also gave Su Cheng’s fans a big surprise, and finally everyone jumped out with confidence.

[Fuck, was big orange this pretty?]

[I only thought that big orange is actually presentable and sweet, but I didn’t expect her to be so beautiful.]

[And also Big Orange is not that old.]

[I just want to ask the person who said the big orange is ugly before, do you have a pain in your face now?]

Big Orange is really a girl with a really good-looking face. The most important thing is that Big Orange wasn’t using any filter. She is definitely not some old player who used to play it and pretended to open a new account to just receive some attention.

[Wow! Big orange turned out to be the school flower of the first grade in our school!]

[Really? I beg this little brother to talk about it.]

[Really, big orange herself is more beautiful than the picture, and she is still a master, the kind of person that works super hard work.]

Although Su Cheng did not win to the end in this game, she gained a large number of fans.

Many fans simply look at Big Orange.

Seeing the comments in the daily live broadcast room [seeking a photo] and [seeking a live broadcast] Su Cheng was also dumbfounded: she did not expect that she would have such a day where her face was all over the platform.

Because Su Cheng is good-looking, she received attention from a game dealer, and game equipment brands wanting her to be an endorsement.

Although Su Cheng’s eyes were blinded by the endorsement fee given by the other party, she finally rejected them.

The reason was not complicated, it was mainly because Su Cheng is busy.

Recently, Su Cheng has been discussing plans for opening a store and branding with Sun Xiaosheng and the product suppliers over there, she was very busy after all.

After several days of discussion and research, they finally decided: if they wanted to do it, they could open a store as a brand, and maybe in the future, their brands and products will occupy a large market.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Maybe it will become a big company in the future, and then we will be the boss.

Sun Xiaosheng thought about the future beautifully in the group chat of the three.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Hey, it’s really good to think about it! Good evening, President Orange! Good evening, Mr. Liu.

Liu Xi is the person who will provide commodity equipment to Sun Xiaosheng. He is a technologist, but unfortunately the things he made can’t be sold.

Su Cheng was amused by Sun Xiaosheng, and simply replied: Good evening, Dasheng.

Su Cheng had the issue of store brand design that she needed to discuss with Sun Xiaosheng and Liu Xi for a while. It was around one o’clock in the evening before they closed the group chat and prepared to go to bed.

At this moment, the movement at the door attracted Su Cheng’s attention.

This kind of old-fashioned residential building has poor sound insulation, and Su Cheng, who occasionally goes up and down the building during the night shift, will hear movement at night.

After a few days of continuously hearing them, she finally got used to it.

It’s just that the movement outside today seems a bit strange.

Su Cheng was worried that others glanced out through the cat’s eye of the newly-changed security door.

Su Cheng was stunned: She didn’t expect that the person outside turned out to be someone she knew, and it was someone she wanted to see less.

——How could Gu Cheng find her here?

This was the first reaction in Su Cheng’s mind. The second thought was that Gu Cheng would not die at her door, right?


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