IJWLHGRAR Chapter 29.2

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According to the results of Liu Xi’s feedback, after Su Cheng’s live broadcast, the sales of this product increased by more than 100,000.

In addition, Su Cheng’s live broadcast room also suddenly increased a lot of rewards, much more than when he was simply doing live broadcast.

Su Cheng thought to herself: Do you think advertising is more fun than games?

“The mission is complete, and today’s live broadcast is over. Thank you for your support and gifts.”

When exiting the live broadcast room, Su Cheng glanced at the gift list subconsciously. She paused for a few seconds now when she read a certain name.

[GUARD] This person came to her live broadcast room ten days ago and became her fan.

This person has never spoken in the comment area, but he really likes to give gifts to Su Cheng, but in a few days [GUARD] has reached the top position of Su Cheng’s live room gift list.

Sun Xiaosheng’s original words are: If they don’t ask for rewards every time they give you, then it proves that the other party is really a local tyrant.

After all, there are such people who are rich in wealth and only pay for gifts without asking for rewards.

During the live broadcast, Su Cheng reminded the other party that they could ask for rewards every time he wanted and she would gladly comply.

Today the other party still gave Su Cheng a lot of gifts.

“Thank you [GUARD] for the gift~” Before leaving the live broadcast room, Su Cheng thanked the other party specifically.

On the other side, In the Gu’s family.

Gu Cheng was sitting on the window sill in a daze holding his mobile phone.

When Su Cheng exited the live broadcast room a second ago, the smile on her face was still engraved in his mind.

Looking at Su Cheng in the live broadcast room every day, or listening to her voice, seems to have become a habit of Gu Cheng.

Watching the live broadcast of Su Cheng’s every day, he knows that she has opened a store of her own, and she often works hard to recommend the products in her store during the live broadcast room. The girl’s hard work and busyness made Gu Cheng feel distressed and at the same time very pleased.

Gu Cheng seems to have fallen into a very tangled state recently.

——Su Cheng in this life seems to be different from the previous life.

Su Cheng was no longer as timid and cautious as in his previous life, no longer trapped by things around the school, and even no longer taking money from Gu’s family.

She became cheerful, confident and strong.

Through her own efforts, she let everyone see her excellence. She relies on her own efforts to make her life better and better.

While Gu Cheng was happy about Su Cheng’s strength, he couldn’t help but become scared within his heart.

In this life, Su Cheng was as tough as in the previous life, but there were many changes. Gu Cheng hadn’t doubted how such a change happened.

Since he can come back again with the memories he once had, what about Su Cheng?

If Su Cheng also carries the memories of the past, does she also remember the injuries she suffered? And the injuries that he brought her.

It is a painful thing to live with past mistakes and regrets. Gu Cheng is happy with Su Cheng’s change, but is afraid that she was also bearing those painful memories.

“May you be carefree…” Gu Cheng looked at the phone screen blankly and said in a low voice.

In the same way, when he used to be a “Ye Fan”, he also once said to his most precious girl-May she have no worries forever, and he is willing to block everything for her.

But Gu Cheng failed to do so, instead he became the initiator of all mistakes.

It was him, he personally ruined his girl, ruined the girl’s life.

Su Cheng warned Gu Cheng countless times not to come to the hospital again, and like the doctor and nurse in the hospital, she said that this person is not a relative of her family and she does not know him.

But this guy still comes every time.

Su Cheng goes to the hospital every week on weekends, and Gu Cheng will go to Su Cheng one day in advance on Saturday.

As for how Su Cheng found out: it was because every time she went to the hospital, she would find that the guy surnamed Gu had already done everything well before her.

Shaving “Ye Fan”, changing clothes, doing massages, washing her body… all these things Gu Cheng will finish before her.

Even though Su Cheng hasn’t discovered what Gu Cheng has done to the detriment of “Ye Fan”, Su Cheng is still very suspicious of the other party’s behavior.

This week, Su Cheng specifically found time to go to the hospital on Saturday. She wanted to ask Gu Cheng what he wanted to do!

Sure enough, when Su Cheng came outside the ward, Gu Cheng was helping Ye Fan on the bed to change his clothes.

Su Cheng was completely angry at this moment, as if unprecedented strength erupted from her body, Su Cheng pushed Gu Cheng out of the ward.

“I don’t want anything from you, and I don’t owe you anything. Our family’s affairs have nothing to do with you, so please get out of here! Don’t show up here again, and don’t show up in front of me again!”

After driving Gu Cheng out of the ward, Su Cheng helped “Ye Fan” do everything again.

It was not until Su Cheng left in the afternoon that she saw Gu Cheng still sitting on a chair outside the ward, his expression was silent and dejected.

Su Cheng withdrew her gaze after seeing the other person.

“It seems that I really need to transfer Ye Fan to a new hospital soon.” Su Cheng thought that as she passed in front of Gu Cheng and left.

Gu Cheng, who has been sitting like a sculpture, suddenly speaking.

“Give up……”


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