IJWLHGRAR Chapter 30.3

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It took Su Cheng two and a half years to forget everything, and during this two and a half years she gradually opened up her heart.

Because of her words at the beginning, Gu Cheng seemed to be in accordance with the agreement, and had never appeared in front of Su Cheng in the past two and a half years.

Su Cheng passed the college entrance examination to the top 20 in the city. After the college entrance examination, she chose to go to City Y, a city far from the capital.

She finished college in this city.

After graduation, Su Cheng never returned to the capital, but settled in Y city.

Life has become hectic, and Su Cheng has gradually stopped broadcasting live broadcasts. Now their stores are developing very well, they have their own brand and have their own company.

“President Su.”

Su Cheng’s memories were pulled back by the assistant beside her.

“President Su, are we leaving now? Back to your residence or to the company?” the assistant asked. “Go back to my apartment near the company.” She was a little tired today.

Su Cheng is here to attend a business dinner tonight.

Su Cheng doesn’t like to participate in this kind of entertainment, but today she got some news in advance. She heard that the boss of the Red Star Chamber of Commerce will also attend this banquet today.

The other party used to be a police/inspector, but he came out to do business a few years later and started a company.

In the past two years, Su Cheng has been investigating the other party, because this person is most likely the “colleague” who framed Ye An back then.

After knowing from Gu Cheng that he was “Ye Fan”, Su Cheng never went to the hospital again, but she still hoped to be able to investigate the death of Ye An, the accident that year and the conspiracy behind it.

In the past few years, Su Cheng has been working hard on this.

Today, Su Cheng thought that she could see the police/inspector, but when she came the other party did not show up. Su Cheng also found it strange. In the course of her investigations over the years, whenever she thought there would be a breakthrough, there was something preventing her from continuing the investigation.

“Ms. Su, it’s cold at night, you can add clothes first.” The assistant beside her handed out his coat.

Su Cheng retracted her mind and smoothed her frowning brows.

“Thank you, let’s go.”

Su Cheng got in the car, but when she left, she turned her head and looked behind her in a certain direction.

Her gaze stayed there for a while but Su Cheng still found nothing…


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  1. i rlly love this author- like yeah she did sort of a redemption arc but it was for the reader, not for the mc to be forced to suddenly like her brother

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