IJWLHGRAR Chapter 28.1

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Since knowing that Su Cheng is big orange, now Huang Yuqi’s greatest joy is to drag Su Cheng to play games together, go study and shop with her.

At this time, Huang Yuqi was complaining to Su Cheng in WeChat.

Huang Yuqi: “It’s finally the weekend, can’t you play two more games with me?”

Now Su Cheng’s grades were at least 40% above the people in the whole year, and there is no need to study as hard as before. She finally waited for the time to live with and play games with Su Cheng but unexpectedly she said no, Huang Yuqi felt bitter with this arrangement.

Seeing Huang Yuqi’s complaint, Su Cheng smiled helplessly: “Sorry, I’m sorry, there is really something to do this weekend, wait for the next week to play with you again, there will be Sun Xiaosheng and Da Da Da.”

Da Da Da was a friend that Su Cheng met in the game recently, and he played very well. In Huang Yuqi’s words, the combination of these people is simply a golden team.

Su Cheng’s words worked, and Huang Yuqi sent a lot of emoticons of [Both eyes with little stars].

Huang Yuqi: “Okay, okay, this is what you said yourself, and you will definitely not be allowed to make another appointment next weekend.”

After a few seconds, Huang Yuqi couldn’t help but send a message: “What are you doing every day during the big weekend?”

“It’s a very important thing.” Su Cheng didn’t elaborate to Huang Yuqi.

During this period of time, Su Cheng’s life has changed a lot, especially compared to her previous life.

In this life, she became a game anchor and she has made her own income, and finally she no longer needs to ask for money from Gu’s family as she did in her previous life.

Although she is still not a honor student, Su Cheng somehow broke away from the range of scumbags unlike in her previous life. In this monthly exam, she was admitted to the top 40% of the whole year. She participated in the biology competition and won the first prize.

Each of these things made Su Cheng very happy that she couldn’t wait to tell Ye Fan these things.

When Huang Yuqi texted her, Su Cheng was packing up the things she was going to take to the hospital, and was ready to go to Ye Fan’s side.


Su Cheng arrived at the hospital with a bright mood.

“Su Cheng, you are here.” The nurse in the hospital greeted Su Cheng. After several visits, the doctors and nurses in the hospital were already familiar with this beautiful and very strong little girl.

“Doctor, how is my brother’s condition?” Su Cheng asked.

Hearing what Su Cheng asked, the doctor’s expression paused slightly and said, “Don’t worry, your brother’s situation is pretty stable.”

Su Cheng lowered her eyes, and a flash of loss flashed in his eyes: Quite stable, meant it didn’t get worse, but there was still no sign of waking up.

“I will trouble you then, doctor.” Su Cheng nodded to the doctor, thanking him.

At this time, the doctor suddenly thought of something and said again: “Oh, yes, your relatives have also come, and they probably haven’t left yet.”

Hearing this, Su Cheng’s expression suddenly tightened: “Relatives?!”

The doctor didn’t notice Su Cheng’s face suddenly turned pale, and then continued: “Yes, they had been here for a while.”

Before this little girl took her brother to their hospital alone, the doctors felt it was a little strange, but because of the principle of keeping patient information confidential, they didn’t ask much.

The person who came today was clearly able to find Ye Fan’s ward and bed number, and can accurately tell the patient’s information. The doctor thought to himself that this should be a family member or friend of their family.

“I’ll take a look.” Before the doctor could talk, Su Cheng ran to the ward quickly.

On the way from the hall to the ward, Su Cheng wondered, could the enemy of her stepfather was able to find Ye Fan? Or the police investigating the matter found him.

However, Su Cheng never expected that when she walked into the ward, the person she saw would be Gu Cheng.

Su Cheng was surprised: “Why are you here?!”

Not only was Su Cheng frightened by Gu Cheng who appeared here, but Gu Cheng was also taken aback when he saw Su Cheng who appeared suddenly. With her sudden appearance he didn’t know how to answer Su Cheng’s question for a while.

Why did he appear here?


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