IJWLHGRAR Chapter 28.2

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In the Gu family, the room that Su Cheng had lived in before, originally Mother Wu wanted to clean up, but Gu Cheng didn’t let her do so, so even though Su Cheng had been away for so long, the room still remained the same as when she left.

Gu Cheng originally found a hair tie left by Su Cheng at home and planned to give it to her back by putting it on her room, but he did not expect to find the 5000 yuan Su Cheng left in the drawer in the room and a brief thank you note was attached.

Su Cheng’s Live Broadcast is quite famous, especially after she participated in the official game. Now, many people know about her including the whole school. Su Cheng is now the very popular anchor named Big Orange.

With her stable income she doesn’t need to ask for money from the Gu’s family anymore. Gu Cheng knows that, but he still can’t help worrying: Su Cheng had returned the living expenses that she spent while living with the Gu’s Family. 

When she left, he secretly stuffed a credit card to her and Gu Cheng would put money into it every month, but Su Cheng never touched the money inside.

The cost of “Ye Fan’s” treatment in the hospital was not a small sum. Gu Cheng really didn’t want to see Su Cheng pushing herself into desperation time and time again in order to pay for his medical expenses.

With the memory of his previous life, Gu Cheng knew where “Ye Fan” was settled by Su Cheng.

He came today just to secretly carry Su Cheng on his back and cover all the expenses after “Ye Fan” at once. For this reason, Gu Cheng even came up with a reason for the charitable donation from the community, but he did not expect that when he was about to leave he would unexpectedly meet Su Cheng.

At this time, Su Cheng was like a bird with a golden bow, running over to block Ye Fan, watching Gu Cheng with full fierce eyes: “What do you want to do? The things here have nothing to do with you, please leave!”

Looking at Su Cheng in front of him, many memories suddenly popped up in Gu Cheng’s mind: her younger sister was always delicate and weak, and quiet, but occasionally she would also show a fierce side.

Gu Cheng’s eyes flashed reddishly: How stupid he was in the first place to ignore all this, thinking that Su Cheng was just pretending, thinking that Su Cheng had been lying to him.

“I told you to leave, did you hear that?!”

Seeing that Su Cheng was emotionally trying to drive him away, Gu Cheng made up the mind to talk to her.

“Su Cheng, calm down and listen to me.” After taking a step back, Gu Cheng said again: “Isn’t the Gu family always investigating the affairs of your dad? We only found out about him recently.”

Seeing Su Cheng’s face that turned pale in an instant, Gu Cheng felt a pain in his heart, and quickly explained: “Don’t worry, no one except Gu’s family knows about this matter, and I won’t say it.”

This was a secret that Su Cheng wanted to keep to death in her previous life, how could she easily let others know.

Gu Cheng’s words worked, and Su Cheng’s mood calmed down a bit, but her eyes were still full of alertness when she looked at Gu Cheng.

“You will not divulge anything, even to Uncle Gu?”

“I will not.”

“He is Ye Fan, your brother right?”


“Why didn’t you say it?” Seeing that Su Cheng was not speaking, Gu Cheng asked again, his voice was dry.

If only Su Cheng told Gu’s family or other trustworthy people about this matter, she wouldn’t have to shoulder so much.

Su Cheng still bit her lower lip and said nothing.

Su Cheng didn’t know much about his father’s enemies and his father’s work. On the day of the accident, Ye An told Su Cheng that there was someone around him who was making trouble, and reminded Su Cheng not to trust anyone easily.

Su Cheng didn’t know who was a good person, who was a bad person and who was a trustworthy person. Ye Fan hadn’t woken up, so she didn’t dare to let anyone know about these things easily.


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